Tuesday, September 17, 2019

FOP National President Pat Yoe Seeks Input From CMPD Officers

It should come as no surprise that the liberal agenda, so desperate to unseat Donald Trump continues to work towards attracting votes from anyone including illegals and violent felons.  
Both New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, Chicago Mayor Ron Emanuel and former Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh have all taken a very strong anti-police stance.

The problem is not just a big city issue.
Charlotte Mecklenburg FOP Lodge #9 this week sent an email asking for input from Charlotte Officers that could be provided to the national board and in particular the president of FOP National Pat Yoes.

President Yoes request as follows: 

I am seeking your feedback on the items listed below. 

We have a growing concern about state and local appointed and elected officials impeding the enforcement of law and eroding the ability of law enforcement officers to keep their communities safe. 

The problem areas include, but are not limited to, the following: 

Refusal to prosecute statutes not to their liking.

Criticizing law enforcement officers in the media over individual incidents or confrontations without regard for the facts or the status of ongoing investigations. 

Creating a climate of fear in police management nationwide which makes them less willing to defend and support the officers they’re supposed to be leading and commanding. 

The consequences of these activities include: 

A reduction in public safety in growing areas in the U.S.

Erosion of respect for and cooperation with police officers nationwide - increased difficulty in police recruiting, higher attrition rates, and earlier retirement of seasoned officers.

I strongly believe that we need to sit down and compare experiences in this area with the goal of developing counter strategies to get the public behind us, curb the anti-police rhetoric, and reestablish respect for the rule of law. 


Anonymous said...

So WSOC leads with a story regarding the sexual assault attack at 5pm of a jogger on the greenway but provides no description to help other joggers be wary, stay safe.

Historically, no description provides a description in itself, but I find this enragingly negligent.

Anonymous said...

Is everyone in the CMPD internal affairs unit black? That seems kind of dangerous from a political standpoint.

Anonymous said...

1:31....If you were CMPD you would already know the answer to that is no. What dangerous political standpoint are you referring to? CMPD is supposed to be politically neutral.

Anonymous said...

Why is Blake Holmes under investigation, then? BS.

Anonymous said...

300 CMPD short by RNC? Just clearing up a rumor. Who will work the Panthers games? OH, No!!!

Anonymous said...

6:16 - Yeah I believe it. IA is hacking left and right. Officers getting fired for dumb shit but Putney will cry and complain to city council on how we need officers.