Saturday, November 16, 2019

The Little Yellow House of Death in South Charlotte

It is a house that most people wouldn't notice. 

The dull yellow ranch style house is somewhat run down, but still it might of enjoyed a well manicured yard at one time. Just a mile as the crow flies from the multi million dollar homes that line the fairways of Quail Hollow Country Club. 

The built in the style once popular in the late 70's and early 80's when Charlotte Real Estate bubble burst and the spec builders scrambled to meet the demand for suddenly smaller homes. Yet another quarter mile to the south the homes are 3 times the size to the east 10 times is normal.

In the last five years the house caught the attention of many a passersby but it wasn't the "curb appeal" or lack thereof, it was the never ending cycle of traffic at all hours and the occasional CMPD Officers and Sherriff's deputies that was grabbing their attention.

According to a local television news report home owners in South Charlotte’s Brandon Forrest neighborhood say they have been calling police about the “problem house” in the small cul-de-sac for years.

Last weekend, 40 year old Janet Elizabeth Scronce, and 39 year-old Furahn Karren Woods Morrow were shot to death by 75 year old Caldwell Cole, after they answered the door in the early morning hours.

Janet Elizabeth Scronce and  Furahn Karren Woods Morrow
Caldwell Cole is charged with two counts of murder, and two counts of assault with a deadly weapon inflicting serious injury with intent to kill.

Caldwell Cole Courtesy MCSO
But as you might expect there's more to the story.

A review of tax records show years of late or unpaid taxes. With taxes for 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019 still due.

The owners are listed as Shirley M. Martin and Timothy Scott. 

Oddly enough this is the same residence listed for Timothy "Scott" Martin who has a long history of crimes dating back 30 years in Mecklenburg County. 

Timothy Scott Martin Courtesy MCSO

Martin's convicted crimes include; AWDW, Rape, Kidnapping, Assault on Female, Indecent Exposure, Burglary, and the lost art of "Safe Cracking". 

The registered sex offender Martin, who recently made the news after being arrested and charged for the crimes of indecent exposure and secret peeping aka "Peeping Tom" at a nearby apartment complex. Martin was a "guest resident" of Meck County Sherriff Garry McFadden at the time of the shootings, and remains behind bars.

One source tells CP that "the people (shot in the house) took it over when the owner went to jail. But they have been "running drugs and prostitutes out of that house" for years.

Adding: "The girls in that house preyed on that man (Caldwell Cole). They Set him up, and robbed him. They went to his house and stole his deceased wife's things and then beat him up.

Apparently Caldwell Cole is a retired school system employee and at one time worked for Celanese in the research campus that once occupied nearly 30 acres off Archdale Drive.

According to another source; after his wife died he began paying "women for company" with others adding that he was just lonely.

CMPD has responded to a suspicious death call at the house in recent years, as well as dozens of calls for service in the past. Some of those calls were for drug overdoses other calls included assault and domestic violence.

But in the early morning hours of Saturday November 9, Caldwell Cole came to the house not looking for "companionship" rather he was seeking revenge.

When Janet Scronce opened the door Cole immediately shot her in the neck. She would bleed out within minutes. He would keep shooting until the weapon was empty, killing Furahan Woods in the process and wounding one other individual.

Scronce had prior drug convictions in Mecklenburg and Wake Counties and served time in prison for both as recently as 2007. But friends say the mother of two was trying to get her life in order, yet she had struggled with drug addiction for years. 

This morning, a week later, the scene is quiet as leaves blow across the driveway and a bright sun rises to warm the chilly November air. It would be hard to know what happened here just a week ago but the neighbors know and they say their battle to have those remaining in the house removed has met resistance from CMPD and local officials.

Updates: Janet Elizabeth Scrone MCSO Mug Shot Removed Upon Request. 1/5/2020

The house was auctioned off by the US Marshal's Service the new owners have invested a great deal into the renovation of the property and have asked CP to remove the address so as not a scare off potential buyers and we have agreed to do so. However it may take some time before this story stopped appearing on search engines. 3/28/2021

Caldwell Cole remains behind bars awaiting trial. 4/15/2021


Anonymous said...

