Thursday, January 28, 2016

Cam Newton Deflects Critics By Playing The Race Card

During the Wednesday after practice Panthers presser Cam Newton was asked
why he thought he had become a lightning rod for criticism. Newton wasted no time throwing down the race card. 

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Cam Newton is he actually wearing eyeliner?
Cam Newton's response: "I'm an African American quarterback that may scare people because they have no one that they can compare me to."

Moments after Cam Newton played the race card, Coach Rivera was trying to walk it back: "I don't think Cam wants to be seen as a great African American quarterback, he wants to be seen as a great quarterback"

Cedar's Take: Cam Newton is a super talented and amazingly physical player.

But Newton isn't the role model the Panthers think he is.

Little by little Newton has painted himself into a very unattractive corner. Grabbing the Green Bay banner, the Jamis Winston jersey and tossing a Seahawks 12th man flag to the ground doesn't add up to much. 


The dab or Superman routine, taunting opposing players or coming to blows with fellow teammates. None of it adds up to any big issue.

Taking selfies and staging team photos on the sidelines as the clock winds down. Who doesn't want picture memories to share with their family? 

Even add the unwed mother/dancer billed as "long time girlfriend" or his scripted "charity" soup kitchen or Dick's Christmas events. No big deal.

Rocking back and forth hands tucked into his shoulder pads wearing his hoodie as the national anthem plays. Well some people just don't know better.

Chilling at Club Label after last Sunday's game with his boys like he was single and on the prowl. No matter.

Stiffing service staff in an uptown restaurant, blame it on management for not adding an automatic 20% gratuity. 

On stage with P Diddy at the Light Factory moments before shots are fired into the crowd. Could happen to anyone.

Riding a hover board down a Tryon Street sidewalk with yelling at pedestrians to get out of the way. He was just having fun!

Even having +550k twitter followers but following only 75 and tweeting about once a month. Understandable he's busy, and doesn't have time for pointless fan interaction.

But, the sum of all these items is that Cam Newton is an arrogant prick.

It doesn't matter if he's Black, White, Green, Yellow or Rainbow color he's a jerk.

Cam Newton is a great quarterback. No one is concerned about his blackness, we are football fans and that's bigger than his color, except to him of course. 

But it doesn't take much to turn "is" into "was". A wrong move on a wet field, a career ending injury and its game over.

I hope Newton brings to Charlotte the famed Lombardi trophy, because Peyton Manning fans will still be there on Monday morning, but Cam Newton fans have only  touch downs and first downs to hold on to.

My advice to Newton remains "All Glory Is Fleeting"


Anonymous said...

More racist BS from Cedar Mouth

Anonymous said...

Naaaaah.... Just pointing out the obvious. Great quarterback but a poser off the field. Lots of great black AND white players on the team that don't show their ass like he does....

Walt K. said...

There's something about Cam I don't like... I can't put my finger on it. Hmm.

I wish he'd be more like Peyton, Luck, Brady, or Romo. I even like Russell... he speaks so well.

But I'm tired of these thugs always bringing up the race card. Enough with the ebonics and low hanging pants.

I don't see race- I'm colorblind.

But enough with the gold teef and baby mommas.

But I don't see race. It's like with Obama and his gullah wife.

Anonymous said...

It's not about being black it's about being a gentelman

Anonymous said...

Perfect Article for Hater Nation!!! Ya'll Keep hatin' while we #KeepPounding!

Anonymous said...

Newton just like Micheal Vick lot of talent and dumber than screen doors on a submarine

Anonymous said...

Hey 1:59 who is we? You got a gerbil in your pants?

As for Newton all it took for me was to see him on the sidelines during the national anthem hoodie up hands in his pockets. What part of please remove your hats doesn't he understand?

Anonymous said...

Super Bowl Sunday 24-17 Carolina, Ball Newton drops back fires a perfect spiral to Olson and is picked off Denver works it into the end zone burning up 4 mins. Carolina now up by 1 with under 30 seconds on the clock. It is the Super Bowl so Denver goes conservative lines up for a field goal to force overtime. Or do they?

A) they go for 2, and the game is over or B) they head to overtime?

If the Panthers lose and it all falls on Cam no one and I mean no one is going to feel bad for Number 1.

Hope it doesn't come to that by the way I'm with Cedar on bringing the Lombardi to Charlotte. But if they come back empty handed it will all be on Cam.

Anonymous said...

3:59 I'm with you on the hoodie bit, nothing more disrespectful then flipping off the flag. Then he claims he supports veterans? Well not if we are rendering a salute and Cam is pacing the sidelines smacking his gum waiting for us to finish a song than means far more to us than it apparently does to Cam Newton.

Anonymous said...

As long as Cam Newton keeps winning no one cares! But Cedar is right, Newton is trying to deflect the critics by saying "I'm an African American" which is utter bull shit. Usually its a players off the field actions that get him in trouble for example the Cracken. Loved by fans until the beat down he gave his GF. Newton is taking that less than acceptable behavior on to the field and sidelines.

It might be good enough for Rivera but this is not what Charlotte is about.

Anonymous said...

Cam Newton just needs to be humbled by an opposing team knocking the piss out of him.

Anonymous said...

Having fun my ass!

Anonymous said...

So some overpaid athletes are acting like d-bags. Old news. Glad to see our local team in the Bowl.

Anonymous said...

Newton will be his own undoing. Just a matter of time. You can take the homeboy straight outa Compton but you can't take the Compton our of homeboy.

Anonymous said...

Like I said racist