Saturday, December 28, 2019

Rap Artist Da (Cry) Baby Cited by CMPD

Local news media was working overtime this past week pushing the "CMPD targets Black Rapper/Community Philanthropist" narrative.

Performer Da (Cry) Baby also took to social media to complain about his arrest after a pre-Christmas performance at Bojangles Arena on Monday December 23, 2019.

Jonathan "DaBaby" Kirk Courtesy MCSO

CMPD's statement is as follows:

On December 23, 2019, around 8;30 pm, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department officers with the North Tron Crime Reduction Unit and the Providence Division Crime Deduction Unit were working in an on duty capacity at the Bojangles Arena located at 2700 East Independence Boulevard. Jonathan Kirk, DOB 12-21-1991, aka DaBaby, was scheduled to perform a concert at the Bojangles Arena. At approximately 8:50 pm, a white Dodge Charger arrived at the Bojangles Arena, The vehicle was occupied by a driver and Kirk was in the rear driver's side of the vehicle. He entered the arena and while officer were outside providing security, they stated they smelled a strong odor of marijuana coming from the vehicle. Officer approached the white Dodge Charger and indicated they observed marijuana in plain view inside the Dodge Charger while utilizing their flashlights.

Based on probable cause of the marijuana in plain view officers stated they observed, they determined that they would speak with Kirk at the conclusion of the concert. Shortly before 11:00 pm, Kirk exited the Bojangles Arena and the officers stated the attempted to initiate a voluntary contact with Kirk. Officers stated they detained Kirk in handcuff and indicted they legally searched the vehicle. Officers stated they located marihuana in the vehicle and Kirk was transported to another location for the safety and security of Kirk and the officers.

Initially officers decided to arrest and charge Kirk with misdemeanor possession marijuana (N.C.G.S. 90-95(a)(3)) and resist, obstruct and delay (N.C.G.S.14-233). After transporting Kirk to the Mecklenburg County Sheriff's Department, officers decided that in lieu of arresting him, they would issue two North Carolina Uniform Citations for misdemeanor possession of marijuana and resist, obstruct and delay. Officers state that they offered to drive Kirk anywhere he wanted to go; however, he did not want a ride and walked out of the jail with his two citations.

The CMPD has launched an Internal Affairs investigation to determine if Officers followed department policies and directives during the incident.

The CMPD police report for this incident has been attached (2019-1223-210301). Any further information will be released by CMPD's Public Affairs Office.

CMPD Police Report:

DaBaby gave the usual "they were targeting me because I'm black" excuse to several news outlets.

As the word of his arrest spread, the twitter rats came out to condemn CMPD with the typical "FUCK CMPD" mantra.

Cedar's Take: I don't smoke weed, but I don't understand busting someone for a bunch of stems and seeds. I do understand the thinking behind the action, that if he's "ridin dirty" then the odds are if he's breaking one law he's breaking a car load of others.

Still I think they could have let it go.

On the other hand what sort of dumb ass rolls into the Bojangles Arena parking lot full of cops (as it always during events) with a car that is billowing clouds of "weed smoke" out the windows like freakin Cheech and Chong?

The long worn out excuse "CMPD arrested me because I'm black" is really getting no traction. No dude, they arrested you because weed ain't legal in North Carolina, the color of your skin ain't got nothing to do with it.

Hey Cry Baby - Stop blaming your skin color for your legal troubles, its got nothing to do with being black and everything to do with being stupid.

Should be noted CMPD officers showed considerable restraint by not arresting Mr. Kirk prior to the concert (never mind the riot that would have followed) and had Mr. Kirk maned up to the weed after the concert it is doubtful a search of the car would have been conducted and it is very likely no arrest would have occurred.

But Da Cry Baby resisted and so he won a free "midnight" tour of Charlotte and a walk home.

Let's not forget Jonathan Kirk was the only one charged in the Walmart shooting death of 19 year old Jayln Craig in November 2018. Most of those charges were dropped in March of 2019 then in June Kirk plead guilty and was sentenced to 12 months "unsupervised" probation on the concealed weapon charge. 

No other suspect has been charged in the murder of Craig and the case is still considered open and active.

As if none of that matters, the liberal left, the local and national media and African Americans in mass immediately condemn CMPD officers. This is what is wrong with Black society and why I say "The African American Community has become a culture of violence, embracing criminality and gun play as a way of life". 

Shooting someone to death in a Walmart is considered normal behavior by African Americans. And that is just fucked up.

