Thursday, December 3, 2020

Erasing Charlotte's History Street By Street - Stop The Madness

This is how Charlotte's democrats roll, seek public input that claims openness and transparency in government and then allow just ten days for the public to provide input.

Charlotte Mayor Vi Lyles, as leader of the Black Lives Matter movement in Charlotte has gathered a group of Neo-Socialists to erase Charlotte's Southern Legacy via a city funded legacy commission.

The plan to rename a dozen or more city streets that may have some links to the confederate south.

The following was posted to the City of Charlotte's web site on Wednesday:

December 2, 2020: 

Charlotte's Legacy Commission is asking residents to share feedback as the city considers renaming city streets that honor slavery, slave owners, Confederate veterans, supporters of white supremacy or romanticized notions of the antebellum South. The city is also considering a new process for approving new monuments and street names honoring historical figures.

The public engagement period follows the release of the Legacy Commission’s recommendations report provided to Charlotte City Council in November.

Residents can complete the form at the bottom of this page to provide feedback or submit comments by email. Public feedback must be submitted by Dec. 13, 2020.

In June, Mayor Vi Lyles called together 15 Charlotte historians, journalists and public servants to form the Legacy Commission. Mayor Lyles tasked the commission with compiling a list of street names, monuments and other markers in Charlotte that honor Confederate soldiers, slave owners and segregationists. The mayor also charged the commission with making recommendations on which streets should be renamed, and a process for approving new commemorative monuments and street names.

The Legacy Commission will share its final recommendations with Charlotte City Council in December following the public feedback period.

Before providing feedback, residents are encouraged to read Legacy Commission's report for details on its rationale for renaming specific Charlotte street names.

Why is this important?
Monuments or street names that commemorate historical figures or ideals are meant to reflect the values that are important to the community. After extensive evaluation, the commission has determined that several Charlotte street names honor individuals whose actions conflict with the city's values of being a diverse and inclusive community.

It is important that the city acknowledges its past, including controversial figures, within the proper historical context. But, when celebrating figures in public spaces, those individuals should be widely embraced as people who have had a significant and positive impact in Charlotte.

What did the commission discover?
The commission discovered there are no Confederate monuments in public spaces owned by the City of Charlotte, except for those located in Elmwood Cemetery. The commission agrees that cemeteries are appropriate locations for Confederate monuments and recommends installing markers at these locations to provide historical context.

Dr. Willie Griffin, Legacy Commission consultant and historian with the Levine Museum of the New South, presented a list of several streets in Charlotte named in honor of slavery, slave owners, Confederate veterans, supporters of white supremacy or romanticized notions of the antebellum South.

What does the commission recommend for those streets?
The commission recommends prioritizing the renaming of streets that honor Confederate leaders and officers, and figures who actively fought against equality. This would include any vocal advocates of post-Civil War white supremacist groups; political candidates or figures who campaigned on a platform supporting white supremacy; and elected officials who supported and implemented Jim Crow laws.

Following these criteria, the commission recommends the immediate renaming of the following streets:

Jefferson Davis Street: During the Civil War, Jefferson Davis served as president of the Confederate States from 1861 to 1865. By the 1880s, former Confederates saw him as a hero of the "Lost Cause" of the Confederacy. Jefferson had no extensive ties to Charlotte beyond retreating to the city during the last days of the Civil War and holding his final executive cabinet meeting at William Phifer's home. There is a Jefferson Davis Street located in the Druid Hill community in west Charlotte.

West Hill Street: Daniel H. Hill was a Confederate officer who spent time before and after the Civil War in Charlotte. West Hill Street is named in his honor. The street is in uptown Charlotte and extends east from McNinch Street to Eldridge Street, just outside Bank of America Stadium.

Stonewall Street and Jackson Avenue: Military historians regard Thomas Jonathan "Stonewall" Jackson as the most gifted tactical commander in the Confederacy. His military exploits became legendary and were an essential element of the ideology of the "lost cause." There are multiple streets named in honor of Stonewall Jackson. The most prominent is East Stonewall Street, located in uptown Charlotte. There is also a Stonewall Jackson Homes Drive located at 5751 Airport Drive off West Boulevard. According to a 1947 Charlotte News article, Jackson Avenue, located off East 10th Street directly across from Piedmont Open IB Middle School, is also named in honor of Stonewall Jackson.

Phifer Avenue: William Phifer, who was originally from Catawba and relocated to Charlotte in 1852, owned approximately 28 enslaved African Americans. Phifer Avenue connects North Tryon Street to North College Street between East Ninth and East 11th streets.

