Saturday, June 5, 2021

Bag It Up Charloot! Body Count Stands at 45

From The Local Paper:

There have been 45 homicides so far this year, Charlotte-Mecklenburg police said, compared to 35 killings at this same point a year ago.

CMPD anticipates an increase in homicides during the summer months because that is what has happened in previous years. But the department remains “cautiously optimistic” that each year will be better than the last, police Lt. Bryan Crum told the Observer.

“The summertime really will kind of tell where we’re headed,” he said.

Comparing the homicide counts to last year is “kind of hard” because the COVID-19 pandemic played a factor in peoples’ willingness to go outside and gather, Crum said. “I don’t think anybody really knows what to expect,” he said.

People will have the opportunity to run into one another more compared to last year, so there’s “obviously more opportunity for there to be friction between people,” Crum said.

While the number of homicides has increased, Crum said the public should take into account that some cases under review may end up being justified. He said he doesn’t have a clear reason for the increase, but believes minor arguments becoming deadly is a driving factor.


Homicide suspects are becoming younger, which Crum said is a continued trend. He said CMPD has already charged more young people in 2021 than in prior years.

This year CMPD has charged 25 people ages 13 to 24 for murder, compared to 18 a year ago, Crum said.

“Typically that age range is the 18- to 35-year-old demographic, and we’re seeing a shift more towards the mid-teens (or) 15-to-24 age range,” he said. “I think that’s concerning.”

Police are seeing minor disagreements escalate to violence, which Crum said has to do with “youthful decision-making.”

“The way that we make decisions as a young teen, or even in our late teens, is very different than as an adult. I think it’s a lot of that impulsiveness,” he said. “Things that may have been resolved with neighborhood fistfights have escalated to guns.”

When shootings involving younger suspects happen, Crum said a lot of them don’t even remember why they got into a disagreement.

The ages of homicide victims are roughly on par with what CMPD has seen in past years, which is in the 18- to 34-year-old age range, Crum said.


CMPD is working with the city of Charlotte and community members on violence interruption and finding new solutions to impact homicide numbers, Crum said.

“I think anybody who’s got a good idea, it’s worth trying,” he said.

Last week, the city unveiled the name for its violence interruption program. The Alternatives to Violence program will hire and train community members from violence-stricken neighborhoods to try to stop violent acts before they happen and prevent recurrences.

“If somebody comes to us, to the city, or into the communities, the police department’s certainly going to be supportive,” Crum said.

Although the city will hire violence interrupters, Crum said it’s important for everyone to interrupt violence, especially if it involves a friend or family member.

Reaching youths is another objective for CMPD, and Crum said the reopening of the department’s Youth Envision Academy could be a step in the right direction.

The Youth Envision Academy is an eight-week summer program that offers paid internships to troubled youths age 15 to 18 so they can get to know their community and participate in group activities like kayaking.

“Any program that really provides the youth with some hope, and allows them to see the kinds of things they maybe weren’t normally exposed to, are really beneficial,” Crum said. “It’s really important that we reach those kids at a young age and try to help them find a different direction with their life.”

Cedar's Take:

Pity the local paper - A story like this would normally get 100 comments but 12 hours later zero. Part of the reason is the endless spam and popup ads. 

So its posted here so you can read it and because it is good work by Jonathan Limehouse. 

Except his good work doesn't dare tread on the obvious causes.

But I will

1. The African American Community has become a culture of violence, embracing criminality and gun play.

2. Our criminal justice system in Charlotte is run by African Americans see above.

3. Their liberal ideology has created a system of zero consequences for violent offenders. 20 years ago a teen with priors would see a prison sentence of 20 years or more for shooting into a occupied auto or home. Today it is probation, worse case it might include some litter pick up on the interstate.

4. These same politicians fear of being voted out of office by the same people who elected them based solely on their skin color if they don't accept No. 1. 

5. The fear of being arrested is non-existent in fact a mugshot is something to brag about.

6. Of 45 murders victims only one was white.

7. Of 45 murder victims 38 had prior arrests 32 for weapons and crimes of violence.

8. Of the 25 charged with murder (see above) 15 had violent priors and that's not counting the 13-17 year olds whose priors are not available. 

