Friday, March 22, 2019

South Charlotte Shooter Released Less Than 24 Hours After Arrest

On Wednesday night according to CMPD 18 year old Makel Sadler shot a 16 year old  behind Charlotte Catholic High School. The 16 year old was taken to CMC Pineville or whatever we are calling the place with "Life Threatening Injuries". 

Sadler has a long list of adult priors and one would assume an impressive list of juvenile offenses as well. Auto theft, breaking and entering, probation violations and more. 

So how is it that he's arrested for shooting a 16 year old kid and is back out on the street inside 48 hours? 

Why only a $5,000.00 Bond on an AWDW charge and $500 Bond on a misdemeanor discharging a firearm charge?

No attempted murder charge or any other related charges. How is it that someone like this with an ever escalating level of violence is allowed to walk the streets?


Anonymous said...

Somehow the Police will be blamed when he commits his next crime. A true example of a broken justice system. Time to hold the true parties accountable.

Anonymous said...

Why no attempted murder charge?

Anonymous said...

Amazing this pos is out free to do as he like.

But it is only a matter of time.