Monday, August 3, 2015

Randall "Wes" Kerrick Trial Begins CMPD Ramps Up Counter Intelligence and Disinformation Campaign

Putting forward a brave but false face, is all part of running a city with more the 1 million residents.

So far CMPD operations appear to be normal, but under the stoic resolve there are things going on that would wow even the most connected police beat reporter.

It might come as no surprise that CMPD PIO (Public Information Officers) lie, this has been the MO of Rodney Monroe and not surprisingly may be a lasting legacy under Chief Putney.

Today is day one of the Randall "Wes" Kerrick murder trial, so expect the campaign of disinformation to increase. On the surface the routine at CMPD seems normal enough but behind closed doors, in the back rooms and basements of CMPD and City Government center there is an increased sense of urgency.

The "all hands on deck order" is ready, vacation requests are being denied, as are other requests for time off.

CMPD has been blacking out and masking radio communications randomly for a few weeks now.  Radio traffic seems normal and suddenly you notice that the calls are on a loop. That MVA on East Independence keeps happening over and over again. To the casual listener everything seems normal.

Civil Response Teams as well as VCAT and SWAT units are on alert, members cell phones volume set to loud.

City Manager Ron Carley has his "Extraordinary Event" order at the ready.

Conversations between City Council members, as to the competency of the city manger have been put on hold.

The governor's office has also been working behind the scenes on contingency plans, from prepared statements to orders calling up the national guard.

State Highway Patrol is also at the ready.

On the other side of town outside agitators have been planning as well. Bree Newsome being as bold as posting photos of a recent "planning session" at Johnson C. Smith University.

Perhaps they have little reason to hide, as they already know CMPD has a group that works full time tracking and cataloging suspected outside agitators. Undercover officers who came through the DNC 2012 convention unchallenged and undetected remain active in their UC roles.

St. Louis and Baltimore officers have been seen in Charlotte recently apparently offering their advice.

Federal agency efforts mainly FBI and AFT are also being consulted.

There is little doubt that Rodney Monroe's resignation was timed in an effort to leave his reputation intact. Violent crimes in Charlotte have ticked up recently and the end result of the Randall "Wes" Kerrick trial an expected acquittal, will no doubt result in some form of civil disturbance.

Given the fact that the Ferrell family members and lawyers have already expressed the opinion that the system is rigged and that justice will not be served, one can expect August will indeed provide for that Long Hot Summer Southerners dread.


Anonymous said...

Wow?? Ya know sometimes there is more than 1 MVA on Independence in the same day, and even the same spot! If no one was tracking anyone and/or preparing people would be saying that CMPD is unprepared. I guess either way it's a no win situation. Yes there will be rioting, none of these instigators, "Reverend" James Barnett included, will be charged. And most of those DNC "UCs" you speak of have either retired, been fired or moved on so not breaking news there either.

Anonymous said...

5:31, I can see your skepticism, until one considers that an hour apart the radio indicates the same officer is being dispatched to the same location for the same cars vs one another.

That is close to impossible, especially considering how long it takes to do a report.
There are others, DV calls, shots fired, traffic stops and the radio comms often have similar distinct background noises. Dispatches, complainants, units, and words are all identical and on repeat.

Example: Officer states "I live back here and my wife just called me [regarding shots fired in the area]..." while tires screech in the background.

Tell me how that "happens" twice in the real world.

CMPD DIV 12 said...

When Charlotte is on fire and looks like Baltimore then you can tip your hat and thank Rodney Monroe and CMPD IA. THEY HUNG THEIR OWN OUT TO DRY!

Anonymous said...

Bree Newsome is a trailblazer and a courageous woman & you sir, CP, are the agitator! BTW, great photo of my alma mater for the group shot of agitators. I was sent to this site as to see an example that Rush Limbaugh listening, Fox News watching cowards such as yourselves use this forum for the bad as well as participate in a fantasy league of sorts, for in the REAL world, most of you would NOT say this to the face of man/woman of color!

Anonymous said...

I would really hope that POC who have some education are smart enough to recognize that the Randall Kerrick trial is nothing more than a dog an pony show for the benefit of the Bree Newsomes and NAACP crowd.

The state's first witness described Ferrell as a crazy man pounding on her door.

The jury will end up giving Kerrick an award for being a hero.

Anonymous said...

Do you think Kerrick will be found not guilty?

Anonymous said...

3:30 I didn't know about Cedar or 2:01 but I don't think you can find him guility. The man had something wrong with him, stock, drugs whatever but it's not the cops fault.

Anonymous said...

What do you think it will mean for CMPD/City of Charlotte if Kerrick's not found guilty? Do you think he will sue?

Anonymous said...

He certainly SHOULD sue. He should take a medical retirement and sue the shit out of the city.

Anonymous said...

Hell yeah. Sue the shit out of the department and RACIST ASS MONROE. The true meaning of a NIGGER.