Monday, November 25, 2019

Charlotte's Latest Pedestrian Fatality

Providence Road was closed down for much of Sunday afternoon while CMPD investigated the city's 24th pedestrian fatality.

Last year CMPD reported 29 pedestrian fatalities.

But Sunday's victim had an apparent history of drug and alcohol issues. Her criminal record spans two decades with charges of DWI and resisting arrest, theft and other charges including violence against a handicapped victim.

CMPD and the coroner’s office will determine if alcohol was a factor.

Beyond the tragic death of a pedestrian there is the driver who now much endure the balance of their life with the horrific image of a human body bouncing off the hood of their car.

At one time or another most drivers have heard the gut wrenching “Flub Dub” of a squirrel or other small animal, their life ending with the sudden encounter of a speeding car. Imagine the horror of being the driver of a car when a human steps in front of your car.

Cedar's Take:

I'm appalled by the number of idiots walking the streets. Crossing the streets just 50 yards from a cross walk. Walking with their back to the traffic, wearing dark colors while running at dusk or dawn. How is it that Americans have become this stupid? Call me "Boomer" but when I was a kid in 1st grade we learned to walk facing traffic, look both ways, cross at the traffic light, use the crosswalk, walk your bike to across the street and just be alert for drivers who are not. It is as basic as don’t run with scissors. What’s wrong with you people.

It’s like the medical examiner needs a new box to check under cause of death STUPID.

Death by stupid is suddenly killing people at an alarming rate.


Anonymous said...

In the words of Ron “Tater Salad” White, “You can’t fix stupid”

Anonymous said...

I love it when problems self-resolve.

Anonymous said...

Looks like she needed killing.