9. The belief that young offenders just need a chance and counseling. That they are somehow just going through a stage or just made bad choices. Bull Shit you can't rehabilitate violent offenders (see above). 


Anonymous said...

And the cops are really numb to it at this point. Morale has never been lower. All the hard work put in is either not appreciated or as you pointed out the cases ultimately result in little to no consequence. When you add in the fact that policing in predominately black neighborhoods is now practically impossible then the end result is obvious. Most cops are now in F#@! It mode and simply hide in plain sight...

Anonymous said...

Violence interrupters is a nice idea, but what if you just enforced the law? Felon with a gun is a class G felony. Meaning a sentence of 12-18 months. A second offense should be a 36 month sentence. But if you apply the federal statue the armed career criminal act these thugs would get a 15 year minimum. Trouble as Cedar points out our liberal judges are reluctant to impose any sentence.

Anonymous said...

We be goin' for the record!

Anonymous said...

Morale is horrible in police and fire and all departments for the same reasons. The employee is last and no matter what is said it’s all about lack of leadership.

Anonymous said...

I'm waiting to see how long it takes for one of the so-called violence interrupters to become a victim of an assault with a knife or a gun!...???

Anonymous said...

Just need to let the cops do their job and crack some skulls even if the libturds object. This city has always had a low crime rate until these liberal blacks took over city government.

Anonymous said...

Anyone else missing Trump yet? I know he wasn’t the best or smartest but at least gas prices was below $2 and we didn’t have cyber attacks every week. WTF!

Anonymous said...

Still NOT missing Trump. Never will

Anonymous said...

8:47. You’re obviously not intelligent. Just keep drinking CNN’s koolaid. You’d rather have a senile old man and black hooker in charge than Trump. I get it that he isn’t the best option (I’m Democrat by the way) but he was a lot better than what we have now. Start thinking for yourself

Rea Road Neighborhood Coalition said...

Trump was ..... well Trump but the "Administration's Policies" were rock solid.

Shut down the border.

It is a Chinese Virus.

Go easy on the free stuff during the pandemic.

Screw the stupid masks.

Fauci has lost his mind.

Keep businesses open.

Press the FDA to expedite the vaccine.

Confront China about the source of the virus.

Tearing down statues and renaming schools does nothing for the struggling economy.

Reopen Schools.

Low energy prices and self reliance for oil and gas production.

On everyone of these issues Trump was right

Anonymous said...

8:47 would rather see the US fail than see Trump be the one to make the US succeed. What a shame we live with such haters. If you hate the US so much I hear N. Korea is looking for folks to become citizens. I agreed with maybe 50% of what Trump said and did but Cedar is right... we were MUCH better off. Policies were rock solid

Anonymous said...

Actually Trump was the best choice... Sometimes it took months or years to find out that he was telling the truth about certain things, but eventually we found out. Now we finally know Fauci systematically lied to us about the origin of the Corona virus publicly disputing Trump's claim that it was from the lab. He lied about gain of function, and even denied Trump's claim that hydroxychloroquine had good results as a treatment, when he knew there was much success with this treatment, and no danger. Doctors treating with HCQ were also penalized greatly for doing it. Fauci was also working with Facebook to censor and remove any content that disputed anything he said. His lies were proven in his recent email dump. This is a link to info on the HCQ studies

What was Fauci and friends sick motive for doing all of that when lives were at stake?

The current administration is cool with all of this. Why?

Our foreign policy is a mess. No other government has any respect for us now. Were headed for major inflation and our borders are wide open even though Biden says they are closed. Lots of censorship.

And what is the deal with Biden's claim that the biggest threat to our homeland is white supremacy? Does anybody actually believe that?

Anybody that wants to continue listening to CNN isn't just a Trump hater. They are a self hater as well. In the end, these policies are only good for people that don't wish the US well and don't have the best interests of our country in mind.

Anonymous said...

