Monday, April 15, 2019

Charlotte Homicide Vic No. 38

Charlotte's Homicide Victim No. 38, Jamil Malik Davis fits the usual profile young black and living a life of crime.

Davis was gunned down in the dark hours of April 15, 2019 in Charlotte's Hidden Valley neighborhood, a place where of violence, thug life and criminally are as routine as the delivery of the morning paper.

Davis' more recent crimes include:

Resisting Public Officer Hit and Run Failure to Heed Blue Light and Siren No Operator's License Larceny Speeding to Elude Arrest Breaking and Entering Felony Larceny Failure to Heed Blue Light and Siren Conspiracy to B&E Breaking and Entering Felony Larceny After B&E Resisting Public Officer Resisting Public Officer Felony Larceny Contributing to the Delinquency of a Minor.

He was sentenced to prison on August 24, 2017 began serving minimum term of 5 months and was released by the NCDOC on June 2, 2018 and began serving a period of supervised parole that ended on February 27, 2019.

Jamil Davis was just a week shy of his 21st birthday when he died on the street. 

"Street Life" what can you say.


Anonymous said...

Good Riddance POS

Anonymous said...

"Live by the sword.....
Die by the sword"....

The End

Anonymous said...

Hearing "they" really wanted to be sure this thug was dead. Came back past him a second time to shoot him again.

Anonymous said...

DOMT KNOW MY FUCKING NEPHEW! He was not a thug son of a bitches and that shot about hey came back is a fucking lie!! Keep running your damn mouth and we gonna have PROBLEMS!! Don’t y’all too much and end up in our shows as a family!! This BUMB BITCH SITE and the people that run it pulled his lowest shit... he has NO BEEF .. with anyone.. so know your FUCKING FACTS AND RESPECT MY GOT DAMN FAMILY!!! Y’all three commenting better live yo fucking best life... don’t yall too much bc HE WAS KILLED INNOCENTLY... NO BEEF WITH ANYONE.. so what he had a past YALL DO TOO ... IT JUST AINT BEEN EXPOSED!!

Anonymous said...

Fuck you !! You can have DEAD LIFE just like him INNOCENTLY... don’t assume you son of a bitch!!! FALL THE FUCK BACK BC YOU HAVE NO CLUE HOW DEEP HIS VEINS RUN IN THOSE STREETS... y’all bold on the internet... BUT WE ARE BOLDER FACE TO FACE!!! He went to prison for NON VIOLENT CRIMES so shut the fuck up.. show pics of him and his son and his work uniform!!! He was off papers and never been in trouble since that dumb teen stunt... all
Of those charges was one event ... not multiple things and they were TRUMPED charges.. I guess y’all don’t see his family on the news... OH YES YOU DO... YOU ARE CLUELESS ITS US!! WE ARE A VERY EDUCATED PRESTIGIOUS FAMILY AND IF YALL BUMB BITCHED IN NC OR CHARLOTTE.... THE TARHEELS “MEEKS” that’s US HE IS A MEEKS YALL FUMB ASS MOTHERFUCKAS!!!

Anonymous said...

Whoa thug life is speaking up.

PRESTIGIOUS Family of what? Pick one:

Real Estate Developers?
Military Commanders?
Banking CEOs?
Police Officers?
Software Developers?
Cancer Researchers?

Family of Thugs and Hood Rats welfare babies and scammers.

Sure people make mistakes one mug shot sure, two maybe, three ok but four?

I just can't figure out why they didn't post six seven and eight?

And those are only the crimes he got caught for, karma is a bitch ain't it?