Saturday, October 21, 2017

LaWana Mayfield Compares Donald Trump to Hiltler

Local moon-bat LaWana Mayfield goes coco bananas over Donald Trump and compares POTUS to Hitler, then quickly starts trying to walk back her comments.

Early Friday morning Mayfield tweeted: For All who read about Hilter you are Now Living how he reigned in #45 #DraftDodger #ClinicalSociopath #ASKAboutYemen #IdiotInChief

It never takes long when invoking the name Hilter for the backlash to begin.

Even Charlotte Mayoral candidate and Mayfield LGBTQ wingman Vi Lyles backed away from the Hiltler comparator.

As the day wore on so did the pushback, finally Mayfield folded like a lawn chair, issuing this statement.


Anonymous said...

Mr Mayfield's black privilege is on full display, yet nothing but silence from the Observer or news stations. The real horror is this dude actually represents the left wing hatred that has permeated the local Govco races, including Ms Dimple.
If Trump was Hitler do you think a black freak like this POS would still be able to walk freely in our society? Would love to see Trump call out this dude on twitter to show the world what kind of freaks Charlotte elects, and why Amazon is not a good fit for our progressive city.

Anonymous said...

Suddenly the support Crystal Eschert website on Facebook is taken down. A bunch of other articles that had talked about it and were in support of her have been removed from the internet. Settlement?

Anonymous said...

They were talking about this Mayfield deal on Chicago news, big time