Friday, March 5, 2021

2001 The Plaza What's Cooking?

You likely never gave the house at 2001 The Plaza much thought. As with many homes in Charlotte it has clearly seen better days. Unremarkable, so much so that only the "Rehab Addict" girl - Nicole Curtis -on HGTV would get excited about the house and say something positive like, it has "good bones'. 

But the fun stops there, 2001 The Plaza it seems has a much more troubling history that just neglect. Seems what's cooking isn't home style meals but rather something more along the lines of Walter White.

You might recall the case of Kendra Bagwell who was run down by her boyfriend Jason Mosley and his Kia Soul killing her and in the process becoming Charlotte's first homicide of 2021.

Jason Mosley Photo Courtesy MCSO

From (WBTV) - A man is facing multiple charges after police say he intentionally struck two pedestrians, killing one, in east Charlotte Monday. The incident happened just before 2 p.m. on The Plaza near Belvedere Avenue. Police say two people were struck by a Kia Soul being driven by 32-year-old Jason Mosley. One of the victims, identified Tuesday as 26-year-old Kendra Bagwell, later died at the hospital from her injuries. As of Tuesday morning the second victim was still listed in critical condition. During the investigation, detectives say they determined Mosley “intentionally caused the collision to harm to the victim(s).” After his interview with those detectives, Mosley was arrested and charged with murder, assault with a deadly weapon inflicting serious injuries and driving while impaired. 

Mosley is no stranger to CMPD or the North Carolina Department of Corrections.

Prior Mugshots MCSO

The crime scene The Plaza at Belvedere is just 100 yards from the home at 2001 The Plaza.

Mosley Crime Scene and Leone House

Mosley's Car After Removal of Bagwell's Body

According to neighbors and a couple of sources Mosley may have been at 2001 The Plaza with Bagwell to buy drugs, just moments before he ran down Bagwell who was fleeing north on The Plaza on foot.

Betty and Richard Leone have owned the home for several decades according tax records, but the property was put in a trust in 2020. Not unusual for seniors to place their home of forty plus years into a trust. 

But beyond Betty and her husband of 60 years there's a Joseph R Leone, Age 55 (NC DPS Offender Public Information ( ) associated with the same address, pretty interesting back story, drugs, weapons and  Prison Escape. Last arrest by CMPD was in 2018 and of course the charges are drug related.

Joseph R Leone Photo Courtesy of MCSO

So as the rumor goes, Mosley and Bagwell drove to The Plaza to score some drugs, but rather than share, apparently Bagwell elected to take the money drugs or both and run. She unfortunately didn't get far when Mosley ran her over and in the process also hit and seriously injured a bicyclist.. 

Mosley remains behind bars awaiting trial for her murder. But neighbors say this isn't the first suspicious death connected to 2000 Block of the The Plaza. In both 2019 and 2018 two overdose deaths are given with a 2000 Block of The Plaza Block address.  

Yet CMPD apparently refuses to address the situation because the department has been told by Charlotte leadership including Vi Lyles and City Council to stand down on drug crimes. Mecklenburg DA, Spencer Merriweather has openly stated he will not prosecute any drug case regardless of the severity, so even if 2001 The Plaza is a known drug house, neighbors have very few options.

Many have told CP that Charlotte City Council has refused to help or even discuss the problem. 

CP reached out to Larken Egleston (Charlotte City Council member for District One) who neighbors had said is totally unresponsive. Surprisingly, Egleston was quick to reply to CP's tweet, offering that last he'd heard the problem had been removed from the house.


Liberals are hell bent on de-criminalizing drug crimes and giving people like Mosley and Leone a free pass. 

The lives these people ruin, and in this case end, are apparently expendable. Had CMPD followed up on complaints about the drug activity, had Mosley been in jail while awaiting trial, had Leone been convicted and sentenced to life under the 3 strikes law, Kendra Ann Bagell would still be alive. 