Aycock Lane: Aycock Lane is most likely named in honor of Charles Aycock, who, beginning in 1900, served as the state's 50th governor. Aycock is remembered as the primary architect of the state's white supremacy movement, which was responsible for disfranchising African Americans. The street is in a subdivision just south of Dilworth, off Scaleybark Road.

Barringer Drive: Brothers Paul B. Barringer and Osmand M. Barringer actively worked to advance ideals rooted in white supremacy. Paul became a leader in the field of "scientific" racism at the University of Virginia in the late 1800s, and Osmand was a leader in the local white supremacy club movement in Charlotte at the turn of the 20th century. Osmand also fought against the desegregation of public facilities in Charlotte in the 1950s. According to Osmand, Barringer Drive was named in his honor. The street is in west Charlotte. It extends south from West Boulevard, snaking across Remount Road and Clanton Road before coming to an end at Pressley Road.

Morrison Boulevard and Governor Morrison Street: Cameron A. Morrison was a prominent leader of the "Red Shirts," the paramilitary wing of the state Democratic Party's white supremacy campaign that worked to suppress and terrorize Black voters in North Carolina in the late 1890s. In 1920, Morrison successfully ran for governor of North Carolina on the platform that he fought gloriously for the cause of white supremacy. Morrison served as the state's 55th governor and is commonly referred to as the "Good Roads Governor." Under his leadership, the government systematically made use of Black convict labor to help build state roads. Morrison Boulevard and Governor Morrison Street are named in his honor.

Zebulon Avenue: Zebulon Baird Vance was North Carolina's Confederate governor from 1862 through 1865. His reelection as governor in 1877 symbolized the return to power of slavery-era leaders. Zebulon Avenue is in the Smallwood community off Rozzelles Ferry Road.

The commission has requested additional historical analysis and resident feedback before renaming other streets.

Cedar's Take:

My responses to the commissions request for feedback:

What recommendations would you change, remove or add to the list?

Charlotte's history is simply that, history. Most residents never even considered or noticed that Jackson Avenue may possibly be named for a confederate general. Nor do they care.

Changing names of streets that are possibly named for unsavory figures from 150 years ago is a total waste of taxpayer dollars as we enter a period of undoubtedly declining tax revenues.

Any change is street names will have a financial impact on property owners and businesses. This cost is something than given the continued impact of the COVID Pandemic is unreasonable and unnecessary.

Based on the Legacy Commission's recommended criteria for new street names and monuments, which historic figures do you believe are worthy of commemoration?

None - Given the endless discussions and wasted civic resources spent on rethinking past commemorations, it is clear that naming streets for public figures is not wise, as social attitudes change and perceptions evolve.

If the city of Charlotte "values of being a diverse and inclusive community" then the city must preserve this diversity in all aspects not just those that are acceptable by todays standards.


Let's face it most people don't care - In fact most of Charlotte doesn't know anything about Confederate history.

In fact if you ask them, and here's the answers you'll get:

Hill Street is where a once awesome Cop TV show was filmed. Stonewall was named for a stone wall that once was Uptown. Morrison Blvd. is named for the great cafeteria that used to be inside Belks. Phifer Avenue is named for the actress Michelle who once had a glass of wine at the Double Door Inn. Barringer makes a great chardonnay. Aycock was a famous Paper Doll stripper who was transgendered and later fired.

Much of the commission's work embraces phrases such as "most likely" or based on and in many cases there is no formal city records to back up the claims. In the case of Barringer the only person on record to state that the street is for a white supremist is Osmond Barringer himself.  

Assume for a moment the commission is correct and these streets are indeed named for scoundrels. Today the views of these individuals conflict with the values we hold today yet it is doubtful that if these men where alive that they would continue to stand for what was once acceptable beliefs. 

Mayor Vi Lyles is a perfect political turd with the inherit ability to "complicate the obvious and trivialize the momentous". She's trying to rename street sand paint murals on them while dozens of young men and woman are gunned down in our city. 