If you would rather the US fail than Trump lead the way, well, you will get your wish. No American president in modern times had the cojones to say what was on his mind. They ALL, every single DC swamp rat one of them, speak the DC language, which is not what is in your best interest. China will absolutely demolish us within the next generation. There may not be a fighting war, they realize they can weaken us one generation at a time until they just simply take over.
Do you think the simp Gen Z and millennials would jump on the amphibious boat our fathers and grandfathers did 77 years ago to physically fight someone back? While they scream about the climate killing us, totalitarianism creeps, and they will let it consume us. Free stuff for everyone, social justice, equality of outcome. Those folks will never, ever elect someone with half the willingness to speak the truth as Trump.

Hell, they are believing a doctored photo of him wearing a diaper, for crying out loud.

Anonymous said...

Charlotte, World Class city

Anonymous said...

Does anyone else find it odd that the City Council major work currently is the 2040 plan that has been put together by city staff including an assistant city manager that doesn’t live in the city. The same city staff that wants to pay premium pay for those that work nights and weekends but left police and fire out. I thought upper management had to live in the city

Anonymous said...

No one in they're right mind would live in Charloot! Even the "Leaders" arent that Dumb, and they are plenty Dumb. Its always nice when you can watch the citys skyline on fire from a very respectable distance...

Anonymous said...

Liberalism is a mental disorder. And it’s trickled it’s way down to the police department leadership. How else do you explain the nonsense IA investigations on officers doing their jobs.. 30 day active suspensions for horseshit that would’ve been 1-2 days off years ago. Then they wonder why there is a mass exodus within the ranks. Real smart guys. Real smart. Thats ok... the white shirts will be out there answering calls before long. Who was that captain again that got the ass beat off of him by a 17 year old with a skateboard? lol

Anonymous said...

1:14pm. Very well spoken.

Be careful for Stella Patterson. She may oust you as a white nationalist.

RULE #1: Never trust anyone at the CMPD.

Anonymous said...

If after the events of January 6, you’re still a Trump loyalist , then I would seriously reconsider your love for this country.
Anytime a movement coalesces around one person and that person can do no wrong, you are a heartbeat away from a dictatorship albeit Trump, Hitler, Mao or whatever tin pot dictator in the 3rd world.

Anonymous said...

3:16 January 6th was a nothing. I've seen rowdier fans at a Steelers game. Get over yourself.

Anonymous said...

2:48. Thank you. 1:14 here First off, Fuck Stella Patterson. She needs to eat a sandwich. secondly..3:16 can eat a bag of dicks. You wanna talk January 6th but you don’t mention how all of 2020 was pretty much on fire from Antifa and BLM all while the Dems were silent. No dem had the balls to say yeah George Floyd dying the way he did was messed up but let’s not burn down your neighborhoods... nah, all silent.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Lol… you Trumpers have got to be the stupidest people in the country. Just go ahead and resign and take up arms against the US. It’s what you secretly want to do and pray to your god , Trump , while you are at it.

Anonymous said...

^^ take it easy Stella. Just cause one of your officers basically told your beanpole ass to eat a sandwich and to go fuck yourself don’t mean all people who hate Biden love Trump. Personally I’m an independent who leans left and this administration is just about as fucked up as CMPD and the City of Charlotte administration. Just keep on doing like you do… we are about to be the next Detroit. Then whose fault will it be? Trump? The GOP? Nah… you stupid Democrats will own every bit of that bullshit. I’d rather have Trump than this senile old bastard who needs his adult diapers changed.

Anonymous said...

I love it how you tRumptards whine, cry and complain about the department incessantly in roll call and basically all the time. Complain about the FOP And non existent PBA….. always wishing for a real union. Y’all do realize that strong unions are a democrat thing and not a republican one. Keeping voting republican and worshiping on the altar on tRump. You’re seriously voting against your interest.

Anonymous said...

Clearly 7:20 supports the racist Biden agenda and all of its divisive rhetoric such as the psychiatrist speech at Yale the other day where the supposed "psychiatrist" told the crowd she fantasized about shooting white people in the head. But thats all cool right? No! Only seriously evil people are ok with that craziness!!!

