Thursday, January 6, 2022

Throwback Thursday 1979

The more things change the more they stay the same. Back in 1979 this speech was given to a large gathering of Charlotte business leaders during the Charlotte Rotary Club’s annual public business luncheon held “Uptown” at the then new Radisson Hotel. 

The subject government over reach and "Freedoms Being Lost”.

American’s are losing their freedom in the name of “public interest,” do not give in. Don’t be a part of a group that gives up its long-term freedom for a short term gain.

Freedom is a free-market, free enterprise, free to produce, discover, invent, experiment, to succeed, to fail, to profit, and to consume all on a voluntary basis without interference by the policing powers of the state.

It is a fact, that government control does not work, and it has been bad and getting worse for all who have tried it.

Let me illustrate how we are moving in the direction of more and more government control: In 1960 the federal government had 100 programs, while today it has grown to more than 1,200. 

In 1930 government spending accounted for 12 percent of the gross national product whereas today it is 40 percent. 

By the year 2000 at the current rate of growth it will be 60 percent.

With the free enterprise system we produce 28 percent of the world production with five percent of the world’s population. After we feed ourselves, we export 60 percent of our wheat and rice, 50 percent of our soybeans, 20 percent of our corn, despite the fact that since 1940 the number of farmers and farm workers has decreased by 66 and 2/3rds percent, because during the last 40 years, our output has increased 75 percent. 

Contrast this to the Soviet Union, who after 63 years of Bolshevik Achievement are still dependent of western technology for food. The obvious flaw a lack of creative thought, no inventive to achieve more by the masses.

Contrast our free enterprise system with the so-called “best of each" Democratic Socialism:

Sweden’s “cradle-to-grave” protection now dictates the color of a man’s house. For this guidance, the average Swedish worker pays $4,125 annually in taxes from his $11,000 per year income. 

The British man pays taxes of nearly 60 percent of the national income.

Today 130 million man-hours are spent each year filling out government forms at a cost of $25 billion. Government then spends another $15 billion processing its own paperwork.

Regulations that have become detrimental to the free enterprise system, include those requiring truckers operating between Cleveland Ohio and Jacksonville Florida to make return trips empty; Greyhound bus cannot have age qualifications for drivers and the company was recently ordered to pay $19 million to unknown short people because of its rule that drivers must be at least five foot, seven inches tall.

Recently the Continental Can Company paid $100,000 for ear plugs but OSHA demanded $33 million to build sound shields because some workers were too ignorant or obstinate to wear the ear plugs.

The washroom scene is so sad it’s funny. 

Two federal agencies are currently fighting over jurisdiction of the nation’s toilets. OSHA says women’s restroom must have special lounge facilities, but the EEOC say if that is so, men must have equal couches and chairs.

Americans can combat this trend toward more and more government control by sending money to free enterprise groups such as the “Council for a Competitive Economy” and stop sending money to those colleges and universities whose faculties are hostile to capitalism,

Support news media which are either pro-business or at least professionally capable of being fair and accurate in the treatment of pro-capitalist ideas. 

The speaker was my father and his well-received remarks were reported in the Charlotte Observer. 

Surprising that so many of the issues that concern us today were just as much a concern more than 40 years ago. 

Federal mask mandate, no vaccine no employment rules enforced by OSHA.

Proof of vaccine being required for air travel?

In 1979 Charlotte’s population was just over 300,000, I-77 had recently been extended south all the way to South Carolina and just past Rockhill, That year the Charlotte Knights were called the Orioles playing nightly during the summer at Crocket Park in Dilworth. A wood structure built in the 1920's which was lost to Charlotte's density saturation agenda.

Note Fred Smith’s Council for a Competitive Economy is now called the Competitive Enterprise Institute. Yes that Fred Smith the founder of FedEx.

Dad’s projection of 60 percent government spending by the year 2000 was off by a few years. Spending did in fact triple from just under $1 trillion in 1979 to $3 trillion in 1999, but it wasn’t until 2009 that spending pushed past the 40 percent level. 

Government spending first reached $1.5 trillion in the mid 1980s, and then breached $2 trillion in the recession year of 1991. In the 1990s spending increases started to level off, reaching $3 trillion in 1999. 

But in the 2000s with the dot-com crash and the response to 9/11 government spending began to accelerate, reaching $4 trillion in 2004 and $5 trillion in 2008. Then came the Crash of 2008 and government spending exploded to $6 trillion in 2010. 

