Thursday, November 5, 2015

Proof The United States Postal Service Is A Dysfunctional Nightmare

Today I attempted to buy some stamps from a USPS counter clerk. 

"Sorry you can't buy stamps with your wife's credit card." 

Send in wife with credit card - "Sorry I need to see your ID"  

Wife left ID at home so finally I use wife's credit card in the lobby machine to buy stamps. 

No questions, No ID required, I didnt have to wait in line or say thank you!


Anonymous said...

I guarantee you that if Bellamy was in charge, it would not be that f@cked up. All hail his lardness !

Anonymous said...

Hahaha … BELlaMy !

Anonymous said...

The question that begs to be asked then is this : Does BELLAMY use ZetaClear. ? THAT may make all the difference in the world !!

rr said...

you are lucky to fimd a stamp machine in the lobby.very few have them now.have to buy mine at the grocery store.but the po aint going anywhere. they are all union and vote democrap.want to have your mind blown. do a little research on how much money they are getting ready to drop on new vehicles.

Anonymous said...

Bellamy moved all the stamp machines to the airport before he was relieved for incompetence 😱😱… horrors !

Anonymous said...

They wouldn't let me use my debit card to buy stamps because I had "ask for ID" written on the back. They said it's not a signature so it doesn't count!