Yep democrats have great policies alright! And they are sooo inclusive. The people that support Trump do so because he had all of our best interests at heart. Not just people that voted for him. His statements were edited so many times, until you went to review entire tapes in context, you never knew how much was changed. Don't be such a tool! Dig for facts!

Anonymous said...

@7:20 Reading is fundamental. Like the NC laws that forbid public sector unions and collective bargaining by government employees. They’ve existed for over 100 years all while NC was controlled by Democrats for over 35 years. Next time use the google before making stupid ass comments about how the democrats have my values. Detroit, Cleveland and Flint were all union towns. How are they doing this century?

Anonymous said...

I would like to say thank you to all the police and fire personnel for what you do. We as citizens are told to trust the process and the assistant city manager over planning doesn’t even live in the city as required by city rules and the city wants to build duplexes everywhere which I personally don’t care about but shouldn’t you have to live in the city if you are coming up with plans for the citizens and the city.

Anonymous said...

@7:20 You're so vain...But you should know this song is about you...

Seriously, it is. Watch it. Listen to it.

Anonymous said...

Trumpism is a cult.
If you don’t support a strong union , quit whining about the department. It will never change. Suck it up, plow onward and continue to vote against your self interest. Better yet quit. I’m tired of your complaint.
Continue to worship on the altar of trump.

Anonymous said...

Nope, I don't worship Trump at all, he was just more honest than the rest. I don't worship McMaster either, but I way prefer him to leading my state than Restroom Roy. We won't see anyone like Trump again on either side. The powers that be won't let it happen.

Unions, in any industry, are a way to expedite your job leaving. And public service unions are a sign you need to pack up and move. Teachers, for example, the answer is always teacher pay. In NJ, NY, Ill, Calif, every state that is run by the teacher union lapdogs, their pay is sky high. And the result is the same crap. Students who are illiterate, science and math dumbed down for the sake of equality of results, and woke preaching replacing liberal arts. Zero, repeat, zero trade training.

You want a job: become a welder, electrician, plumber, line man. You want a check: go up North (where most of you came from) and join the public service teet sucking.

January 6 was merely the flipside of the BLM protests. People upset that something was stolen from them. Don't agree the election was stolen? Allow an audit. Have something to hide? Yup, we all know it. Liberals have ruined Charlotte, ruined NC, ruined America. You'll realize that when your retirement check won't buy a loaf of bread.

Which makes me laugh when someone asks: Where's the pledge fund? Same place my property taxes used to go. The black f-ing hole of government waste, fraud, and abuse.

Friends in blue, listen to me. There has never been a labor shortage in our area like we are seeing now. it isn't just QT and McDonalds, but everywhere. You all work harder than any crew in the world, and we know it. if you want out, now is your time to go find a new career. Especially when you feel the knife on your throat at CMPD. Go call a trade service company, speak to the service manager, explain your situation and see if they are hiring inexperienced people who work their tails off. Promise you, in 3 years, you're at 6 figures. And one day when Stella, or JJ, or Bellamy, or even Mayor Vi needs her toilet plunged, you'll be there to laugh at her when you double her bill for 3 minutes of light work.

Anonymous said...

831hours, you give cops to much credit. These are lazy people. They don't even have the drive to order business cards so you can forget about installing a garbage disposal or mowing grass.

The standards are super low and have been that way for 10 years.

Anonymous said...

If Lt. Meyers cant see a pipe bomb getting tossed at his feet, then I dont want him anywhere near my breaker box or water heater.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of pipe bombs, any pledge fund news?

Anonymous said...

Customer Service...Customer Service...Customer Service!

Anonymous said...

Old retired guy checking in…. We definitely would have benefited from a real union.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone have any insight into why Dr. Fauci set up the "Solidarity Trial" (for Covid treatments) with the WHO at high lethal doses of Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ)? Why was he so desperate to discredit HCQ?

When people died from the lethal dosing amounts of HCQ they were administering in that trial, they labeled HCQ as unsafe and a poor treatment for Covid, with no benefit. While they KNEW it worked. Also, If memory serves correctly, weren't they actually withholding that med, restricting doctors from prescribing it, penalizing them if they did, and preventing pharmacies from dispensing it? Unbelievable.

