Wednesday, October 2, 2019

CMPD Declares Uptown Charlotte Safe

On Tuesday Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department PIO Captain Julie Barry told reporters that Uptown is "still a safe place", even after a shooting that occurred during the middle of the afternoon on Monday.

74 year old John Holaday, the CEO of DisposeRX, a Sanford, North Carolina, company that sells materials to dissolve unused prescription drugs, was shot and critically injured around 3:55 pm Monday. 

Mr. Holaday was walking by the Epicentre when CMPD says a fight broke out. Officers arrested 16-year-old Raheem Shacklette from Decatur,Georgia and (apparently related) Hazeem Shacklette who has a Charlotte address as the suspects in the shooting.

Raheem has been charged with attempted murder and possession of a stolen firearm. Hazeem is charged with Public Afray.

During yesterday's press conference CMPD Captain Julie Barry said "questions" have surfaced regarding the safety of the center city. 

Barry said multiple times that uptown is safe. "This is not about location," Barry said. 

"Charlotte is facing the same struggles that any large metropolitan city is facing right now when young people are making these really bad decisions. So it’s not the location it’s just these people who are making bad decisions trying to settle a verbal argument or a small physical argument with gun fire." 

Cedar's Take: I guess perception is the reality. In the past 3 months there have been more than 100 crimes against persons in the Uptown area (Center City) inside 277/77 Loop. Most are assaults followed by robberies. Frankly speaking I've got no interest in being mugged or robbed, having my car stolen or broken into. I don't really like carrying a gun, but I won't leave John Wayne in the car and I get tired of wearing a sport coat to dinner and so I just avoid uptown.

Captain Barry says "Charlotte is facing the same struggles as any large metropolitan city". Well that sort of depends.

Chicago has suffered 300 plus murders so far this year. I say plus because there are some bodies they apparently haven't yet found.

But San Diego year to date homicide number is 29, Boston 31, Houston 33, Tampa 19.

Charlotte stands at 81 give or take since at least two are pending classification. To find a crime number close to Charlotte you have to look to Jacksonville, Florida. Jacksonville is at 95 year to date. While Jacksonville has nearly the same population as Charlotte the patrol area of Jacksonville is nearly 3 times that of Charlotte. Truth is Jacksonville has been a shithole like Detroit, Baltimore and St. Louis for years.

So the question is are we going to be complacent when our Police Department says "well all the other kids do it"?  So because "other" cities have the same issues with young thugs with stolen guns we should be OK?

Are voters really ok with Vi Lyles silence on Charlotte's rapidly increasing homicide rate? Is Charlotte City Council's soft on crime pandering to the Liberal African American voter the only way they can be reelected? 

Crime in Charlotte, not just murders is out of control in part because CMPD is down by 200 Officers, and that number is rumored to hit 300 by year end. Accordingly there is zero traffic law enforcement and lawlessness of any kind is the seeds from which more violent crime grows.

CMPD says as of Thursday morning Holaday remains in critical condition. Prayers for his full recovery. Both Raheem and Hazeem Shacklette remain as guests of Garry McFadden. 


Anonymous said...

Oh yeah.... "Its Safe". With the transit center and light rail busing in hood rats and wanna be gangsters from all corners of the city and dumping them in one central location you can scientifically predict the outcome. That's why I dont go "Downtown" any more myself. It would be nice to go and enjoy some of the restaurants and other activities but who really wants to witness it, or even worse, be the reporting victim. I'm sure Mr. Holaday didnt expect to be caught in the middle of a wild west shootout between Raheem and Hazeem .

Anonymous said...

Safe compared to what? LA, DC, Detroit, Patterson New Jersey? Philly?

If Uptown Charlotte was safe I could walk into the court house or CMPD headquarters without being confronted by armed security.

SteveN said...

The Charlotte City Council is 'soft on reality'. The Mecklenburg Criminal Justice System is 'soft on bonds'. And hey....didn't you hear? Facial recognition software is 'racist'.

Anonymous said...

If you can't walk to an appointment wearing a business suit and tie from a parking lot and cover just 3 blocks in the middle of the afternoon on a weekday. How safe is it?

Anonymous said...

Julie Barry is a liar. Let this be proof to any that wants to be a captain or above on this department. You will go on live TV and say that Charlotte is safer than ever.

Anonymous said...

Julie Barry used to do strip shows for brass at parties. That was just prior to getting put in the academy staff.

North til I die.

Anonymous said...

Any PIO will say whatever they are told to say. CMPD, CFD or Corp Comm. The opinion section was lost and the gumption section given away and that’s how they obtain the position. In CFD only one BC even put in for the PIO Chief Job. What does that tell you. It’s the same in both places. Neither have promotional process issues, neither have morale problems and neither have issues maintaining minimum staffing out in the field. But the office jobs stay filled. They gave fire ballistic vests, CLT ain’t safe day or night.

kristinahojholt said...
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Anonymous said...

The one on the left had a long walk to get to downtown after escaping the enclosure in Asheboro. No wonder he was in a fighting mood.

Anonymous said...

Julie Barry looks like a dead naked mole rat that has been left out in the summer sun to rot away.
Just saying, in my humble opinion

Anonymous said...

Yet the MARTA NORTH system remains on E. Trade Street, making “Uptown Charlotte safe”.

Anonymous said...

Julie used to do strip shows? I know her face looks like a truck hit it, but was she decent back in the day?

Anonymous said...

To 9:21.... that IS a bIG NO! Gaston County lint head all the way.

Anonymous said...

She has an Arby's roast beef twat.

Anonymous said...

12:12 must be Sean Mitchell.