Wednesday, March 27, 2019

CMPD White Shirts Again Losing The Social Media Battle - Danquirs Franklin

Despite a new social media hire working @CMPD nearly around the clock, the false narrative that Danquirs Franklin was unarmed and had his "hands up" took off on Monday and has been gaining believers ever since.

The repost of this tweet with Precious Robinson her hands outstretched stressing her point that there was no gun with to add creditability has a lot of street traction. Retweeted over and over, this image has been seen thousands of times.  

After Keith Scott you would think CMPD Command would have learned to flood the media with information. Everything needs to be out and if there is not a video because the Officer failed to cue up her camera they better say so now. 

Sunny weather this weekend high in the 70's God Help Us if they don't get ahead of this. 

Another stupid narrative is that they could have just "disabled him" shot him in the legs or used non-lethal force. 

Let's get one thing straight that shoot him in the legs idea just ain't gonna happen. No warning shot, no stare down, no second chance. 

This is not about color this is about stupid. Born Stupid, Drug Stupid, Angry Stupid.

Finally the idea that Burger King is at fault because they called the police. How about this no gun no crazy ass behavior no one is going to call the police.


Anonymous said...

Its really surprising that the cop didn't have the body camera on....the time that people say she shot the wrong person. Its really surprising.

Anonymous said...

The bottom line is nobody cares about a press release from Putney, they don't trust him or the police, period. I don't care how many community engagement talks Putney does, the people showing up to those are not the same people that are starting shit in the street.

This is a battle of social media and CMPD is getting killed because they are posting pictures of dirt-bikes and the sun instead of flooding social media with facts, BWC footage and being transparent. The Charlotte Observer, Franklin's cousin, Precious "he didn't have a gun" eye witness are holding all the cards and going viral.

There's a reason this OIS is getting attention the others haven't in the last 2 years. It's an election year. Did anyone ask themselves why Braxton Winston showed up to this OIS and commented publicly? Or why Vi shed fake tears of sorrow for the City at the council meeting? Pretty sure Braxton hasn't shown up to any of the other incidents in the last 2 years or any other Charlotte murder crime scene. It's about votes & stirring the pot. Braxton gained votes from the 2016 riots and will do it in this situation too.

Anonymous said...

Ahahahaha: White shirts:

Yup sitting in Ivory towers

Anonymous said...

CMPD is getting eaten alive in social media because command staff deep down agrees with the malcontents in the “community”. These people can’t be reasoned with. Stop pandering to the “hands up don’t shoot” crowd. Nothing CMPD does will ever placate them.

Charlotte is truly turning into Chicago South. Now all CMPD needs is another Gary McFadden clone or a DC Foster type at the helm for the slide into the abyss to be complete.

SteveN said...

Anon 10:23..........Has that been confirmed? No BWC footage? That would shock me. The way the call came, it would be priority 1 with all the cool lights and sirens and stuff...........and unless the policy has changed since I was there........don't you still enable your BWC at THAT time? Should have been on on the drive TO the Burger King.

Anonymous said... don't seem so smart. They are covering up the body cam footage because Wendy shot the wrong black guy. The other black guy left the scene when she showed up and she freaked. I work with her and I know she hasn't been herself over the past year. They have footage, from all the officers that came in there with her(staging for back up).

It smells like the TRAP cover up when they killed the guy off Tuckaseegee.

Anonymous said...

12:48: They just confirmed it was him. The case is closed. They have camera footage proof. It was an issue of behavioral health.

Anonymous said...

No matter what the official reports say or what video shows those monkeys will believe the opposite pigs kill is their motto as is f@$* CMPD

The stupidest people on the planet how else do you explain the idea that police want to kill black people yet they are always waving around a gun or knife and give cops the excuse to kill them?

If I was black I’d be yes sir no ma’am so fast but no these Dumbasses want to argue and threaten cops I just don’t get it

SteveN said...

Anon 12:48. Opinions vary. Maybe I'm just not as up on the whole conspiracy theory thing like you are. But if Anon 1:22 is correct, then perhaps you're the one who is not too smart.

Anonymous said...

It is what it is. Just more of the same ol Monkey see... Monkey do. Good attempts to grease the wheel on the Chiefs part but no amount of blabbering or seances will change the opinions or culture. Especially when the majority of our own city and county "Leaders" continue singing swing low sweet chariot. The most important thing to remember is watch your six and make it home safely.