Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Meck County Liberals Open Pandora's Box With Ramadan Proclamation

Islam, the culture and religion that embraces extreme violence against non-believers took center stage during Tuesday's Mecklenburg County Commission meeting, when Mecklenburg Commissioner Trevor Fuller proposed the proclamation to recognize the month of Ramadan from May 26 to June 24.

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“If we're going to make a difference and make the world better for all of us, then we've got to come together,” Fuller said, according to WSOC News Reporter Joe Burno.

Vilma Leake never at a loss for words began one of her long rambling soliloquies "If I say I am a Christian, I have to love everybody regardless of the agenda, their religious beliefs or where they have come from......" and so on.

Via Twitter Mujtaba Mohammed‏ (@mjamohammed)  offered "Ramadan has always been part of America & Muslims have always contributed to America's success."

Replying to Mujtaba CP offered "Perhapes @mjamohammed would like us to recognize thousands of jobs created by Islam?100s of thousands of TSA agents are grateful!"

To which Mujtaba offered a long list of Muslim accomplishments and achievements from medicine to Muhammad Ali, and admitting "everyone has their rotten apples though."

Log on to Twitter and read @mjamohammed long list of Muslim heroes and accomplishments here.

#meckbocc The proposal passed 6 to 3 with all Democrats voting yes and all Republicans voted no.

Meck Commissioner Bill James went on to tweet "I think Democrats will come to regret the opening of this spigot that blurs the lines of church and state. Could be wrong, but we will see."

CP's Take: Can you imagine the backlash over a request to recognize Lent, Advent or The 12 Days of Christmas?

Beyond the church vs state question, there is the timing. Fuller's agenda item popped up not prior to the start of Ramadan several weeks ago, when debate could provide a fair and proper discussion but in the middle of the 30 day religious period.

Several commissioners said they didn't know the proposal was on the agenda.

The proposal was also presented just 48 hours after another horrific attack by several of the religion's "rotten apples".

Recognizing and providing a formal proclamation by government supporting any religion much less a religion whose followers are urged to murder non believers, a religion that by permitting it to exist has cost our nation billions to defend against, is just nutty.

Will the ACLU step in to object? Doubtful.


Anonymous said...

Cedar what's wrong with you? You don't like Muslims? Its not like they are blowing up Charlotte. Are you sure that City Council or Meck Commission hasn't issued a Christmas or Easter proclamation in the past?

I personally don't want anything to do with Muslims, but if the local Haji want to call attention to themselves and Ramadan running the risk of being targeted, its fine by me.

Anonymous said...

And there was the Observers comment that Ramadan is like the "Judean and Christian Lent". I didn't know that Jews started observing Lent, and actually Lent and Ramadan are observing two different things

Anonymous said...

Cedar is was nice of you to post the link to all the wonderful things Muslims have done in the past. But did you notice in the last 50 years nothing? They've been too busy killing people.

Anonymous said...

What do suggest interment camps? Mass deportations? Ban all Muslims from practicing their religion? Close all the Mosques? Ban the Koran?

Anonymous said...

Let the Purge begin!