Sunday, September 4, 2016

Media Madness Why Do They Hype Airline Incidents

Nothing grinds my gears more than the never ending hype and error filled reporting of aircraft mishaps.

To the talking heads, all small planes are flown by inexperienced pilots and all airlines are flown by highly experienced pilots. 

They believe planes "fall out of the sky" Explode on impact and the FAA is always investigating.

A recent midflight emergency unleashed a flood of tweets, none where clear or accurate.

"Damaged", "Blows Apart" or "Fell Apart" what is your pick? Correctly deemed an un-contained turbine failure an event that while rare is one that pilots train for and that engines are built to virtually eliminate and in this case come apart without damaging the aircraft.

Truth is this sort of failure could have been tragic, but news media is so poor at reporting aircraft accidents that they seldom get the facts right.

But it doesn't matter viewer numbers and ratings are all about the Benjamins .

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