Sunday, December 19, 2021

Christmas 2021

We are rounding the corner towards another Christmas Eve. 

As with my family Christmas Eve is more of a celebration than Christmas Day, for that it is in the chill of the Carolina night that we gather, as we have done for 50 plus years to worship God and the birth of his son.

While the celebrations and decorations continue through Epiphany (January 6th) it is the night of Christmas Eve that I enjoy the most. 

Most years I've found away to be home for Christmas, yes there are those where deployment or work required my personal presence elsewhere but in a certain way I've always been home. 

Through much of our family the requirement of their profession as nurse, fireman, police officer, doctor, Marine, and Sailor will call for that we have a glass in their honor, their presence will be felt. 

Our family reaches from Maine to Florida and the Carolinas to California and while some will not make it for dinner the runs to the airport will be many over the next few days.

I've made many a trip on Christmas Day finding myself heading in never the same direction one year to the next. So for those traveling Godspeed, Fair Winds and Following Seas. 

I'm going to enjoy the next week disconnect from the madness of my liberal run city and let the woke socialist looney birds go on about how Christmas movies are racist and misogynistic without me.

Seven days of Christmas starts now, so stay tuned for 7 stories for 7 days and by the way 



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Pledge fund?

Anonymous said...

Ho Ho Ho...Chikin' samiches!