As for "Da (Cry) Baby" Attitude, I've learned long ago has everything to do with why some people are arrested.

CP Update: This afternoon Thursday January 2, 2020 Da Cry Baby Jonathan Kirk found himself being "cuffed and stuffed" again. This time by Miami Police. No word as to charges or what led up to the arrest. 

Kirk had been in Miami for the New Year's Eve celebrations and was most recently seen in the company of Sean "Puffy" Combs. More to follow I'm sure.

CP Update No. 2: Kirk was charged with "Battery" in regards to a strong arm robbery that took place earlier Thursday morning.  Kirk was arrested and remains in the custody of Miami-Dade County Corrections. While his bond ($1,500.00) has been posted he remains in custody on a Fugitive Extradite Out Of State Warrant.

Jonathan Lyndale Kirk (aka DaBaby) Courtesy MDCR


Anonymous said...

I was wondering when CP would post this story. Get ready for all of the true racist comments to flow on this one. CP said it correct, it's about the weed, not your color.

Anonymous said...

Everyone know Cedar Posts is a disgraced washed up racist cop. FUCK CMPD Mother fuckers who PIGS are all on a power trip.

Anonymous said...

Yeah. Good point. Anyone know who CP really is? Is he/she a current CMPD Officer?

Anonymous said...

Sweatt and Decker... lol

Anonymous said...

5:04 and 5:15...and that's what I meant. These two are the true racists. Keep telling it like it is CP.

Anonymous said...

Fairly Certain CP is not former CMPD but former US Navy and now working for the US Government in some sort of aviation capacity. Though I've also heard that CP is actually several people. I do know he or maybe they have family with CMPD and other Fire/Rescue departments.

One thing is for sure he/they are pretty pro LE and rank and file.

Anonymous said...

Plain simple and stupid roll up in a vehicle full of weed smoke (which can be smelled a mile away)to an event where you know there will be lots of police presence. Secondly being a dumb by not cooperating when being questioned by the police got him arrested. It wasn't his skin color it was him being a dumb ass. I'm sure if he would have been respectful and cooperated the police wouldn't have wasted their time on this matter. Da baby bought his own ticket and left the police no alternative.

Anonymous said...

Yall are dumb AF. Dababy was probably just getting ready for his big show. Let this man go in peace in the name of Jesus on Christmas Eve!

I think Cedar Posts is former CMPD from when Vicki was a SGT.

Anonymous said...

Robson = CP

Anonymous said...

@10:05 wow, pot meet kettle... they DIDN’T approach him until after the event. He acted like an a-hole and got locked up for something he could have talked his way out of if he had been respectful. The officer showed him courtesy and respect by not approaching him when it happened and he refused to respond in kind. It happens 50 times a day with all races, sexes, etc.

Anonymous said...

Can’t talk your way out of a felony CCW charge. You have to wait for the deputy chief to do that for you.

Anonymous said...

Good for that off duty officer shooting one those Turds. I wish she was a better shot and killed all three of them. I hope for more victims shooting suspects.

Anonymous said...

I know for a fact the CP is not CMPD even if DC Foster and others think so. He/She is well connected tho, friends with Andrew Murry, and other attorneys, several former Charlotte City Council members and former mayors. As someone said earlier CP is totally committed to CMPD's rank and file, better pay, time off and most of all respect have always been the message.

I don't always agree but enjoy the perspective and many of the comments on the CP page.

Anonymous said...

10:06. You’re on crack. Robson ain’t no CP. he’s a company man who licked the right buttholes to get his cushy airport position and then retired. You know nothing

Anonymous said...

Oh geez. Why are we on repeat? Have you people been living under a rock?

Anonymous said...

“DaBaby”, <—-lmao. I’m sure he cried for his mommy like all the hood rats. Enough said.

Anonymous said...

Say it ain’t so Mr. Bill... Da Baby was arrested again! Maybe he is a piece of shit! Estes couldn’t save his favorite rapper this time!

Anonymous said...

Dababy is screwed if he thinks he got a bad deal in Charlotte. Texas LE don't play when it comes to fugitives, add in his past recent history, we may have heard the last of him for a bit.

Anonymous said...

I’m confused. He gave out toys to kids for Christmas, why isn’t Miami PD’s deputy chief calling those officers and forcing them to unarrest him at the jail, drop the most serious charge, and issue bs misdemeanor tickets while announcing a baseless internal investigation into their obviously legal and in policy conduct?