Monday, October 16, 2017

Your Money - Mecklenburg County Auto Property Tax Sham

Did you know Mecklenburg County Vehicle Property Tax Collection is woefully inefficient? 

Not hard to notice the number of Charlotte drivers/owners with expired (no tax paid) tags on any given day. According to my CMPD guys the number of expired tags out there is crazy huge, so much so that they avoid routinely stopping drivers for expired tags.

The rush of transplants from Northern States has brought an entire class of people who thumb their noses at the idea of registering their cars in Mecklenburg County. They drive for months, in many case years on expired and often altered out of state tags. Because CMPD can't run out of state tags to see if they are valid they ride along undeterred. Even if CMPD pulls an out of state car with expired tags they can't write a ticket for the expired tag. 

Visit the massive Elevation Church parking lot on any Sunday and take notice of all the out of state tags with Elevation Church stickers on the rear window. These are people who have moving to Charlotte, lived here long enough to discover Elevation and join the 10000 member congregation. The number of out of state tags is stunning.

And its not just the phony Christians at Elevation Church that dodge paying their fair share, my neighbor parks his Audi A8 and his wife's Lexus ES 350 in their pricey South Charlotte garage both have SC tags. This is a guy who lives in a 3/4 of a million dollar house with $100 worth of cars dodging and he's too cheap to pay Char/Meck property taxes. 

The worst is if you don't renew your tag thereby not paying the property tax and finally one day NCHP writes you up, all you have to do is visit the DMV, pay this year's property tax and tag fee, the prior years taxes vanish as do any late fees. DMV has no way to track or collect prior years unless to confess. 

Oh and that ticket? Just email proof that you have corrected the expired tag to the DA's office and they issue an automatic dismissal.  

Bottom line millions of unpaid never to be collected county tax dollars just vanish, every year, and you wonder why Mecklenburg County Commissioners are considering a tax increase. 

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Anonymous said...

I'll never register my car in mecklenburg county. Fuck you guys!