Monday, April 25, 2016

Are U-U Bathrooms The Answer To Charlotte's Tranny Potty Dust Up?

I'm thankful that I have a lot of common sense friends. Most believe that the best way to fix the Tranny 
Potty dust up is to have a law that requires public and municipal buildings to provide and make available unisex bathrooms to the transgendered crowd. 

These so called U-U (unisex and undecided) bathrooms will fix the problem they believe, and end the discrimination and bigotry concerns once and for all.

Sadly they are wrong!

You see the LGBT activists who claim transgendered and who identify as women, say they feel threatened if forced to use their gender assigned restroom, but violently object to using a single stall unisex with locking door bathroom.  

The reason is they "identify" as women and want to associate and act like women, denying them access to women's bathrooms is really what this is about. 

Let's face it is there anything more girly, more sisterhood bonding than piling into a public bathroom "together" ??? Honestly I'd don't see the attraction but hear me out.

The tranny potty dust up is about these poor freaks being able to act out their fantasy lives and have their twisted sense of reality validated by Charlotte Mayor Jennifer Roberts, the state, and the liberal politically correct crowd.

I know I'm being too harsh, so in a more compassionate tone, these individuals believe they are women and want the very real majority of the planet to accept them as women despite their size 12 shoes. 

The trouble is most sober men know they are not women, most women know they are not women and  while we can all have varying amounts of empathy for these indivials society needs to draw the line at sanctioning overtly freakish behavior. 

The amount of energy wasted on this issue is disturbing. Forget the canceled concerts and lost pay pal jobs. Jennifer Roberts decision to grab the new 3 rail of North Carolina politics will cost North Carolina countless hours in lost productivity and earned Charlotte a permanent spot on Raleigh's shit list for the next decade, pretty much guaranteeing that Roberts is a one term mayor. 


Anonymous said...

My biggest question is why didn't Jim Roberts run for some sort of state seat if she wanted to enact so much do-good change to the LBGTWTF crowd.
He/she could have had so much more effective stance if the state was driving the concerns, and not a city. Certainly she knew and was warned of the role of the city within the structure of NC. He/she even tried to distance him/herself from this issue by stating she didn't vote on the bathroom bill b/c mayors don't vote...LOLOL.
At the end of the day the Clt City Council looks like a bunch of fools who have been led down a path promising campaign contributions for support, yet the council blacks outside of Lawanna, and being crucified by their own community. How many at Friendship Baptist want men in their women's bathroom? The answer is ZERO!

Anonymous said...

Cedar, you are dead on! It's not about equal rights or nondiscrimination it's nothing more than the LGBTXYZ crowd wanting validation of their perversion. Why should the majority of us have to put up with a few freaks who want to live out their fantasy?

Anonymous said...


jeff a. taylor said...

Someone has got to pin city attorney Bob Hagemann down and find out what is REALLY going on. The HRC has been huddling with city staff for over a year on this thing, then Hagemann drops this nonsense the other day, which somehow just floated past everyone:

...So what about the YMCA? Hagemann wasn’t sure if the YMCA, as a Christian charity, would have been exempted under the ordinance.

"I don’t know enough about how they operate to know whether they would fall under one or more of the exceptions," Hagemann said....

That is a crock of shit. There is simply no way, given the huge, out-sized role the Ys play in Charlotte's social and civic life that any city attorney who can tie his shoes does not find out how a HUGE change in the city's public accommodation law would impact the Ys. In fact, that is so unbelievable that I think it points to the genesis of this mess.

I think someone bitched about the policies of the Uptown "Childress Klein" Y (or another branch) with regard to locker rooms etc. It may not have been tranny-related, that may just be a smokescreen, or something HRC fanatics tacked on. You see the Ys stipulate that "children over 2 may use the locker rooms, restroom, and shower areas only in accompaniment of the same sex parent/guardian over the age of 18." This suggests that if, say, Anne Tompkins and her partner adopted a little boy, there'd be a conflict with this policy, not an impossible one, but still a policy rooted in an old fashioned man/woman outlook.

Given how insular and clubby the Uptown crowd is (Tompkins is a former city of Charlotte budget analyst in her pre-law days, BTW) I think they thought they could make this change, and remove the exemption on the down-lo. But then the HRC crowd turned it into a circus and it was too late to back down. In other words, the Ys are not collateral damage, they were the target.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Hagemann is a liar. He is paid to lie to for the scumbags running the City of Charlotte. He has no compunction about lying right to your face, right to the camera, right to into print. He has no conscience or ethical backbone or internal voice of any positive influence telling him to do the right thing. He doesn't seem to feel embarrassed in the least at the obvious and transparent lies, such as the ones you point out JAT.

These are the same body politic that knew before and covered up after Rodney Monroe lied to let Marcus Jackson join the CMPD knowing he had assaulted women and was barred from carrying a gun and then went on to sexually assault women in a CMPD uniform. They are covering for the fire chief who admitted committing a crime--releasing confidential personnel records. Where is DA Murray? Why isn't the city firing him and prosecuting the crime? All their big talk... They let him fire an employee for pointing out mismanagement and dangerous conditions but blamed it on a word in a private facebook post. These unethical lying scumbags need to be voted out and in some cases prosecuted.

Pathetic that the MSM UPOR doesn't call them on it. Barely a journalist among them. Cowering suckups looking for a photo op or video moment to fill space. Terrible.

Thank goodness they have bathrooms to talk about.

Anonymous said...

The City of Charlotte is hilarious!!! I can't wait for what is next!

Anonymous said...

It's a political war at this point. And I have some gut feeling that ol' Bobbie Hagemann is trying to jockey his way up to City Manager position. I sure hope that's not the case... Although it doesn't make sense to me otherwise.

I'm not against transgender community, in fact , biologically it actually makes much more logical sense to me than other aspects of the lgbt community. Genetic mishaps can and do happen, so being born physiologically male and psychologically female doesn't seem so far fetched. Anyway, just let everyone pee in peace and stfu about it already.

One last thought to leave you with- if even POTUS is so against HB2 why is NC taking the heat?? Washington could "fix it" from coast to coast if it's truly that big of a deal.

Anonymous said...

Well that would make sense. If Bob Haggeman ends up as the Manager then the Walton Gang will be back in power again out front. Haggeman, Hannan, And Cheryl Brown. Corruption, lies and cover up, the tri-fecta management team. Maybe their first project will be a new two building court house called Cannon-Hannan Towers, one for the man caught and one for the one that got away!