After a few years of modest growth in nominal dollars, spending is expected to resume regular increases by the late 2010s.

And the media? Can you imagine at one time CNN was actually unbiased?


Anonymous said...

Enough with this shit about Ed Williams fucking a chicken sandwich in the LEC weight room. We need to get serious about our recruitment. We had less than 20 people graduate our last class, and N. Tryon Division is down 20 people right now. We are set to lose another 100 officers this year. The CFD is down 200 men and that number is growing.

Does anyone have any real ideas about how to boost our recruitment besides raise the pay and have politicians back us at city hall?

Anonymous said...

Let us start with why people come to Charlotte in the first place. I'd rather work here than anywhere up north. Most of us don't want to ride around all day and just observe crime but that is what we are all being told to do.

I've been court and had most my case dismissed by the ADA running the show and I'm not alone. Might as well not show up.

Anonymous said...

Chikin' Samich!

Anonymous said...

@1041, I have a real idea how to boost recruitment! Require vaccines that don’t prevent transmission for all new hires even though they are young and healthy and are at zero risk for severe COVID.

Anonymous said...

1041, it would also help if we didn't have black brass that openly makes racist statements towards Caucasian officers in Eastway Divison. The media putting CMPD and MSCO on blast from FOP claims of threats to officer safety isn't making our situation any better.

Anonymous said...

When JJ gets those braces off, those pearly whites will get the recruits in the door.

Anonymous said...

Recruitment. Try something radically new. You have about three/four years of cohorts from highschools and colleges coming out of a pandemic. These days you'd be lucky if some kid looked you in the eye and spoke a full sentence. ROTC is a good idea, but maybe CMPD could try something a little more tangible to young recruits.

Why not sponsor and host some massive video gaming championship- at the highschool level. Top ten winners get immediate access to "insider" LE training- something useful that their skills can transfer to. Not to poke fun of the guy who stole and flew a plane in Seattle and only learned to fly by video gaming, and ended up getting taken out by airforce- but resonating with what the youth are good at would be a start. Forget pay and benefits- that can change at any moment... and isn't sexy; especially given the great resignation is cool right now. Time for a face lift folks.

Anonymous said...

Let's start with promoting people who look after their troops. I have been here long enough to remember some old school Captains, Majors, and even some DC's who cared about and looked after the boots and supported them. Now we have a bunch of scared pussies who just hide in their office and toss troops under the bus for further advancement opportunities. Not a good reputation to have when you are trying to recruit new folks into the LE profession. Good luck attracting qualified applicants with that environment. I wouldn't have applied here when I did had the environment been the same then. When I started working with this dept. we had great leadership and were able to do the job without fear of being jammed up for silly shit. This is the reason morale is in the shitter and officers are in their hidey holes instead of doing "Police Work". But... You get what you ask for so fuck em. Let the purge continue and I will hang on long enough to get outta here and collect my pension. Minus the pledge fund of course...

Anonymous said...

Pledge fund?

Anonymous said...

1647: great, out of the box idea. I can tell you more than half the HS students in Charlotte have no hope or idea of what they are going to do after school ends. Engage them, and you will find at least 100 of them who could be bright, strong, and motivated enough to join. This isn't for everone, and you don't want them all, but there are certainly plenty to choose from out there.

Anonymous said...

822, it also makes it hard to recruit when you terminate 5 officers from Metro because a drug dealer swallowed cocaine. Its also hard when the chief releases body cam footage of personal conversations between officers to the media. Who the fuck was working in the camera room and found that conversation and notified the chief? That seems like a dirty move.

Anonymous said...

0822 hours, I big problem with our recruitment is our retainment. When you keep people as detectives and supervisors that were horrible street cops then you probably will scare away a lot of talent. Many people are not suited to lead the next generation of LE. Just saying..

Anonymous said...

@822- Thanks
@1251-Retainment needs to also be redefined. NO employee that has a millennial/ Gen Z education stays in a job for more than a couple years at most. Staying in one place for 30 years is a foreign concept to new recruits- and likely not appealing. Recruit all you can. Then... show them the different pathways forward they can use what cmpd taught them.. and move on. Every job hop they anticipate will be a bump in pay. Perks and benefits are cool but they won't be banking on it.. just like your pledge fund. Maybe service can help save pay off their education debts and buy lattes. As for dirty and looser supervisors; you can find them everywhere- it's not scary.

Anonymous said...

'Deez Nuggitz!