Kendra Ann Bagwell March 23, 1994 - January 4, 2021 

Union, North Carolina - Kendra left this world at the hands of a monster, but now she soars with her angels: Maw-Maw and Papa Joe. She is survived by her mother, Lisa Bagwell and her son, Jaxston Love. Kendra was a beautiful soul with a kind heart. She loved animals, coloring, music, and soaking up the sun! She leaves behind so many who loved her deeply and who will miss her completely. Always with love and until we meet again: Lisa, Angie, Kathy, Beth, Nana-Anna, Sharon, and David.

Cedar's Take: It should be explained that Bagwell was apparently also an addict, unfortunately any chance to get herself clean was stolen from her by a legal system run by liberals and democrats drowning in stupid.

As for Mosley taxpayers had a chance for permanently incarcerate Mosley back in 2017.

From WSOC:

A carjacking led to a chase from the Arboretum in Charlotte, along interstates 77 and 485, and down to Rock Hill Monday afternoon. Two people were placed into custody on Anderson Road after the chase, which reached speeds up to 100 mph, Charlotte-Mecklenburg police said.

Police said the owner of a red four-door car was pushed to the ground by a man and woman in the McDonald’s parking lot at the Arboretum. Police said the suspects took the victim's keys and stole the car, even hitting another vehicle on the way out of the shopping center.

Susan Day, 72, is a retired Target employee and one of her prized possessions is her car. She was attacked while leaving the McDonald’s, where she'd gone to get a McRib. "Now when I step back, he could have rolled over me or killed me or whatever," Day said. Day didn't want to lose her car, so she hung on and was dragged 30 feet. 

"I kept saying, ‘Stop, stop,’ so he slammed his foot on the brake and when he did, I fell to the ground," Day said. 

She only had some scrapes and bruises from the carjacking.

"I really don't feel safe anymore. My children don't realize I don't feel safe being alone," Day said. Day said she wasn't scared a bit. She made enough of a racket so that the police were called right away.

"That's really surprising,” said Bobbi Flynn, who shops at the Arboretum. “I don't know why anybody would think they could get away with stealing a whole car." 

The two suspects did not make it far. Police spotted the stolen Ford on I-485 but said the driver, Jason Mosley, would not stop. 

The pair led the chase down I-77 and into South Carolina before they were arrested.  Jason Mosley, 29, and Melissa Jayne Werts, 31, were arrested and charged with multiple crimes, including possession of a stolen vehicle.

It took the Mecklenburg County DA until March 13, 2019 to get a conviction. 

In the process the DA dropped most the charges, those that remained were then "consolidated" for judgement:


Mosley was sentenced to time served plus 300 days for the crime spree and was released on February 5, 2020 his parole was originally to run three years but he was formally released on November 1, 2020 after little if any supervision.

Had he been fully prosecuted under the Federal Car-Jacking Statute Mosely could have been sentenced to 15 years.  

Cedar's Take: Both Mosley and Leone should be prosecuted for the death of Ms. Bagwell but additional responsibility falls on the DA as well as probation and parole officers. 

The system is broken. Permanent incarnation for violent felons is the only answer.


Anonymous said...

Cedar can you do a post on the House voting to remove “qualified immunity” protections for police officers and what this will mean for us going forward in our careers at CMPD and elsewhere in law enforcement? I don’t think many understand the gravity of what is happening to us on the hill.

Anonymous said...

niggas, dont be talking junk about my Metro 5. They was innocent and doin they jobs.

Anonymous said...

Spot on CP it is a known drug house and no one the neighbors contacted seem concerned. This is Charlotte in 2021.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like Ms Bagwell won't be pulling this stunt anymore. I wonder what her last thought was as she saw 3000 lbs of steel heading towards her? Tough to see the collateral damage caused but if you corner a rat, eventually he's gonna bite. Maybe Spencer will let Mr Mosely off the hook as he usually does.

