Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Is George Floyd's Killer Derek Chauvin Racist?

The question no one wants to ask. 

Is Derek Chauvin a racist?

The death of George Floyd would have been just another in custody death, a number, a statistic and quickly forgotten. But thanks to social media and a graphic video where Mr. Floyd pleads for his life and because the cop is white and the victim is black, protests and riots have taken place ever since the video became the talk of the world.

Fueled by media and social justice warriors, George Floyd's death took on a life of its own. Chauvin was immediately tried and convicted as a racist, a white supremist, a bad cop, and killer. Just a week after his death, television talking heads, politicians and CEOs condemned the racial hate crime of the decade. 

But there is little evidence to support the claim, except Chauvin's callous indifference to the dying man handcuffed and held down by three officers under his knee.

The horrific video is unbearable to watch as the man is clearly suffering, begging for his life and dying and eventually not breathing, eventually he is dead, yet Chauvin still holds him down.

But Why? 

Let's dig deeper because nearly everyone in America and decided Derek Chauvin is a racist, why not start with the most liberal anti police cable news channel and search for confirmation of his deep racist past.

CNN - Derek Chauvin worked for the Minneapolis Police Department for more than 18 years. Then, within one week, he was filmed kneeling on George Floyd's neck for eight minutes before he died; fired from the police department; and charged with third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter. Throughout it all, protesters in Minneapolis and across the country demanded justice for Floyd and accountability for Chauvin.

Chauvin is due to appear in court later this month. Here's what we know about the veteran officer charged with Floyd's death.

He had 18 prior complaints against him

Lets stop here because this is all most people needed to hear. OMG 18 complaints! Except he's a vetrun officer with 18 years on the street and "complaint" is a rather broad term.

Before he knelt on Floyd's neck, Chauvin was the subject of 18 prior complaints filed against him with the Minneapolis Police Department's Internal Affairs. Police confirmed the complaints were filed but didn't detail why they were filed or what they entailed.

Only two of the 18 complaints were "closed with discipline," according to a MPD internal affairs public summary. 

Remember this is from CNN

In both cases, Chauvin received a letter of reprimand. According to Communities Against Police Brutality, a Minnesota nonprofit that created a database of complaints against officers in the state, Chauvin received oral reprimands for using a "demeaning tone," "derogatory language" and other language that merited discipline.

This is not clear was it an oral or written reprimand? Both? Because the source is the "Communities Against Police Brutality" it is assumed by nearly everyone it was for something horriffic brutle and injurious. But read on because most people don't Chauvin used a "Demeaning Tone" - "Derogatory Lanaguage" or "Other Language" that merited discipline. He said bad words to someone. Maybe they were racist words?

Neither the nonprofit database nor the Minneapolis internal affairs public summary include dates or descriptions that incited the complaints.

Former officer Tou Thao, who was also involved in Floyd's arrest, had six complaints filed with internal affairs, one of which was still open, the summary said. The other five were closed without discipline. The other two former officers, J. Alexander Kueng and Thomas Lane, had no complaints filed, according to a MPD internal affairs public summary.

He and George Floyd once worked security shifts at the same nightclub

Both men worked security at the El Nuevo Rodeo club, down the street from Minneapolis' Third Precinct, former club owner Maya Santamaria told CNN.

George Floyd and Derek Chauvin once worked overlapping security shifts at the same nightclub

Floyd worked some Tuesdays as extra security. Chauvin worked as an off-duty police officer for the club for nearly 17 years, Santamaria said.

"I wouldn't characterize them as knowing each other," she told CNN's Josh Campbell in an interview.

But, she added, "We all worked together certain nights and they would have crossed paths."

Santamaria said she couldn't believe what she was seeing when she watched footage of the two employees, one under arrest and one face down on the pavement.

"I kept yelling at my phone, telling Chauvin to get off of him. It's horrible. It's absolutely beyond words," she said. "And having known Chauvin, I can't believe he didn't have the humanity to listen to this poor man begging for his air and his life."

Read the paragraph above again - "I can't believe he didn't have the humanity" what is she saying that she's unconsciously saying? Why can't she believe? 

His wife has filed to dissolve their marriage

The day after Chauvin's arrest, an attorney for his wife Kellie filed for a dissolution of marriage.

This obviously confirms he was a violent person his wife left him. Or does it? Perhapes it was the only leagle move she could make. Note it doesn't say divorce, remember this is CNN.

"This evening, I spoke with Kellie Chauvin and her family. She is devastated by Mr. Floyd's death and her utmost sympathy lies with his family, with his loved ones and with everyone who is grieving this tragedy. She has filed for dissolution of her marriage to Derek Chauvin," a statement from Sekula Family Law office read.

"While Ms. Chauvin has no children from her current marriage, she respectfully requests that her children, her elder parents, and her extended family be given safety and privacy during this difficult time."

The pair owns a townhouse in Windmere, Florida, Orange County property records show. Peaceful protests were held there before Chauvin's arrest when it was rumored Chauvin had left Minnesota to hole up in Florida. The Orange County Sheriff's Office said he wasn't in the home and had no plans to be, and shortly thereafter, he was arrested in Minnesota.

He is being held at a maximum-security prison

Chauvin is being kept at Oak Park Heights state prison, the highest custody level in the Minnesota corrections system.

"The move to DOC custody was made out of an abundance of caution to ensure he is safely held and after concern about space in the jail due to large numbers of arrests related to the unrest over the last few nights," the state Department of Corrections said.

There, he has access to phones and video visitations. In-person visits are not allowed because of Covid-19 concerns.


So where is the evidence this was a hate crime? That Chauvin is a racist? How did he not know he was killing George Floyd? Were there problems in his marrage? Klan membership? Tatoos? Facebook posts? Tic Toc video in black face? Where is the racist black man hating Derick Chauvin hiding? 

We may never know why Chauvin stayed on George Floyd's neck until he was dead. But the sudden ban of "choke holds" says something intersting. Think about it - departments are banning choke holds not because doing so would cause certian death but because there's a chance that the choke hold could lead to accidental death. 

Despite what the former owner of the El Nuevo Rodeo Club told CNN, there are reports that Chauvin and Floyd had "run-ins" because of Chauvin's agressive style with partons.

In the end maybe Chauvin is a racist killer, maybe the ongoing investigation will determine that Chauvin is a card carring member of some abscure white supremacy movement. Maybe he dilibertly killed George Floyd? If he doesn't make it to trial its a moot point. 


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That Chauvin is just a dumb ass bully. We all know you dont do that shit to a handcuffed suspect. Let him roll around on the ground until medic gets there. He probably would of done that to a white guy.

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10:44, Minnesota abolished capital punishment in 1911. Unless they have a time machine, capital punishment isn't an option and hasn't been for over 100 years. Why don't you try to stick to factual information instead of accusations of racism and outright lies.