Saturday, April 24, 2021

Nextdoor Social Network Users Are Racist?

According to the Antifa BLM supporting news blog VICE "The neighborhood watch-esque social network Nextdoor announced it is adding an "anti-racism notification" after years of criticism that it breeds racism." 

On Monday, Nextdoor announced that it is introducing a new "anti-racism" notification that will prompt users to consider editing comments that could be offensive before posting.

“The new anti-racism notification detects certain phrases such as “All Lives Matter” or “Blue Lives Matter,” and prompts the author to consider editing their post or comment before it goes live" the Nextdoor blog post reads. "The anti-racism notification does not prevent a neighbor from publishing, but aims to make people aware of language that may violate our policy against discrimination and the harm that can be caused by the use of these phrases."

The feature builds on a “Kindness Reminder” that Nextdoor implemented in 2019, and extends it to racist language specifically. This change acknowledges years of criticism that Nextdoor is a breeding ground for racism.

Moderators on Nextdoor are algorithmically-selected power users called “neighborhood leads” who then choose other leads to work with, which can reinforce existing dynamics in a neighborhood. 

At one point, moderators were found to regularly remove posts expressing any type of support for Black Lives Matter protests and going so far as to disable or ban accounts of users doing so. The problem of racism on Nextdoor got so bad that a meme account called BestofNextdoor, which raised awareness of the issue on the platform, started a petition calling for anti-racism training for neighborhood leads.

Another example: Andrea Cervone, a Clarkston, Georgia resident and former city council member who helped organize the BestofNextDoor petition, scrubbed the platform as part of her research for an op-ed on "public participation in cities." She previously told VICE that despite Clarkston being 80 percent non-white and 86 percent of housing inventory being rentals, "the majority of Nextdoor homeowners were white homeowners, and all the neighborhood leads were white, too."

Surveillance platforms like Nextdoor, but also Amazon's Neighbors, tap into the racialized paranoia that pervades the suburbs and end up turning everyone into a cop of sorts. A social network that combines the worst parts of a neighborhood watch and a cliquey message board can add as many anti-racist notifications as it wants, but that doesn’t address fundamental issues around who has power and how they wield it.

Cedar's Take:

Nextdoor is a sad joke and is hardly pro LE. In fact any mention of pro-blue or an anti crime post is typically removed just after reaching top post status. 

If you really want to feel the wrath of your neighbors just post a "Need to rehome a puppy because it pees on everything" and watch the gates of hell open up!

So many users are pro homeless and live in a bubble that is all rainbows and unicorns.

CP's post last summer about how Lancaster Sheriffs Office caught two Charlotte Thugs zoomed to number one within three hours only to be deleted.  

Describe a suspected car thief as "Black Male" and the post is typically deleted within a few hours.

The anti police site nannies are over barring and CP has since removed all posts and comments. But just for fun we will post a mugshot and BOLO just to see how long before its removed. 


Anonymous said...

You wanna talk racism? How about the disproportionate promotions in this department by people of color? How many of the command staff only have that position because of affirmative action? I see so many that have taken the sergeants process and are extremely well qualified only to be passed over by someone a little less qualified. How is that fair?

Anonymous said...

From Texas: Cedar Post makes Charlotte feel like it is squeezed in among the other North Texas suburbs. Here, NextDoor may or may not fit into the described problems. However it is all that there is. Here, my Nextdoor feed is about helping locate lost dogs, porch and mailbox pirates, finding someone to do work on a house. Some of the neighborhood watch, mostly from Ring cameras, and making aware of the light suburban crime when it is happening. The local police post major items to Nextdoor; it is infrequent and more often major traffic accidents affecting major arteries. People also post things like they are thinning flower beds and bulbs and plants are available at a stated location on the curb. The general population in my NextDoor area is far from being all white. More of an international mix. We all get along fine. We are all glad to have NextDoor for the communication link it provides.

Anonymous said...

JJ’s dentist got that pledge fund money bitches!!

Anonymous said...

FINALLY ...We can get some closure to the pledge fund scandal ! Thanks 8:31!

Anonymous said...

The Nextdoor App at Lake Norman is filled with Karens and other Leftist New York invaders. I wish these Yankees would just leave us alone. I can’t keep them from moving here, but why do they demand to change OUR culture?

Or just go back up North where you belong.