Another mud shark dead because she was stupid. I don't see this as any great loss. Sorry not Sorry.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like the neighbors just looked the other way.

Anonymous said...

Meth heads are always hookers and thieves. Jan Scronce was all three. I knew her in high school she was offering BJs for coke back then. Worked at some coffee shop in South Charlotte wasn't bad looking back then she turn tricks and come back to work with a wade of franklins and spend in all on cocaine always shared it. Too bad her life ended like this. But god she looked like crap for just 40.

Anonymous said...

This story can be told in many, many former middle class neighborhoods in East Chlt, the whole section between Park Rd and 77, and much of North Chlt. City sold out the middle class, so these places turn into rental zones. Meanwhile center city values push out the low end further away, this is where they land. NaFo/Arrowood corner may as well be Cartagena, but the beggars know to move up to Tyvola, because nobody down that way is tossing them any $$$. I wouldn't dare let my wife go to SouthPark solo. When it infiltrates those places, you know all is lost.

It ain't going to look any prettier in 5, 10, 20 years either. City leadership turned permanently blue years ago, and is never going back.

Anonymous said...

Where is the money for these people coming from? How do these criminal pay their bills? Do they live with grandma?

Anonymous said...

10:34 you are right and Cedar has pointed this out many times. East Charlotte was once solid middle class. Central out to Albemarle Road Eastway to North Tryon and UNCC solid stable and safe. The people who built Eastland Mall and the 100 or retailers were not stupid, they just failed to see what Charlotte City Council would do with "affordable housing" in the years after Eastland Mall was built. Rezoning for apartments 1000's of them and as the glut increased the rents fell and the blacks and Mexicans took over the apartment complexes and with it crime soared. Albemarle Road died in the late 1990's blight, crime and empty big box stores. Over the years it has spread out past W.T. Harris, and west to Independence. Ditto with the as you point out Park Road to I-77 is now little Tijuana Steele Creek held promise for a few years but now is little Hanoi and Peking. White upper middle class has retreated to Union County behind gated communities in Marvin, Weddington, Waxhaw and Hemby Bridge. They are fleeing crime and taxes and a city council that no longer speaks for them. Can you blame them?

SteveN said...

2:16 PM

Spot-on post. I came to Charlotte in 1996. The train wreck unfolded exactly as you described.......(shout-out to 10:34 also).

QTak said...

Hey, racist asshole... you have no idea what your talking about. I am the definition of a white girl, so listen up. That is my friend your insulting. He was good, kind, generous and smart. He was not poor or stupid,, we went to and graduated from private Catholic school. Befor you decide that you know someone you never met. and are aallowedto insult him, his friends or his children (you are a sick bastard for that) and say the world is better off without someone, just remember this: the world is better off without narrow minded, racest, miscreant, slack jawed and utterly useless people like you. The world is not better off without him. You, however, should go hang out with Jimmy hoffa.

Anonymous said...

LoL QTak how's that reading comprehension class going? Not so well I'd guess. I'll play along where is the better off comment? Where is the stupid and poor comment? Are you sure you are commenting on the right post?

Anonymous said...

Addiction is so powerful and unpredictable. One minute your clean for 2 years and the next thing you know your posting backpage to get money for your next high. Those who have never done drugs I commend you but you have no right calling anyone names and saying cruel things about them. It could have been your brother or sister or friend or boss or neighbor or child. Just because they were struggling with addiction doesnt mean they were bad people. They made bad choices and lost their lives over it. I knew them both and they happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. Jan was a cute tiny bubbly girl who came from a good family who loved her dearly. She was smart and had a great attitude. I will miss her very much. Fu was also a very sweet educated man. He always had something nice to say and never a negative attitude. He only came out once and a while and then we wouldn't see him for months. He was what they call a binge. He too came from a loving family as well. So for the rude uneducated one with the heart of a rock. Dont judge or call people names that you dont know. They were two wonderful souls with hearts of gold that will be missed.