Anonymous said...

I know it’s not possible, but in a perfect world, you could go up to this dudes front door and kick his ass. Better yet, just shoot his ass. I wouldn’t want crazy ass people going around as a mob kicking peoples ass for petty shit, loud music, stealing from a gas station, etc or something like you just don’t like their Christmas lights (also petty shit), but this is a known problem, dealing drugs, that has led to death more than once. I think that qualifies for removal by whoever will do it, by any means necessary.

I am pretty sure the cyclist that dude hit is paralyzed last I heard. The other girl didn’t “deserve” to die, but she was also playing stupid games with stupid and dangerous people. The cyclist, 100% innocent collateral damage. Sucks.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for putting this family and that house on blast, CP. This kind of stuff needs to be made public.

Also, just because I want to play along, I just want to say...


Anonymous said...

Is losing qualified immunity a big deal?

Anonymous said...

Damn she was hot at least at one time. Such a waste. Amazed at the lack of media coverage. Mosley needs a one way ticket to hell.

Anonymous said...

Again, not to pile on, but where the fuck was her family, knowing she's was an addict? She liked "coloring", jesus, what is she, 3 yrs old? They deserve as much blame as this douchebag, who will walk with no charges. Nothing but trash all around this crap hole of a city. How do you not teach your kids that you don't steal, especially from drug addicts?

How about an expose on the mayor candidate and media darling, Joel Odum, who couldn't handle his drug intake, yet will have a street named after him and has been glorified as the next coming of Jesus and savior of Charlotte? Can we go ahead and put him up for sainthood?

Anonymous said...

Who the freak is Joel Odum?

Anonymous said...

Joel Odum looked like a nice kid on the news. I thought there was something strange about his early death at 22.

Of course.....drugs! What a joke the Charlotte media has become. Junkie to Saint!

But they do the same thing at CMPD. That one cop "died in the woods at a golf course".


Anonymous said...

2:25. What cop? One of us? Was this recent?

Anonymous said...

Yeah not like cops have a lot of property or ownership in anything. So when the City does not help out in a lawsuit, while the Officer was on duty, then you have to pay out of your own pocket or at least 25% of the lawsuit given to the Plaintiff. Getting sued sucks, especially when they want to garnish my Cadillac Obama got me. 25% 0f a 100,000.00 lawsuit rewarded to the shit bag you arrested. And that number is on the lower end. So-3:02 "Is losing qualified immunity a big deal?" no big deal if you do not get sued or you have a lot of money. Say you use force on a nice suspect and they determine its excessive. You get terminated. The suspect sues the city because they have deep pockets. The city rewards the suspect 200,000.00 instead of fighting it. Well you get to pay 25% of that reward to that nice suspect you arrested. The state will the garnish whatever money your making until that debt is paid. Not to much fun. Have a nice day.

Anonymous said...

1652 hours, it was a few years ago. The family needed the life insurance so he died of a heart problem in the middle of the woods on a golf course after he was missing. You know typical death nothing suspicous to investigate.

Anonymous said...

Is there any civil recourse for the people who live around that house? Those are fairly high dollar. Someone is going to be upset they paid a half mill to live next door to Ron Jeremy in his parent's trust house. Not prosecuting drug cases is insane. This isn't a typical crack house, this is hard and the flies will keep dropping until it's swatted away.

Anonymous said...

Let me guess, turd Larken still hasn't answered? No way he "believed the problem had resolved." Make a tweet and ask for everyone that Larken has ignored in the face of crimes in his district and in Charlotte. He's spending his time on things that benefit him directly.

Unknown said...

Joe Leone died September 21 so I guess his parents can grow old in peace now. I knew Joe he was a victim of addiction as much as anybody else it too bad the shitty government sits back as does nothing while so many people fall into this poisonous trap

Anonymous said...

Did Joe die? I met him and he was a good guy. Too bad he fell back to drugs. Drugs will change anyone