Friday, October 4, 2019

Charlotte's Street Crime and Gun Play Continues Mayor Lyles Silent

Wednesday night four teenage thugs thought shooting up a neighborhood in a stolen car would be fun.

Now they are facing multiple charges after crashing a stolen Toyota Rav4 while fleeing from CMPD Officers who responded to the shots fired calls.

The incident began around 10 p.m. when CMPD 911 Operators received several call regarding several gunshots in the Woodbridge neighborhood near Yateswood Drive.

When Officers arrived, they found three vehicles that had been shot into and nearly 20 shell casings from various calibers.

A short time later, the suspect vehicle was spotted and CMPD Officers initiated a traffic stop. When the suspects failed to stop Officers gave chase. 

The near 7-mile chase ended when the Toyota collided with a GMC Yukon near the intersection of Providence Road and Fairview Road. Three of the four suspects attempted to run and were quickly taken into custody.

A fourth suspect eluded police until just after midnight but gave up after being tracked by a CMPD K9 team.

The Toyota Rav4 had been stolen from a dealership on Sept. 9, 2019. Three stolen firearms were located and seized from the vehicle.

The four suspects charged are:

Michael Anthony Thomas, 19, who was the driver of the Toyota, is charged with possession of a stolen motor vehicle, flee to elude a law enforcement officer, discharging a firearm within city limits, resist/delay/obstruct a public officer and three counts of damage to property.

Thomas will appear in court Friday afternoon October 4, 2019 on the five misdemeanor and two felony charges.

David Wayne Burns, 19, has been charged with possession of stolen property, discharging a firearm within city limits, resist/delay/obstruct a public officer and three counts of damage to property. Burns has prior charges in Mecklenburg County for murder, possession of a stolen motor vehicle and assault with a deadly weapon.

Tyliek Alex Stevenson, 18, has been charged with discharging a firearm within city limits, resist/delay/obstruct a public officer and three counts of damage to property. Stevenson has a prior charges in Mecklenburg County for shooting into occupied property.

Stevenson will appear in court December 9, 2019 on the five misdemeanor charges. He was released yesterday on an unsecured bond.

Isaiah Richardson, 19, has been charged with discharging a firearm within city limits, resist/delay/obstruct a public officer and three counts of damage to property. Richardson has prior charges in Mecklenburg County for theft of a firearm and possession of a firearm by a minor.

Richardson will appear in court Friday afternoon October 4, 2019 on the five misdemeanor charges.

Cedar Update: Richardson was released with a EMD at 3:00 PM Monday October 7, 2019. 
CMPD Would later down play the events and the crimes as routine. 

"No one was located shot, there were no injuries as a result of the motor vehicle collision, and due to the collaborative efforts from at least six CMPD division and support from CMPD’s Canine Unit, this violent encounter was de-escalated and lead to the apprehension of all four suspects". 

Cedar's Take:

What is troubling is the routine nature of the events. Bookended by two broad daylight homicides Uptown and in South Charlotte, our Mayor Vi Lyles spent her week having lunch and mimosas with Oprah Winfrey and pandering to the liberal nut birds who think crime like this is just part of big city life.

Make no mistake these are violent offenders with countless priors for violent crimes who have already used their "second chance" yet they will be released back on the street is short order to continue their reign of terror.

Given their available criminal records imagine the extent of their court protected juvenile records.

The Meck DA embarrassingly soft on crime, these suspects should not be released and they should be charged to the fullest extent possible. 

Until Charlotte citizens speak up these thugs will rule our streets and as long as Mayor Vi Lyles and CMPD believe this is the new normal and this sort of crime is to be tolerated as just part of being a big city we are taking our chances venturing out of our homes.


Anonymous said...

Racist you cops Cedar are all alike racist hate like yours has no place at CMPD.

Anonymous said...

1108 @ what is racist about this post?

Anonymous said...

Also, Cedar you won’t hear about this on the news or from CMPD, but the “fatality pedestrian collision” on 85 is a homicide.

Anonymous said...

Everything is racist except a city county government run entirely by African Americans.

The Mayor
The Chief of Police
The Sheriff
The DA
The School Superintendent
The City Manager
The Fire Chief

Who all think the "system" founded by whitey is to hard on black people.

Anonymous said...

If a pedestrian gets hit and killed walking on I-85 that's hardly a homicide.

Anonymous said...

2:05pm....he wasn't a pedestrian. Just wait for the real story. If it was a pedestrian struck on the interstate, Highway Patrol would have taken the investigation. It is a criminal investigation so that is why CMPD handled it...

Anonymous said...

2:05pm- so a driver intentionally dragging someone that he knows is hanging on to his vehicle and fleeing the scene on foot after he dies isn’t a homicide?

Anonymous said...

Shut up about some nig getting dragged on the road. Old news. Oprah is a big bitch in that photo.

So whats up with Officer Ackbarman being banned from the Youth Crimes Office? I heard the female in the unit complained to have his badge de-activated?

Anonymous said...

It’s so comical reading new stories that say “CMPD is beefing up patrols”. What a complete lie. Where are these extra officers coming from? Your guess is as good as mine.

Chip Starr said...

11:33 Props for the heads-up. Was working the real job yesterday and couldn't track it down as fast as I wanted. CMPD sent me to NC SHP then CMPD came back around 5 with a press release.

Just crazy - people are crazy - Charlotte has gone crazy

This will be interesting to see how it sorts out.

But a guy goes in to by beer comes out to see his ride rolling jumps on the car and the unknown (or known only to him) driver takes off and heads down the ramp to I-85 and it doesn't end well.

Anonymous said...

White shirts are losing their minds...but only from 0900-1500 as they don’t work past those hours.

Anonymous said...

That’s weird, they are all black...meanwhile in other news, Lawana is trying to figure out which strap on she will be using tonight after another all nighter at Cameo.

Anonymous said...

Well Cedar two of the four are already out of jail. No bond just a promise to appear in December. Just in time to terrorize some white folks at the Joker movie this weekend.

While I'm at it, wouldn't y'all agree that someone coming at you aggressively wearing a clown mask or makeup is reason enough to use deadly force? Asking for a friend.

Anonymous said...

^^Okay Blake Paige, chill out. Why the fuck are you on TV, you are like 28 years old and look like a fag with that haircut.^^

Anonymous said...

At least the “mayor” is not at another funeral home grand opening. How many homicide victims ended up there?

Anonymous said...

She's a part owner so the more homicides the better.

Anonymous said...

Did you notice this saw very little media coverage?

Anonymous said...

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What is this one Cedar like number 98?

I used to feel bad for them their families and friends now shit I don't care let the purge continue! At least half the 98 were animals the world is a better place without them so I'm fuk-ing glad they are gone!