Legacy Commission Members:

Emily Zimmern (Legacy Commission Chair), Retired Levine Museum of the New South President and CEO 

Donnie Simmons, Retired Mecklenburg County Employee Relations Manager 

Frank Coley, Retired Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Officer 

Levester Flowers, Retired Bank of America Loan Officer 

Debra Smith, UNC Charlotte African Studies Professor 

Michael Sullivan, The Nichols Company Real Estate Broker & CPCC History Professor 

Fannie Flono, Charlotte Observer Associate Editor 

Alan Kronovet, Wells Fargo Commercial Executive VP & Head of Mortgage Servicing 

Len Norman, Retired Bank of America 

Mary Newsom, UNC Charlotte Urban Institute Director of Urban Policy Initiatives 

Tom Hanchett, Levine of the New South Staff Historian  

Steve Crump, WBTV Reporter

Mildred McCullough, Bank of America Vice President 

Kristen Wile, Unpretentious Palate Founder & Editor 

Beatrice Thompson, Retired CBS Radio News & Public Affairs Director


Anonymous said...

I thought Communists ran "Truth and Reconciliation" style purges immediately after an event, not hundreds of years later. They are so good at altering the current narrative, that now they think they can change past history. There's no fighting that glaring lack of diversity in Charloot leadership today. And you are correct, nobody knows who these streets are named for anyway. Streisand Effect. With half of Charloot being a victim class, and at least 30% coming from Ohio, Western PA, and NY state, this is an easy win to steamroll as the ultimate virtue signal.

But this solves those 100+ murders every year, right? Vi knows her priorities. Word is, she has been promised a role in the new administration, and Braxton is positioning to be next in line.

Anonymous said...

So we are going to pick which racists are ok and which are not? Jefferson Drive is ok? Washington Avenue is ok? what about Bragg Street? Malcom Street named for Malcom X? What about Prince Charles Street? Helms Road is that named for Jessie Helms, he was a racist as was Strom Thurmond which isn't Thurmond place named for?

Maybe we should just number all the streets and not name any after people.

Then would could defund the police!

Anonymous said...

What a freakin waste of time.

Anonymous said...

So we are taking bets in the LEC locker room on the homicide count for 2020. You get 150 for a 100 bet if we set a new record.

Bets must be placed before Friday on payouts change.

Anonymous said...

Vi Lyles is a turd little brown turd kinda suits her don't you think?

Anonymous said...

I propose a Stella Patterson Blvd.

Anonymous said...

Charlotte renames their bad streets to cover up their ugly pasts.

Anonymous said...

Should be a Pat Cannon Way. A Calvin Christmas Cunningham parkway. Andrew Reyes Court. Bill Culp Avenue. Bill Simms Lane.

Did ya'll know Gov Cooper still owns the land where his family enslaved the Negro? Same with Gov Coonman of Va.

Anonymous said...

Cooper should give that land back as reparations.

Anonymous said...

Wait, wasn't Ballantyne the country hunting resort of a family whose scion held views that today are considered racist, but at that point were completely mainstream? Shouldn't we just burn that down too, or pave over it for more affordable housing?

Anonymous said...

Ballantyne should secede from the union of Charloot and create it own jurisdiction since they pay 75% of the taxes to receive a shithole city in return. Needless to say, I’d lateral to work over there in a minute!

Anonymous said...

Mazzeo is back, won his civil service hearing. Thoughts?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I hope he didn’t loose his sense of humor. That a funny motherfucker.
I heard he told all of IA to fuck themselves and walked out the room.

Anonymous said...

Cedar. City council is slated to repeal Personnel Rule 9 on December 14. It is the last rule on the books that requires some type of oversite for civil service promotions. Can you do some investigating? This basically will make it ok moving forward to handpick promotions.

Anonymous said...

9:33. He’s an airport officer. Not real CMPD. Doesn’t really matter. They’re not real cops.

Anonymous said...

Regardless, how much egg is on airport supervisors face? For a airport officer he’s getting a lot of back pay..

Anonymous said...

Dude. I’m glad. We all know who that supervisor is, no one likes or respects his ass, and they fucked with him since he sued the city the first time... and won. You know someone getting paid again

Anonymous said...

All you motherfuckers talking about us Airport guys, I gotta know...where do you work?

Uptown Bike squad?
Greenway Police?
Ballyntyne Commons?
Myers Park?
SRO police?
1st shift cus you know someone?

Where do you fuckers work to talk down to an airport guy risking is life, everyday?

Anonymous said...

8:33 risking his life everyday? That’s some funny shit. Can you die from a Starbucks latte that’s too hot? You all are a bunch of glorified mall cops. Take it down a notch. No one out there is risking anything

Anonymous said...

1043, lets just bow down to the academy staff and lec staff. These people won't even go to lunch or dinner, alone. Too dangerous.

Anonymous said...

