Monday, May 6, 2019

Dear Wells Fargo Championship Scratch The Roving Marshals in 2020

Dear Wells Fargo Championship,

Please scratch the Roving Marshals that follow marquis groups next year.

The two idiots that accompanied Rory Mcllroy and Justin Rose were an embarrassment to the event. The female Marshal frantically running back and fort across the golf course, pushing patrons aside in desperate search for Rose was both comical and bizarre.

Her male counterpart was just as rude; while an eight year old girl peppered him with questions about Rory from a foot away he stood stoically watching Rory talk with a CBS reporter then pushing her aside like a stray dog when Rory walked past.

When Rose eventually retuned from Sunday's rain delay, he did so on his own casually walking across the number 16 tee. However when your female roving marshal saw Rose heading her way she ran back across the 16 tee only to reverse course after a short distance, running ahead of Rose barking orders and physically pushing two Levy Catering employees struggling with a load of trash out of the way.

Amazing how you can give a job to volunteers who totally let the assignment go to their heads.

Apparently the hubris display, is a routine affliction associated with the acquisition of a radio headset and a yellow sticker.

Frankly Roving Marshals are not needed and are an embarrassment to the Event. Remember most hole Marshals have a working relationship with the fans. They've become acquainted, they've joked about golf and the weather. They have usually talked for several minutes between group and in some cases off and on all day. They have moved young fans to the front of the gallery, and gained the trust of older fans behind the ropes.

However this trust is destroyed when a roving marshal suddenly arrives and starts barking unnecessary orders making people move and adding chaos to a well rehearsed ballet of player movement and spectator interaction.

As one follower of Cedar Posts on Twitter pointed our "The guy who almost took at Tiger at the Masters is the ultimate example of this. Can you imagine if that had gone another way?"

That guy almost single handedly ended the most improbable return to victory lane ever. And that would have been tragic. 

Roving Marshals who fill-in at various holes throughout the event are always helpful, but it is a hand full of Marshals assigned to marquis groups that fans see in a negative light will likely decide not to return next year.


Anonymous said...

Cedar you've hit on something I've though about for a long time and one of the reasons I stopped volunteering as a marshal at the Wells Fargo Championship. They are just some guys and apparently girls who are way over the top serious. Too bad its a beautiful course.

Anonymous said...

I know exactly who you are talking about and she IS an idiot.

Anonymous said...

I saw her, she was in a full out sprint from the 15th hole cross walk to the club house I thought she was part of a secret service detail.

Anonymous said...

The Tournament is dead - great course but following the Masters and Heritage is a mistake you saw the field Lefty and Els didn't make the cut which left:

Finau Fowler Glover Rose Garcia Mcllroy Simpson Day

Missing where these top 30 Tiger Bubba Kuchar Kim Palmer Holmes DeChambeau Raham Schauffele Koepka Thomas Kisner Molinari Cantlay and others who said pass WFT???

Someone on the tournament staff dropped the ball.

The purse is ok could be better and the field is huge maybe too huge

Got a lot of room for improvement

over-zealous marshals patron bottle necks at 16 and 17 tee and the driving range

and the food trucks suck.

Lack of directional signs and so much more.

Anonymous said...

Who is the idiot that decided this new xtra duty system was what we needed to change to??

Anonymous said...

I heard..Garnes.

SteveN said...

Glad I couldn't give a shit about golf.......

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile back at HQ .....Police Pledge Fund ???......silence

Anonymous said...

What was Robert
Preston doing the night that the homeless lady got stabbed to death?

Anonymous said...

Have heard that the new Fire Chief is less popular than the last one. Looks like a recount on Gordon.