Monday, July 29, 2019

The "Pantaleo Effect" Softened NYPD - Charlotte Needs To Take Note

CMPD and Charlotte would be wise to take notice of what has happened to the NYPD under presidential hopeful and NYC Mayor Bill "Blah Blah" de Blasio. If Charlotte Mayor Vi Lyles and her "squad" LaWana Mayfield, Dimple Ajmera and Braxton Winston have their way CMPD Officers will be reguired to undergo "de Blasio" water bucket training soon after the "Squad" is re-elected. 

Opinion By Miranda Devine:

We were still reeling at the spectacle of meek NYPD cops being doused with water all over town when Officer Daniel Pantaleo’s home on Staten Island was besieged by protesters Saturday night. 

“He needs to feel fear wherever he goes!” chanted the small group. “We will find you, Pantaleo! No justice, no peace.” 

Five years after bootleg cigarette seller Eric Garner died during a so-called “chokehold arrest” on Staten Island, Pantaleo has had no justice and no peace. 

He was a good cop doing his job. But his abandonment by craven politicians and top brass has become the unspoken subtext of every police interaction in this city ever since.

His childhood friend Joseph Imperatrice, founder of Blue Lives Matter, is one who calls it the “Pantaleo effect.” “Police officers cannot be afraid to do their job,” he said. “They have to understand the officers around them and the higher brass will have their back.” 

Garner’s death was a tragedy, but even the medical examiner who ruled it a homicide found his health problems contributed. Garner was 6-foot-3 and obese, at 395 pounds. He had an enlarged heart and chronic asthma. The stress of struggling with cops triggered a fatal asthma attack. 

Pantaleo is 6 feet and 220 pounds. He had been ordered to arrest Garner. When a man far bigger than him resisted, what was he meant to do, walk away? Well, walk away is exactly what police are doing now. And not once has anyone in authority understood how their failure to defend Pantaleo has damaged police morale. 

Instead they pander to anti-police bullies who use the poor grieving Garner family as pawns. 

The extraordinary passivity last week of those officers in Brooklyn and Harlem as jeering punks soaked them with water has been a long time brewing. 

It began with race-baiting former President Barack Obama’s misguided criticism of police in Cambridge, Mass., over the 2009 arrest of his friend Henry Gates. It came to a head in 2014 with the “hands up, don’t shoot” lie told about Michael Brown after he was fatally shot by police in Ferguson, Mo., just three weeks after Garner’s death. 

Along the way, Obama gave succor to anti-police activists. The inevitable result of hostility to law enforcement was the assassination of two police officers in Brooklyn, Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu, just weeks after a grand jury cleared Pantaleo. 

Vilified by president wannabe Bill de Blasio and hung out to dry by (NYC Police Commissioner) James O’Neill, Pantaleo has seen his actions on that summer’s day in 2014 after Garner resisted arrest scrutinized in every available jurisdiction. A Staten Island grand jury found he had no case to answer. The US Justice Department found he had no case to answer. Now we await the result of a police disciplinary trial and the verdict of Commissioner O’Neill. 

For police-haters, Pantaleo is a symbol of the “broken windows” tough-on-crime policing which so successfully cleaned up the city 25 years ago, and which de Blasio is doing his best to unwind while boasting of the low crime rates that are entirely its legacy. 

Destroy Pantaleo and you destroy broken windows and, with it, the morale of the NYPD. 

You can see how low morale has sunk in the resigned reaction of cops to egregious acts of disrespect, whether being doused by water in Harlem and Brooklyn, having buckets thrown at their heads, or just a foul-mouthed punk on the subway telling them to “suck my d–k”. 

“Officers are not supported,” Ed Mullins, head of the Sergeants Benevolent Association, said on Friday. “That’s the sentiment of the rank and file." 

They’re afraid to get involved because they know they don’t have the backing of the commissioner or the mayor.” He is furious that de Blasio used the national platform of the first Democratic presidential debate last month to repeat the racist slur that his biracial son, Dante, wasn’t safe around cops because he was a “child of color.” 

Nothing has changed since thousands of officers turned their backs on de Blasio at the funeral five years ago of assassinated cop Liu. 

Mullins warns that it was the soft-touch policing of the 1970s that led to the crime explosion of the 1980s, and says water dousing incidents are just “the appetizer” to lawlessness to come. “It won’t be on [de Blasio’s] watch,” he says. “It’s going to be the next mayor and the next commissioner.” 

Already, he says, “crooks are getting emboldened . . . Perps know they’re not being searched for firearms. When you talk to the people of the city, they don’t feel safe. 

They see homelessness, people urinating in the street, turnstile jumping . . . We’re not enforcing crimes anymore.” 

“The cops are confused as to what you want them to do,” Mullins says. “The backing off of law enforcement is beginning to erode the city.” 

President Trump’s intervention this week, when he voiced support for the embattled cops of his hometown, blasting the water tossing as a “total disgrace,” meant the world, says Mullins. 

But the only way to restore the morale of New York’s emasculated police force is for O’Neill to come out from behind his desk and defend Pantaleo. He might owe his job to de Blasio but he doesn’t owe him his soul.


Anonymous said...

This anti-cop BS isn't just the citizens vs police. Take a look how our own Administration
at CMPD treats its officers. Then they want to get on TV and complain on how short we
are on manpower. Who the hell would still sign up to do this job in 2019?!

Anonymous said...

Epidemic or coincident of current status quo? Lets peruse our information for a collective conclusion. The lack of support from their own departments or other local officials; like the mayor, D.A., etc...D.A. letting the SBI handle officer involved shootings to lessen the impact on their re-election even though CMPD is more thorough. WAIT___we have to factor in that there are a million programs and in-service training that tell us that its not LITTLE JOHNNIES fault he is just a product of his environment, we just don't understand because we live with white privilege, the D.A. has around 200 calendar (220 minus D.A./judicial training and holidays) days not factoring snow days to dispose of over 12k cases a year (so we have dismissal with leave, consolidated plea deals with no jail time, and lets not forget the EM program where some get released to go back out and do more crime including murder. Todays officer no longer hunts aggressively to bring criminals to justice because they don't get paid anymore then just answering their calls and prolonging their careers.

These factors along with others are like mixing a Molotov cocktail and then trying to understand that the fire came as a result of the ingredients and the match that command staff and local elected officials lit.

Anonymous said...

The next step is to stop calling them suspects and start calling them PICs. A person in crisis! That where we are now...No accountability for action.

Suspects- a misunderstood person
PICs- a person in crisis

just WAIT there will come a day when they will only prosecute serious crimes, which will lead to larger numbers of more violent people because they suffered no corrective action early on for lesser offenses. **Just take a look at a murderers record- most start off doing petty crimes and progress towards more heinous crimes with little or no punishment.

Anonymous said...

The SBI couldn’t investigate a petty larceny. Look at their crime lab. they are 18-24 months behind on damn near everything.