Dec 4 9:45pm. You heard wrong dude. I've never heard Maz cuss since I have known him. Shit he does is hilarious though. I was working there when another officer left his email open and he sent some shit to the chief. I almost had a damn aneurism laughing so hard at that shit. I am glad that motherfucker stuck it to the city again.

Anonymous said...

Mazzeo beat the machine. good for you and welcome back

Anonymous said...

^^ and that was twice he did that. Let’s not forget. First time the city tried to come in when CMPD acquired the airport and fire the existing airport officers my boy Mazz said fuck that and sued their asses (see Mazzeo v. City of Charlotte) case law. Now.. I’m fixing to put some people on blast cause there are all kinds of rumors floating around about Dom cussing internal affairs out and all that bullshit. That’s all false. Apparently the brass out here don’t forget. You got Captain King and Lieutenant Moorefield, 2 vindictive little assholes had spied on him and took notes on how many times he uses his cell phone during the day. Then they tried to say he was derelict in his duty. That’s right! So if you’re wanting to transfer out here, think again. That’s the kind of so called supervision we have. No personal calls on duty, otherwise your ass will be gone. Everyone is glad he beat them fuckers

Anonymous said...

Wow, happy to see as short staffed as we are that the department has resources to do that petty shit. Sounds like a personal beef to me.

Anonymous said...

7:37, they cited him for that?! Too bad he wasn't getting a blowjob while he was looking at his phone *cough* Cecil.. He might have gotten a promotion.

Anonymous said...

I am going to beat the brakes off Dave Moorefield when he retires. I know he is up in Mooresville.

Da Boy

Anonymous said...

Y’all are a bunch of pussies. We don’t have this much damn drama over on the fire side. At least in CFD if we have a beef with someone we tell it directly to their face

Anonymous said...

1435 hours,nigga please.People set up niggas in this place.I want to see some of these nudes and sex videos.

Anonymous said...

Might could find that Stukey video on porn hub

Anonymous said...

2 people had sex in the LEC wieghtroom and the cop kept his job. Mazzeo should be safe but why come back here? These people are hilarious that want to come back.

Anonymous said...

Mazz is the honey badger... honey badger don’t give a shit

Anonymous said...

You niggas is silly. Anyone ever go up to Amy or Cecil and ask them about the video? Does they flip on you and go to the Chief or naw?

Anonymous said...

I’m still amazed at the level of hypocrisy in this department. Cecil gets sucked off on duty, sex in the LEC basement and don’t nothing happen. You got an airport officer talking on his cell phone (even if too much) and he gets cited?? Wonder if that has anything to do with that lawsuit few years ago?? Hmmmm. I don’t know him personally but I’d venture to say he ain’t black. Let’s be honest if your a certain type of person you can do as you please... others, not so much.

Anonymous said...

Did they even replace the flat bench that the dispatcher got fucked on?

Anonymous said...

Was it a hot dispatcher at least?

Anonymous said...

Ol’ JJ has Covid. That mean any of the DC’s, majors or captains that have sucked his dick in the last two weeks needs to go ahead and get tested. Wear a mask too.

Anonymous said...

After Charlotte's Taliban destroys this part of history, what will they find to be outraged about next?

Anonymous said...

So the local democrats want to erase the names of people that supposedly abused blacks over a century ago? Ok. How about democrats address the issue of blacks' slaughtering other blacks in Charlotte in the PRESENT DAY.

Charlotte's democrats are worried about cleaning the junk out of the shed as people burn the house down.

Anonymous said...

Remember that not one Republican owned a slave during the Civil War. History lesson folks.

Anonymous said...

Could you think of something a little more pressing? Say shortage of "experienced" officers. Hell we're only down 850 and the population is projected to increase by how much?

If Morrison Blvd is bad (I thought it was named for Jim) the Cameron Valley Parkway is bad. Morrocroft is Bad, Morrison Family YMCA is really bad.

So where does it stop? Where do you draw the line? When is enough enough? The answer is don't even let it start!

Anonymous said...

HAHAHA, Judge Trosch sits on the board of the Winer Foundation, who bought her alliegance with flights and board positions among what we know today.
In other words, the foundation is anti cop and anti-American, yet has bought our local judges and police chief. No wonder it's catch and release for the most hardened criminals. I'm starting to feel sorry for the black population that has to put up with outcomes of these criminals actions.
Of course Mr Winer is member of the Hugh McColl organization. Is there anything he's unwilling to destroy?

Anonymous said...

