Saturday, December 26, 2015

Donkey Cartel Pulls A Gun At NorthLake Mall And It Doesn't End Well

On FaceBook the NorthLake mall shooter Daquan Antonio Westbrook went by the name “Donkey Cartel” well, at least that was original. 

The 18 year old wannabe rapper was all over Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. RIP tweets built up the myth that this self described Jack Ass was a creative kid who didn't need to be gunned down by the cops.

Posing with guns and rapping about shooting niggas and raping white girls showed he lacked any idea of right and wrong as well as basic common sense.

It was that lack of right vs wrong and common sense that led Donkey boy to pull a gun in a mall on Christmas Eve.

And this is how it ended.

As facts about the shooting emerged the Charlotte Observer tried to humanize Donkey Cartel: 

His persona was that of an up-and-coming rapper who posted his beats and lyrics on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

His musical repertoire included songs with titles such as “No Hook,” “Pac” and “Got it out the mudd.”

Friends say Westbrook, 18, longed for recognition and stardom. 

Other Mainstream News Media interviewed his parents offering the usual he was a good boy trying to turn his life around.

But the outcome was not unexpected. Pull out a gun in a mall, start start shooting and the police are forced to shoot first and sort out the facts later.

The response to NorthLake was a text book active shooter operation. 90 some officers, a battalion's worth of fire department personnel, all nearby medic units and the mass casualty squad all rolled on the first reports.

Highway patrol closed down the ramps to the interstate and sealed off the Mall from inbound and outbound traffic.  

The entire event lasted less than 3 minutes. From the time the first shots were fired until Officer Thomas Ferguson fired his weapon that naturalized the threat.

Expect arrests will be forthcoming. 

But the real issue is the courts that let Daquan Westbrook walk the streets despite a long list of arrests and violent offenses.

Sad that it took a CMPD Officer to dispatch the shooter and that his prior arrests failed to register with the courts in the past. Thankfully dozens of shoppers in the immediate area escaped unharmed at least physically.  

Daquan Westbrook's final seconds captured in a grainy cellphone video, that shows him rounding a corner and reaching for a gun in his waistband. 

The image matches well with the Facebook posting he shared with the world.

And matches up well with his arrest record at the Meck County Sheriffs Office, which expands on weapons and drug arrests.


Anonymous said...

How long before this rapper's family sues the police, and how long does it take the police to settle for a cool $3-4 million?
A shot stopper would have stopped this nonsense, and saved the life of this promising artist. Northlake/Eastland needs a shot stopper at every exit. Please spend thousands on this, like Chief Rodney did.
And has the town become incredibly more dangerous since the Chief left, and Jennifer Roberts was elected? The Observer has a nice fluff piece on her crime fighting solutions (LOLOL!!). She said she was shopping at Northlake earlier in the she lying about this as well?

Anonymous said...

Just because he unlawfully carried a gun doesn't make him a criminal. The officer never told him to drop the gun or he would have. He was a good boy who didn't deserve to be shot in the back!! NO JUSTICE NO PEACE!!

Anonymous said...

I like pie...... :)

Anonymous said...

Donkey See... Donkey Do... Donkey Die... The End.

Anonymous said...

His parents should be in jail for neglect - they caused this on their good little parenting is happening in the black community.

Anonymous said...

2:43, I hope you are just trying to be funny. He was never shot in the back. All the rounds hit him as he was face to face with the officer.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Cedar noticed you cropped the cop standing over the victim out of the photo why? Are you ashamed that he's just standing there as this young man bleeds to death? Nice how he's got his gun pointed at the victim ready to pump more bullets into him.

Anonymous said...

Anon:December 26 @2:43. You must be black. All this BS about black lives matter wants to make me VOMIT. Your one to back seat quarterback things. Your sorry ass probably wasn't there and doesn't know shit about policing. The officer did what he was supposed to do. Sometimes in this circumstance. They didn't have the time to give commands. Plus if I had a gun pointed at me. Shoot first and ask questions later. The officer will not be charged hopefully, if King Putney has any sense. Which he doesn't because he is a carbon copy of ROMO, a black racist. I would rather be tried by twelve instead of being carried by six. You dumb ass.

Anonymous said...

Enjoy Hell Donkey boy!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

" Stupid is as stupid does."

Anonymous said...

Anon: December26 @ 8:47. So your a computer expert with cropping someone out of the photo with the dumbass thug. He got what he deserved and if he needed a few more rounds in him, then so be it. I say the more the merrier. Just like Jonathan, who was killed ny another CMPD officer also for being a DUMBASS. Police are trained to shoot until the aggressive act stops. I would have unloaded all 16 rounds in his stupid ass. If that it what was required to neutralize the threat.

Anonymous said...

Anon: December26 @ 1:40. We all know that Jennifer Roberts is a TWO FACED LIAR, just like Pat McCory. We know that she only shops at South Park Mall.

Anonymous said...

For the idiot that mentioned no parenting in the black community, how many mass/mall shooters have been white? And when we were parenting our kids, white folks stepped in with their research, opinions, and laws. Now look what happened. I don't feel too bad--it's a system y'all set up. Idiots.

Anonymous said...

I'm inclined to agree with 3 January, 0153 on this one. It is not a black community problem, it is a "people don't raise their kids right these days" issue. Certainly if we wish to go full blast on the conversation there is the mental health debate, recidivist release boondoggle, etc. But point the previous poster is making is that there are more whites doing mass shootings, while coincidentally there are more blacks nationwide committing single person shootings. The scientific relation between these two? No relation really, not race related either. It is generational and trends will vary with environment, culture, neighborhood, and so on. Young people are stupid because many of their parents are either irresponsible, dense themselves, or just figured once momma pushed the placenta out, parenting was done.


Anonymous said...

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