Thursday, March 1, 2018

Hope Hicks

No big secret, my fascination with Hope Hicks. 
In the world of what is sexy, most see Kim Kardashin and Kate Upton of sex tape and Sports Illustrated fame.
Still that sort of over exposed over rated sexy is not real world sexy.
Power, influence and the ability to gracefully navigate the perils of "inside the beltway" while gently seductively presenting pure womanhood without the Jennifer Lawrence plunging neck line and slit up to the far reaches of  her thigh dress look is just so ultra sexy.

Where life takes Ms Hicks only she knows for sure, but I can't help but notice the ever so faint grin, as if she had just left behind a bomb that was about to go off.
Cedar Back Story: As you might expect there is a back story to this photo and this one time freelance shooter thinks its worth a read right here.

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Anonymous said...

She looks like ‘Elizabeth’ from that spy show “The Americans”.....��