Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Thuggery 101 (The Drive-By)

Nothing sends a message in the hood quite like a drive-by. But apparently some brothers need a little advice on how to do a drive-by.

So leme ax you, you're riding dirty on your way to do a drive-by as you approach the house you need to hit, which side of the street to you want the house to be? If you say I dunno - do not attempt a drive-by, your momma ain't through raising you yet.

Some mofo named Matthew Gibson got killed dead because he didn't know the first thing about doing a drive-by.

A Chicago man named Jake Lee is believed to have accidentally shot the driver of the car, he was traveling in dead, in what police are calling a drive-by shooting gone wrong.

Jake Lee aka Crazy Eye Jake
Jake Lee was in the front passenger seat of a vehicle being driven by Matthew Gibson around Park Manor in the city's South Side on Sunday morning when it pulled up alongside a White SUV in West 71st Street, Fox 32 reported. Lee then used a .40 caliber handgun to fire at the SUV, but instead accidentally shot Gibson in the head.

A 22-year-old man was also injured in the shooting, according to Cook County prosecutors. Gibson, 26, still managed to drive on for another two miles to the 6700 block of South Marshfield. He died at the Christ Medical Center hospital the following day.

The Chicago Sun-Times reported that Lee has been charged with aggravated battery with a firearm, and is expected to face a count of murder. He later admitted to officers that "he may have gotten some shots off," and his right hand had tested positive for gunshot residue

Do not be like Matthew Gibson:

Rule No. 1 Make sure the home boy you pick to ride shotgun knows how to fire a weapon and it might help if both his eyes go the same way. (See Photo Above)

Rule No. 2 Approach the house so that the target is on your ride's right side. That way your homie isn't firing a Glock 45 in front of your face and out the driver's window. If you are unsure or if its a car you need to hit your homie goes in the back seat so as he can shoot out either window.

Rule No. 3 Depending on the leval of disrespect you may feel, it some times it is warranted to have a second shooter in the back seat. Also be it a 2 betroom or more size house it is good to have a little more fire power.

Rule No. 4 Stolen weapons with serial numbers filed off are best. Don't be cheap about the weapons as well, and at the same time a Mac10 or Uzi isn't necessary, though a grenade launcher is always a nice touch if you got the Benjamin's. But remember to toss the weapon in the river, the deeper the better after you have do your drive by. Whatever you do, don't go and hide it at your momma's house. 

Rule No. 5 Tinted Power Windows are bad ass but leave your custom low rider or Escalade at home. Non discripte cars work best, just know that no seflrespecing home boy does a drive by in a Prius!

Rule No. 6 Street code says you put the word out "we comin for ya" that way they're aint no chidren in the house when the glass starts flying. 

Rule No. 7 PoPo don't take kindly to children getting dead during a drive by.  Plus its bad for bizness, ain't no one gonna buy your weed, crank, meth or your girls if they know you accidently smoked a kid under 12.

Rule No. 8 If you need to bust a cap in his/her head then don't do a drive by where you might shoot the wrong person (see Rule No. 7) in this case you need a walk up. If it's just bizness you can hire it out, but if it's personal you be need to do that yourself. You know so you can hear em try to explain and so you can apologize first. Always apologize.

Rule No. 9 Never do a drive-by on the weekends, Mondays or Tuesdays work best, PoPo ain't expecting trouble on a Tuesday night.

Rule No. 10 Never return to the scene of the drive-by ever.

That's it yo it is easy, ten steps to drive-by success. Peace!

Bonus Rule Never ever bring your woman on a drive-by. She will totally lose her shit and rat you out the minute the PoPo lights up your ride when ridin dirty. Don't know what it is about Black Women and the cops but for some reason when they see a blue light they suddenly remember every time you cheated on the them and or said something wrong and they will tell the PO-LEASE everything. 

"He got a gun under the seat, weed in the console, crack in his shoe, he cheated on me with my sister and her 16 year old daughter and has two felony warrants in Green Bay Wisconsin. Always followed by I'm sorry baby I dunno why I said all that.


Anonymous said...

Soo did Sgt Suddreth really have a kid by Allie Rooks? She is beat and old! That's like fucking your little brother. lololololol This place is a mess...

Anonymous said...

Bonus Rule - LoL you got that right.

Anonymous said...


1. A heartbeat
2. A pussy
3. No Spine
4. Minority Status Positive
5. Laziness
6. Unambitious
7. Mental Disorder

Anonymous said...

Anyone have info on the OIS? Or just the usual shanigans about officers hooking up

Anonymous said...

Vicki, are you really one to be preaching about when something is appropriate or not?

You should know what is “appropriate” after the Dance lawsuit.

Anonymous said...

Dance got PAAAIDDD! Bam!

Anonymous said...

Dude... I am so out of the loop. I worked with Dance years ago... WTF? He sued the city? Gimme the details. Does he still work for the city? Did they fire him???

Anonymous said...

Yes Dance still here. Assistant Chief Foster made some inappropriate and disparaging comments about his penis by text message to other command staff. Dance sued her for those comments and won big time. Of course the city covered the payout.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I freaked Lakia Monroe. So what now? teeheeteeheheeheheheehheehehehehehehehehehehee


Anonymous said...

Calling BS on that. I don't see any record of the suit. You wanna start baseless rumors get your facts straight first. Dick!

Anonymous said...

1623 hours:

Who the fuck are you to call BS? You obviously dont work here. The lawsuit was scheduled for federal court in October. They paid out to settle the case before the media could run with it.

Probably the same guy that called by BS about Stukey fucking David Thaw at the CVOC and the video getting passed around. Did you call BS about Jennifer Wolfe fucking all those Freedom/Metro boyz and giving the clap to Rudd? The Allie Rooks luv child comment is probably total BS..even though she gots the kid in the office with her.

If you dont work here dont comment on this wall about our organization. This is a safe zone for officers to talk about how they really feel about the crap that is our lives.

Anonymous said...

Rudd got the clap?

Anonymous said...

Chicago: Friday to early Monday morning, 7 dead and 46 wounded with gun violence. Charlotte will become just like Chicago with the weak ass leadership we have here. Everyone likes numbers, someone needs to step the fuck up.

Anonymous said...

QQ.....if you all protested city council for a raise, and then city council insulted you...how many officers quit? They called you terrorists. You didn't get a raise. How many cops quit?

Anonymous said...

It isn’t just the mayor and council. The City Manager is doing all he can do to suppress the fop and firefighters association. They succeeded in the worst benefit and pay package for police in years based on crime. The manager is telling Council what to do and they are listening.

raju said...
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