Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Another Charlotte Mayor Vi Lyles "NO BAIL FAIL" Jaydon Turay

Charlotte Mayor Vi Lyles and Mecklenburg County Sheriff Garry McFadden continue to push a "justice reform" agenda that seeks to eliminate the cash bail system that keeps many minority criminals in jail while awaiting trial.

On the surface this would seem reasonable, many low level misdemeanor cases require posting of a cash bail for none violent offenses, but extending this thinking to all minority cases just because of economic status is insane.

Once again Mecklenburg County Sheriff Garry McFadden has released a violent offender to the streets of Charlotte on a promise to be a good boy and return to court.

Released to continue his terror of the citizens of Charlotte even after 7 arrests and 18 Charges over 6 months including: 


Bonus Points for factious information to law enforcement (Elijah Ahmed Turay)

Cedar's Take: Someone should ask Sheriff McFadden how many inmates are in his jail booked under bogus identities yet same DOB and Last Name. 

So that makes 8 arrests, over six months and who knows what other arrests and charges are out there under additional factious names and identities. 

The system is broken releasing violent repeat offenders with nothing more than some ankle bling is nuts!

This Mofo should be under the jail not out on a promise to appear and electronic monitoring.

The bottom line - anyone convicted of a crime where a firearm is in their possession should have their freedom permanently revoked, I don't care if they are 17 or 71 it should be game over.  More than 3/4ths of the homicides committed this year are by felons with prior weapons charges. Removing these thugs once and for all from our streets will stem the blood shed far faster than the group hugs prescribed by Garry McFadden and Kerr Putney.


Anonymous said...

Cedar sounds like a good idea but you can't lock them all up forever we would run out of jail space in a week!

Anonymous said...

Bring back public hanging!

Anonymous said...

CP you mad bro?

Anonymous said...

Get accustomed to it. It will get far worse. For those in the business of policing its referred to as job security....

Anonymous said...

Cedar, the Sheriff and Mayor have nothing to do with criminal bonds. They solely rest on the Magistrates decision. Blame needs to be pointed in the right places. This is nothing new, the great state of Mecklenburg has been doing this for decades. The only reason it’s taking notice now is the current homicide rate and social media. Wait until the new juvenile age law kicks in.

This should have been addressed years ago!

Anonymous said...

McFadden and Lyles might not sign the paper work but they sure do influence the direction by refusing to speak out or encourage tighter bail requirements

Anonymous said...

Bond reform and raise the age are not Mecklenburg County or State of NC issues. They are both national pushes for rehabilitation over incarceration. Blame McFadden for the epic fail on his refusal to honor ICE detainers, but bond reform ain't on him. Even the magistrates share less and less of the bond blame as they are now basically reading from a script handed down from their chief magistrates. If we truly want change on this issue, there needs to be a revocation of immunity at the judge and district attorney level. Let the liability of repeat offenders blow back on them and then maybe we'd see some prosecution and prison time dealt out.

Anonymous said...

Vi Lyles and McFadden have some pretty smart ideas about fixing problems around Charlotte. Let's not get all bent out of shape. Sherrie Pearsal, Patterson, and Bellamy are making moves to get some of these racists off the PD, one person at a time.

RIP...Robert Preston

Anonymous said...
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