6:17: lol that’s a crock of shit. You got your history lesson from where ?

Anonymous said...

2:46 its 2020 dumbass, look it up

Anonymous said...

In fire news two Division chiefs in the CFD are retiring all of a sudden. Fire Chief was going to transfer them for no other reason than to force them to retire. Guess it worked. They got a mess over there

Anonymous said...

Sooooo.... CFD has their own version of RoMo. Good to know that CMPD is not the only agency that suffered from Little Napoleon syndrome. We feel your pain. God Speed....

Gavin D said...

Damn. With Vi and Braxton at the helm, we've all got shit to worry about.. Keep in there everyone..

Anonymous said...

Are we really down 580?

Anonymous said...

^^. More. Closer to 800. Here’s some food for thought. All this bullshit about defunding police and tearing down racists statues etc. why is there no call to defund the democrat party? I mean they were the ones that wanted to keep slavery. They were for Jim Crow and segregation. Since we’re all redeeming for the sins of our past why don’t we start there?

Anonymous said...

@7:43. You hit it straight on the head. I’ll go one further, you all remember the Trayvon Martin thing down in Florida years ago. What did the news media say? Everyone was critical of the wannabe cop taking the law into his own hands, right? The neighborhood watch looser shot the kid. What the hell does Minneapolis and all these cities defunding their police departments think are gonna happen when they do that? You gonna have thousands of these neighborhood watch vigilantes out there “patrolling”. What I’m pissed about is where are all the voices that said “leave it the the professionals” now?

Bleep bloop said...

Why do King, Moorefeild and some of the Sgts have to ruin the Aiport. That could be a great job for end of career off into the sunset guys. But nope micromanage. This department has no place for people to go anynore.

Anonymous said...

743, if we are down 800 then I think I am going to just go do construction and join the PROUD BOYS. I love the brotherhood, and you won't find that around here. If they come for my AR15 then they can take it one bullet at a time.

Anonymous said...

Most of the sergeants now are all micromanagers. Just because you can pass a test on directives and are a great actor during the role play doesn't make you a leader. These sergeants don't believe in themselves and thus make our lives miserable. Do us all a favor and leave us alone to do our jobs. Don't nit pick our reports, you aren't an English professor, approve our time off, and leave us alone while we are at home, and while you're at home too. Whatever it is, believe me, it can wait.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous from 12/9/20 at 1446 hours;

Please educate yourself!

Which political party had the most slaves and supported slavery and then later suppression of black Americans?

The Democrat Party. No question!

When the U.S. was still debating the question of whether slavery should be legal or not, The Democrat Party, which was biggest in the South, came out for keeping slavery legal.

The Republican Party WAS FORMED as a one issue party, and that was against slavery.

Throughout the late 1800s, and early 1900s the southern part of the country faced huge reactions from former slave owners and other former Confederates who wanted to keep black people from voting and from using public institutions like schools, unless they were segregated.

A horrible cult came into existence at that time called the Ku Klux Klan, and it’s entire message, in fact it’s entire purpose was keeping black people from participating in most aspects of normal southern life. The Ku Klux Klan was not above committing murder to get it’s message out, though a lot of the time, they just resorted in intimidation.

In 1956, in frustration with the fact that black Americans were not being allowed to eat at serving counters, or were banned from being served in some businesses, the Republicans, backed by the then Republican President, Eisenhower, drew up a series of Civil Rights Acts forbidding business owners, among others from refusing to serve people based on race, creed, color, or ethnic background.

EVERY single Democrat in both the House and the Senate refused to vote for the Civil Rights Acts, so they didn’t pass.

In 1964, the same exact Acts were once more brought to the House, and this time some Democrats voted for them so they were passed. Heck, President L.B Johnson, the very blunt speaking Texan was even quoted as stating "I'll have those n****rs voting Democratic for 200 years." It has been alleges that the civil rights legislation LBJ pushed and ultimately signed was motivated not by altruism but a cynical ploy to lock up votes.

The Democrats chose to also support the enactment of welfare payments as a temporary assistance to people who were out of work. Of course, they are now a way of life and have been for years. The Republicans wanted a similar plan, but one that provided jobs. That never passed.

The Democrat Party from that time — 1960s — forward have insisted that they are the Party that support black Americans and other minorities, because it has embraced policies that keep people dependent on government handouts. Which, of course, means poor.

The Republican Party is the one party still trying to supply jobs to help people get out of poverty.

Anonymous said...

