Tuesday, June 22, 2021

The Coming Death of NorthLake Mall

Charloot's "Hood Mall" is on the way out. No real surpise, there but what is a surprise is how clueless Charlotte City Council has been about this pending unmitigated disaster.

It doesn't take a very astute intellectual or PhD in urban planning to see what has happened to NorthLake.

Now well on their way to foreclosure, CMPD Officers who have worked secondary at NorthLake Mall know very well their hours have been cut back as management claimed COVID required they reduce security manpower. 

The mall management hired countless uniformed security guards to battle the endless crime but the turnover costs became prohibitive. 

Shootings, fights, murders, abductions, shoplifting and armed robbery crimes are routine.

In 2013 Foot Locker was saying "Northlake Mall is the premier retail destination for the thriving affluent communities in the North Charlotte area."

But the demographics never came close to that claim, instead NorthLake became the go to destination for countless thugs and hoodrats. 

Anyone who has been to this Mall knows it is nothing more the an extension of Charloot's hood but the pace at which this happened was stunning.

Now in formal receivership after outstanding debt payments failed to be made and a mortgage associated with the property went into default. It could signal a foreclosure proceeding is to come.

According to the Charlotte Business Journal:

A lawsuit filed in Mecklenburg County last month by Wilmington Trust — serving as trustee of a commercial mortgage-backed securities trust involving four U.S. malls, including Northlake — alleges the borrower hasn’t kept up with debt payments on the properties. The loan associated with the properties went into default in late 2019.

The property is one of four malls, all of which are owned by entities affiliated with Starwood Capital Group, mentioned in the suit and packaged in the same CMBS portfolio.


Anonymous said...

Parry's Closed Dick's Closed and place is dark as a cave and that is the reason the mall is on the way to being Eastland 2.0

The crowds of Africans roaming the interior and few if any are actually shopping the whole experience is stunning. These people have zero social skills and it is not just the teens as and children running jumping climbing on things like it is a monkey exhibit in a zoo.

There are no visible parents for kids that are 12-13 and older teens have zero manners.

At mid day every day the place is packed, the a/c nonfunctional the smell alone is shocking. I don't know how anyone works there.

And after dark freaking streets of Detroit blue lights are as common as stars in the sky and gunfire is seldom reported.

Fights at the movie theater all part of the show.

Anonymous said...

Foot Locker is like a bug light for the Hood Rats. Unfortunately they dont have "shopping" on their minds when they go to the mall. Kinda hard to pay the rent when all of the actual "shoppers" are driven away. But what does CLTCC care? Now they can use the land for more Section 8 housing and a Burger King and Taco Bell for the inevitable careers of the residents.
Eastland 2.0

RP said...

Have you been to Concord Mills up by me? That shit is getting bad, too.

Anonymous said...

Concord Mills isn't far behind, plus malls in general are in decline. The Hood aspect will just accelerate the inevitable. You can't say who you allow in the mall but NorthLake made the mall attractive to Blacks by not having a strong police presence. When you have real cops on site the thugs tend to take their drug dealing stolen cars guns and just general thugness elsewhere.

NorthLake made it comfortable to be a thug and the decline was on.

Anonymous said...

But crime is the fault of the police scream liberals and democrat turds like Braxton.

Anonymous said...

When they started running the CATS busses from the Transit Shelter Uptown to Concord Mills is what started the decline and will be the eventual demise of Concord Mills. Add in parents just dropping their kids at the Concord Mills Daycare and Shooting Range. The mall management doesn’t truly care. As long as the bills get paid, they will continue. I forecast Simon Group silently selling the mall to an investment group. Watch in 5-7 years. It will be like Gaffney Outlets.

Anonymous said...

8:34 "Monkey exhibit" hummmm racist much?

Anonymous said...

Yep. They destroyed Eastland Mall in the same way.

Anonymous said...

You can label it racist if you would like but the facts are the facts. It isn't Italian, Scottish, Irish, Amish or Jewish folks that are destroying these malls and creating a hostile environment for people who actually want to go there to shop and support the businesses. I know that I wont be exposing my family to it.

Anonymous said...

Pledge fund?

Anonymous said...

What's racist about "Monkey Exhibit"? I've been to both places and it describes it perfectly.

Anonymous said...

At least at this zoo you don't have to pay to see the animals! You just have to put up with them!