Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Charlotte's 100th Homicide Nathaniel Lee Isenhour - Vi Lyles Still Silent

As the homicide numbers rolled along, increasing every 3.4 days, much of Charlotte payed little of attention. Even CMPD used the excuse that Charlotte had become a big city, implying that violent crime was to be expected. 

As the suspects were rounded up and victims identified Charlotte's Mayor focused on her social agenda tweeting about small business, "Black Restaurant Week", a book club event and Greta Thurnberg. 

After all, the victims and the suspects are all African American and apparently, violence is a way of life and so it is to be expected. Vi Lyles remained silent despite knowing full well that the no bail electronic monitoring release of violent offenders that she supports is a total failure. 

Mayor Lyles continued her silence even as CMPD Chief Putney called out elected officials for their lack of assistance in combating Charlotte's spike in violent crime. 

The murder of Nathaniel Isenhour is a wake up call that Vi Lyles won't answer. Why?

From Spectrum News: 

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — A man shot Monday night in the University City area has died from injuries. 

CMPD says they are now investigating the case as a homicide. 

Police say a shooting was reported just before 10 p.m. outside of a shopping center at 8640 University City Boulevard near East W.T. Harris Boulevard. 

When officers arrived however, they say no victims or suspects could be located. 

A short time later, authorities were called to Atrium Health University City Hospital in reference to a shooting victim. 

Police say Nathaniel "Nate" Lee Isenhour, 19, had been brought in with life threatening injuries. He was pronounced dead Tuesday morning. 

Officials say he is the son of Deputy Sgt. Marshall Isenhour with the Cabarrus County Sheriff’s Office. 

CP's Take: On Monday CMPD Chief Kerr Putney called out both judicial and elected officials. Still nothing but crickets from Vi Lyles.


Anonymous said...

Aaaand you are surprised... why?

Anonymous said...

Come on Charlotte. We can set the all time record and beat 1993's record. 127 is the target. We can do this !!!

Anonymous said...

Its only going to get worse. Vi Lyles is only part of the problem. The only democrats we have are black and all they need is a handful of white people to vote for the democrats and they get elected. Look at the idiots on CLTCC and MECKBOCC who in their right mind would vote for Vilma Leake?

Unless the white folks get off their lazy asses and vote we are just going to have more and more and more of the same.