Cedar ! Why didn’t you post about the shooter in mt holly ? Are you Colored blind or something ?

Anonymous said...

Hey Dec. 9, 10:19, you are apparently in a closet and not aware of what is going on. Try putting your ear to the track once and a while. One of the division chief’s should be lucky he wasn’t fired or suspended for grossly mishandling a call. Making a very poor decision without being on scene. He overrode (from a desk) a Battalion Chief who was on scene. It was a Deputy that overrode his “desk decision” allowing the Battalion Chief to remain command and successfully mitigate the call. He was one of the 4 original Divisions Chiefs who had ZERO job description and did little to nothing other than send emails. One was in charge of I-77 updates, one was in charge of the Pink Lady schedule, one went to the Airport to kiss ass, and one sent Special Event emails. They have had an easy ride, and weren’t the most qualified for the job when they were originally made Division Chief rank. So many MUCH more qualified people were passed over. Also for those within CFD who think there is no CFD drama, you must be drinking the purple Kool-aid they’re serving you. They’re pissing on your leg, and telling you it’s raining. You believe them and put your raincoat on. God gave you 2 ears, 2 eyes, and 1 mouth. Obviously you’re not listening and looking TWICE as much as you are running your mouth.

Anonymous said...

*yawn* no one comes here to read CFD drama. You guys have naps to take, video games to play, and steaks to grill. Find another place to whine about you “problems.”

Anonymous said...

I agree. The CFD only has one problem. The same problem we had years ago. A Chief from outta town. Take a nap CFD and get a new Chief. We all know how bad he is. We hear our white shirts tell us all the time. We got serious problems over here.

Anonymous said...

Respond to December 7, 2020 at 1:32 PM

I asked Amy straight out a few months back about the video. She said that was the first time she had heard that rumor about her and there wasn't one out there. If there is or isn't I have no idea. I can say for certain she wasn't mad about me asking or has given me a hard time about it.

Anonymous said...

^^^Then how did they catch Thaw fucking her at the CVOC and kick him out the academy for fucking her on city property? I remember when she had to leave University City over this mess. It was a sad day for the eye candy around the office.

Funny she never heard of all that..or you are just a liar.

Anonymous said...

Enough about Stukey already .... I want to know what’s going on with the pledge fund ! I wants my $$

Cedar said...

654, this is cedar posts. We talk about getting pussy, pornos, and internal schemes. That's what this place is.

If you want to speak about money to on the Bank of AMerica blog or something. Prob super boring compared to Cedar Posts

Anonymous said...

STOP THE MADNESS!!! I want my pledge fund!

Anonymous said...

As far as the cancel culture goes..FYI...D.H. Hill was a professor at Davidson College as well as an instructor at the Charlotte Military Institute.

FYI...Stonewall Jackson, along with his wife, ran a bible school for black children in Richmond prior to the Civil War so they could learn how to read and write. Racist???

Anonymous said...

God or bad, history is just that, history! Changing every street name to someone who was black doesn't change history nor does it change the thoughts and feelings about the world today.

Anonymous said...

The reason most of the BLM morons don't know their own history is because they choose not to! They are too busy blaming something that happened over a hundred years ago, and not to them, on white people today.

Anonymous said...

Charlotte is just following suit with the rest of the liberal cities run by blacks. Liberal Lyles is making sure if that.

Anonymous said...

Retired here. Anyone know what the homey-cide numbers at? Also what percentage of these fools are gangbangers wiping themselves out? As long as these aren’t innocent people I’m happy. Less shitbags to deal with

Anonymous said...

Cedar posted the count on twitter the other day. Charlotte 113 Mecklenburg County including Charlotte, Matthews, Mint Hill, Huntersville and Pineville 124.

A bunch of kids at least 4 aged 14-16, two under 6 and couple more under 18.

Two white girls Katie Eckerd a coal burner druggie while trying to score drugs from a couple of nuggies.

Brianna Stephenson 19 was killed during a drive-by at a traffic light wrong place wrong time. Her killer another nuggie Christopher Chisholm was one of Vi Lyles no bail EMD releases out on bond on a second degree murder charge and a dozen other weapons charges when he killed Brianna.

Cedar you should tell her story so the Spencer feels the heat I hear they are going to cut a deal with Chisholm and he'll serve only 5 years.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

We are going to need a bigger boat!

Anonymous said...

Put 'em all back on the boat and ship 'em out!

Anonymous said...

I see that the "renaming" of the streets has had a significant impact on lowering the violent crime in Charlotte.