Sunday, June 20, 2021

Wacktivist Corinne Mack Compares Being Black to The Holocaust

During Corinne Mack's press conference on Friday, she goes on and on about everything then admits she's never been to Latta Plantation.

Describing how she wants to turn the property into housing for recently released from prison Black inmates. 

She starts by complaining about history:

"We want our story told through Black eyes." (7:32)

Then shifts to comparing Blacks Lives to the Holocaust:

"Very similar to the holocaust. 7 million Jews killed in Germany, 7 million".  (7:45)

Then claims hundreds of Millions of Black People were murdered:

"But hundreds of Millions of Black people killed (see "*" below) even to the point that we don't know how many. If you have ever gone to the museum of the Holocaust, you'll see the shoes of those taken into the gas chambers, but guess what? Black people didn't even get that dignity."(7:56)

Then she jumps back to history claiming that every building in this country was build by black hands:

We don't have any evidence of their lives, their beautiful lives on this earth and how the Black people build the buildings in this country blood sweat and tears of every building you can think of in this country. So when I think of the Confederate I think of Hate."  (8:06)

Mack went on to complain:

"There is so much happening in Mecklenburg County and most of this excludes Black People." 

Then adds a solid dose of Asian hate:

"There is not one ethnicity in this country that has not done harm to Black people even other Black people."

She also wants to teach critical race theory to five year-olds. 

And refers to Ian Campbell as a Negro. Saying that she calls people like Campbell Negro.

Typical yammering crazy talk by Corinne Mack, filled with outlandish claims and embellishments. 

But how is this hate filled person even relevant? How is the NAACP still relevant?  

Cedar's Take: For the record Dachau is in Germany. The "Museum of the Holocaust" also known as Yad Vashem is in Jerusalem, Israel. The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington at one time had a display of shoes on loan from Poland about ten years ago. 

Auschwitz-Birkenau is in Poland and has a permanent display of shoes. Auschwitz is the most haunting and largest of the Holocaust Memorials and in my opinion the most troubling, Just the spur line railroad tracks that end at the camp alone are dreadful. 

Shoes have routinely been used to represent the Holocaust victims. In Budapest Hungary along the banks of the Danube there are shoes as well.

The Germans killed an estimated 2.7 Million Jews in extermination camps. Another 3.3 million were killed outside of extermination camps. The total is 6 million a number any educated person should be familiar with. SIX MILLION not SEVEN or FIVE.

Liars then to embellish every aspect of the facts when they think via some sort of mental disorder that the facts improve their position.  

I doubt Ms. Mack has been to any Holocaust memorial.

*Keep in mind there are 42 million Black Americans today, in 1790 there were around 700 thousand. That number was nearly 4 million at the start of the civil war. At the turn of the century the number was closer to 7 million. The idea that 100s of Millions of Black people being killed is just, well crazy talk. 


Anonymous said...

She's of the same mold as Al Sharpton always has some issue.

While it is true Black CMS students were once asked to pretend to pick cotton by the staff at Latta Plantation, that actually happened back in 2009 not two years ago as Mack described.

The outrage over that was as stupid then as it is today. Had they picked two white kids they would have complained about that as well.

Google White Kids Picking Cotton apparently in at least 1916 white kids as well as Black kids picked cotton.

Mack is the Queen of Faux Outrage and needs to be cancled.

Anonymous said...

And in other news......
Researchers have found that water is still wet.

Anonymous said...

I seriously doubted you Cedar. No one would equate the Holocaust to any other tragedy. But there it is she clearly compared the murder 7 million Jews to the impossible hundreds of millions Black Americans. How does someone get that stupid?

Anonymous said...

Since this genius wants to equate being black to the holocaust (friggen idiot) let’s look at how the Jewish people came back from that. Now mind you this was 1939 not 1865, so the Jews had far less time to “get on their feet” We all know most of the Fortune 500 highly successful CEO’ and CFO’s are of Jewish decent. Sure there are some truths to the stereotypes of the Jewish people…. Now let’s compare this to the wonderful black community who have had plenty of time to get their crap together. What do we see? Most crime comes from that community.. lack of fathers in the household also from that community.. illegitimate babies/baby mommas also from that community but all we hear about is how the blacks are marginalized, mistreated cause they were once slaves. The Jews were almost eradicated from the planet and yet they have excelled to the heights of society. No parades, No JLM protests, nothing like that. All the while not being recipients of section 8 housing, WIC or Food Stamps. So yeah, let’s make that comparison and see where that leads us.

Anonymous said...

2:36 Spot On Couldn't have said it better!

Anonymous said...

^^^. Ditto. I’m amazed at how little Jews complain about their woes. They’ll acknowledge it and learn from the sins of the past but focus on the future. They don’t dwell on the past and repeat over and over again at how their people were mistreated.

Anonymous said...

Cancel Culture is sick, how many people lost their jobs because of virtue signaling WBTV? By my count 5 fulltime including Campbell and 6 part-time. Plus losses to vendors and merchandise providers. For what? Because someone thinks their misguided view of slavery is the only view that counts?

Anonymous said...

Hey black people. Wake the F up! Society sees you as a bunch of nonstop complainers. It used to be that companies didn’t want to hire you all cause your lazy but now they won’t cause their afraid the boss might say something totally innocent and your people would of course take it the wrong way and get your poor little feelings hurt. No one wants to be around folks like that. Black or white. But in today’s society the only group more whiney than blacks are the LGBT crowd. Never happy and always complaining.

Anonymous said...

The Jews were slaves for 400 years in Egypt (far longer than blacks in the US). Then marginalized to the point of extinction in WW2. You want to see which group of people had it worse, I'd say the Jews, hands down. It is so funny how Jews can rise from the ashes to become what they are today without any of the handouts another group of people have become dependent on and still can't be self sufficient. Keep on voting democrat though... they don't think you can make it on your own either.

Anonymous said...

Anyone surprised she's a lying sack of shit? And no one called her about the "hundreds of millions" claim amazing, except it isn't.

Anonymous said...

I guess she don't realize or fails to accept that blacks are killing blacks! She stupid with gappy teeth and a f@cked up hair do!

Anonymous said...

I'll tell you this any move to try and turn the Latta Plantation into some micro Wakanda for Garry McFadden's castaways will be met with severe pushback from Huntersville.

We take our public spaces seriously and will flat out refuse to allow this nutbitch to ruin a fantastic public resource in the name of woke cancel culture and equity bullshit!


Anonymous said...

Changing the use of that land to a rehabilitation and re-enter/re-education spot is the minimum that can be done on that land where so many spilled their blood in bondage. It is just the start of what can be done to even out the opportunity gap in Mecklenburg County.

Huntersville has no issue with a racist golf course being developed, why would there be issue with tearing down a vestige of the worst chapter in our nation's history, and turning that land into a productive place to allow reentry into society for the 'castaways'? I hope this gets put into the 2040 plan before it is adopted. I'm calling Braxton to make sure her voice is heard.

Anonymous said...

I thought he NAACP severed ties with Mack