Fauci and friends were preventing the use of a treatment that would have saved so many lives. There is no way the dosing in the Solidarity trial (and the Bill & Melinda Gates Recovery trial) was unintentional. They were all quite familiar with the use and dosing of this med.

These actions by the top supposed medical experts in the world had a direct effect on many of the people that died from Covid, including locally. So how would Fauci and friends benefit from these actions so much that it made them willing to harm so many people? Why aren't all or any participants in jail right now? So many resulting deaths. This is horrifying. Dr. Fauci and the other medical experts involved in this sadistic mess had to have some reason for what they did. What was it?

I included some excerpts below, along with the source and article/study links following, to show dosages etc. The first excerpt and sourced article link shows the latest study with a solid increase in survival rates resulting from HCQ treatment with proper weight based dosing.

“This("Observational Study")indicates that treatment with >3g HCQ/>1g AZM was associated with a more than 130% increase in survival rate compared to any other standard therapy.”

"The chloroquine or hydroxychloroquine schedule selected for the trial includes two oral
loading doses (250 mg per tablet CQ or 200 mg per tablet HCQ), then oral twice-daily
maintenance doses for ten days. This meeting convened to discuss the appropriateness of
the selected doses for the trial."

“The quote from the WHO report on dosing, provided 4 paragraphs ago, seems to be deliberately vague regarding the dose used in the Solidarity trial, stating the number of milligrams per tablet, but not the number of tablets to be used. The trial is registered but the registration fails to specify dosages”

Then another trial using another lethal dose of HCQ...

“The Recovery trial Study Protocol notes it is funded in part by the Welcome Trust and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and by UK government agencies. The Protocol provides the
doses of hydroxychloroquine used, on page 22. Twitter users began to notice a dosing problem, with hashtag #Recoverygate. “

“The HCQ dosing regimen used in the Recovery trial was 12 tablets during the first 24 hours
(800mg initial dose, 800 mg six hours later, 400 mg 6 hrs later, 400 mg 6 hours later), then 400 mg every 12 hours for 9 more days. This is 2.4 grams during the first 24 hours, and accumulative dose of 9.2 grams over 10 days”

Anonymous said...

To 9:03 AM ….. Q-anon much ??

Anonymous said...

I'm with you 6:48. A strong union would have made a difference with stronger contracts to live and work by.

Anonymous said...

9:03 What does Q-anon have to do with the Covid treatment trials and HCQ?

Anonymous said...

I'm sure the above comment was for 6:20, not 9:03.

CP, can you please post this video of Fauci on MSNBC. In the video they are trying to debunk Senator Marsha Blackburn's claim that he was conspiring with Facebook to censor posts about Covid that went against the Fauci narrative.

Also, please post the leaked emails between Fauci and Facebook that show him conspiring with Facebook to censor posts about Covid that went against the Fauci narrative. Facts are facts regardless of how they spin it. All you have to do is read the email and there is no denying what he knew, when he knew it, what he did, and the conspiracy with social media to control the narrative.

Anonymous said...

This article published in a medical journal is titled "On having Whiteness. Here is the first sentence...

"Whiteness is a condition one first acquires and then one has—a malignant, parasitic-like condition to which “white” people have a particular susceptibility."

Everybody good with that?

Anonymous said...

Washington Post has a database they claim represents every "death" that has taken place during an interaction gone bad with police across the United States since 2015.

I downloaded it.

I then isolated the year-2020. In order to clean it up I eliminated all entries that lacked key data (like Race...or Name...yes, they had a number of "deaths" listed for which there was no name, I kid you not)...

...and after all that there were 888 datapoints.

Men = 855. (238 Black, 427 White, 165 Hispanic, 25 Other)

Women = 33.

Anyone want to hazard a guess on why so many Men were "killed" vs. women? (26 men for each woman) Why?

Of the women:

25 = White
6 = Hispanic
2 = Black (2nd one didn't come until 12/28/20)
1 = Other

Can anyone say her name? (not the one from 12/28/2020...her name was Helen Jones FYI)

Anonymous said...

My ass itches. Could it be hemorrhoids ??