Sunday, December 27, 2015

Monday Odds And Ends

Cam Newton and the Carolina Pathers get "Schlonged" by the Atlanta Falcons

Not much else to say except they were out played, failed to capitalize on turnovers and the offensive line allowed Atlanta to give Cam Newton a serious beat down.

Candlelight Vigil held for Daquan Weskbrook 

Westbrook aka Donkey Cartel took five to the chest and died Christmas Eve after he started shooting a t rival gang members inside the NorthLake Mall. Family and friends gathered to chant Black Lives Matter and No Justice No Peace, completely obvious to Westbrook's ever expanding violent criminal history. 

Rea Road Pot Hole Takes Out Cars On Christmas Eve

Charlotte drivers rushing about on Christmas Eve got a nasty surprise while traveling along Charlotte's Rea Road between Bevington Place and 485. A reoccurring pot hole repaired just days before disabled at least six cars Thursday night and more on Christmas Day. 

CDOT finally got the word and sent out a crew to fill the crater but not before causing thousands of dollars in damages. Drivers who fell victim can to the pot hole submit claims to the city via 311.

Christmas' Last Gasp

You have to give WalMart credit for trying to maximize shareholder's equity. Selling the one last Christmas tree left in the parking lot the day after Christmas at the everyday low price of $21.00.

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