Thursday, December 9, 2021

Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools Guns and Out of Control

This morning CMPD Officers found and confiscated 2 guns from West Charlotte High School students in the student parking lot. Nobody was injured and police have not officially released any further details. 

This message CMS sent to West Charlotte families:

“Good morning, West Charlotte families, “This is Principal Hoskins with an important message. I’m calling to let you know that a safety screening was conducted today on our campus to help keep weapons and other prohibited items out of our school. Today’s screening was a precaution only – there was no threat or emergency. 

All students and staff at our school are safe. Today’s safety screening was very similar to screenings we all participate in before entering football games and other school special events. No students were permitted to leave campus during the safety screening. Our staff, parents and students all wish safety screenings were not needed, but weapons must not be in our schools. 

I am happy to share that no weapons were found during today’s safety screening. “However, prior to the safety screening, CMS police observed several students in a vehicle in our student parking lot. They approached the vehicle, questioned the students, conducted a search of the vehicle, and discovered two weapons. 

The weapons were confiscated without incident. “Please speak with your student about the consequences of bringing a weapon to school. It is a violation of CMS policy and state law to have a weapon on any CMS campus. Appropriate disciplinary action will be taken against anyone in violation. Your student’s safety is our top priority. “If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at 980-343-6060. Thank you for your support of West Charlotte High School.”

CMS did confirm that a gun was also found at North Mecklenburg High School as well.

The following phone message was sent to North Meck parents early this morning:

"This is Principal Hood calling with an important message. Today, a student was found in possession of a firearm on campus. Law enforcement was called, and the firearm was confiscated without incident. No threats were made, and all students and staff are safe. It is a violation of CMS policy and state law to have a weapon on any CMS campus. Appropriate disciplinary action will be taken against anyone in violation. Your student’s safety is our top priority. Thank you so much for your constant support of North Mecklenburg High School.”

Late Thursday Evening CMS Superintendent Earnest Winston addressed the stunning number of weapons found in CMS High Schools via this message posted via YouTube.


Cedar's Take:

Let's face it our schools are not safe, be it thugs with stolen guns or hood rats with box cutters. Or in the case of the Michigan school shooter, a loner psycho kid with dad's Glock.

The CMS superintendent dismissed CMPD's request for metal detectors at all Junior and Senior High Schools last year. His reasoning is clearly your child's life isn't worth the additional costs.

I'll buy into the costs issue.

So how about random, unannounced search and seizures? Given the surge in weapons this seems to be the a logical step. Myers Park next Tuesday, Providence next Friday. Every student arriving at school, is surprised to be directed into the cafeteria for a "random security check" from which there was no prior announcement and no warning. 

But finding the guns is just step one. 

The actions afterward should be substantial and severe. Prosecution and expulsion, and permanent ban from CMS. No more second chances. Parents need to be prosecuted as well.

This won't stop the psycho kid - without 24 hour security the only way to prevent a Parkland or Oxford school shooting is luck and students and staff being alert. 

And the media also needs to stop acknowledging the shooters by name. Any first year psyc student can tell you the perceived notoriety a violent act provide is a driving force.

Secure the school property - this seems to be a massive oversight. Drive by any CMS High School and the student parking lot is a solid mix of students and "non-students" just "hanging out" in their cars. Access to the student parking lot is unchecked and unmonitored. 

Finally CMS clowns need to wake the truck up!


Anonymous said...

I know some of us at CMPD like to trash our MCSO brothers and sisters, but the stories coming out of Jail Central are absolutely abhorrent. Thank you FOP for releasing the information you did in today’s email. Thank you to the boots on the ground at MCSO. Garry McFadden should immediately be removed as Sheriff of Mecklenburg County. McFadden is an absolutely disgusting individual and horrible leader. We at CMPD stand with MCSO.

Anonymous said...

Cedar you should post the FOP email.

Anonymous said...

Who is up for a big bon fire up town and a Let's Go Brandon rally ...the louder the better !!! No more city ordinance enforcement to slow us down !

Anonymous said...

0955, Don’t forget to bring the beer and wine! If you can’t afford it don’t worry just, pick a street corner and fly a sign for a while.

Anonymous said...


Can you explain the situation in detail for people that don't work there. I want the inside scoop.

I guess littering is now legal and begging, too.

Anonymous said...


You’ll know the situation soon enough, just pay attention to the news cycle.

Anonymous said...

1040, is it tru that all the CMPD detectives are quiting since they is on call 6 days a week every week?

Anonymous said...

Chikin' samich!

Anonymous said...

Everyone notices how dysfunctional our all African American run city has become. Yet no one dares complain that not one white person is in a position of authority in this city.

Police Chief
Fire Chief
City Attorney
CMS Superintendent
City Manager
Assistant City Manager
CATS Director
and on and on

Anonymous said...

@1040 hours,

Don't play games. Tell us what you know. You had time to right that post so speak out.

I don't trust the media.

I only trust CedarPosts since 2010.

Anonymous said...

You all are blaming CMS for the guns in schools, when it is obviously a failing of the SRO's. Even CP points out the lack of enforcement of the parking lots. Is the PE coach supposed to go out there and clear it out? This is a SRO issue. Supt Winston is an incredible leader with a very unique and qualified resume.

His insightful procurement of clear backpacks is exactly what the NFL does as a step to make certain the students and staff are safe. I cannot wait to see what the next years of his administration bring to our great county. We need many more administrators who look like our community. The days of Mayor pat, Mayor Jen, Mayor Sue, DA Peter, all looking like the face of Charlotte's past...well those days are gone now. We need more brothers (1906 especially) like Superintendent Winston.

So where are the SRO's when we need them?

Anonymous said...

What's the murder number up to ?

Anonymous said...


Do yourself a favor and run your responses to this page through spell check before submitting them. FOP sent out an email yesterday from whistleblowers inside Jail Central. It’s far too much for me to type here. I will gladly send the letters to Cedar Posts, so they can be shared here.

Anonymous said...

Pledge fund?

Anonymous said...

December 10, 2021, 1455 hours,

My nigga you need to keep the SROs out ya damn mouth boy. We have very difficult jobs where we need deal with a variety of young offenders. These people are in the same building as us. We don't have a wall of protection like the LEC or division offices. We encounter more criminals on a weekly basis than any detective or bike officer in Charlotte. The real blame falls on the parents of these young offenders and the school systems that refuse to expel these criminals.

Anonymous said...

Again, I say, "chikin' samich!"