Sunday, November 8, 2009

CMPD Reserve Officers Fired

Yet another attack on CMPD reserve officers has surfaced. Two retired CMPD officers each with 30 plus years of service have recently been fired from their part time positions.

The two officers had been working for the Panthers organization at the Bank of America stadium since the team was formed, one working on the field and the other unnamed officer in a plain clothes position.

According to a knowledgeable source both reserve officers were told their services were no longer required because the Richardson’s had decided they did not want reserves working at BofA stadium.

Apparently both reserve officers were given the opportunity to take positions outside the stadium working traffic control or they could resign.

The news of the alleged decision by the Richardson’s was told to both officers by CMPD Captain Andy Kornberg. It’s no secret that Kornberg holds little respect for CMPD reserve officers and even less for Mecklenburg County Sheriff’s Deputies.

Cedar Posts won’t buy into the idea that the Richardson’s made a decision to remove CMPD Reserve Officers from the payroll, so the question is did Captain Kornberg make the decision or were others like Vicki Foster and Rodney Monroe involved?

If the Panthers front office had any say in the employment of the reserves and anything to do with the removal of these two reserve officers, then it makes you wonder what kind of BS they were told about the inadequacy of the CMPD reserve officers.

Rumor has it the CMPD Major Eddie Levins who now heads all CMPD officers working at the stadium also had a hand in the firing.

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Anonymous said...

Funny the Kornberg became pregnant and rather than work a full time job during the pregnancy they concocted the scheme to have the mother resign from her full time service; join the reserve unit; stay on his city insurance; then she does the bare minimum to keep her status; then after giving birth and spending more than the city’s family leave act allows with her child; they then decided when she should go back fulltime to resume her full-time service. Now why would a man who hates reserves so, use the Reserve Unit to manipulate the system. The Reserves are not a tool for bypassing the HR policies and procedures of the City of Charlotte like every other EMPLOYEE must adhere to. Like the law for avoiding a traffic control device, by cutting through the corner gas station to avoid the red light; Kornberg will cut any and every corner to achieve personal gain. Has anyone done a freedom of information act about Kornberg’s position as Captain of Special Events and when he gets paid on-duty versus off-duty. He is in a position that should be prohibited from receiving off-duty funds, that is a huge conflict of interest, he should be working on-duty as a representative of the City monitoring special events. Seems decisions he makes about these big events are made to ensure he gets HIS money in HIS pocket by way of off-duty payment. That is double dipping by manipulating the system if you think about it. He get's paid by the City as the Special Events Captain. These big events are "Special Events" and Kornberg gets the best off-duty paid position, which is higher than any other worker because he deciding who works and what the rates are. Shouldn't that be an "A Violation" Violation of 300-7 Section V.B.1 B. Employees are specifically prohibited from engaging in the following secondary
1. Employment that presents a real, potential, or apparent conflict of interest between the employee's duties as a Department employee and their duties for the secondary employer.

As for Levins, everyone needs to remember he has his own career to take care of, with retirement too close to jeopardize people are doing things they ordinarily wouldn’t because they risk being fired or some other career ending decision may come down. Look at how Monroe’s intimidation tactics have been used to send that message. The one who leaked how Monroe is manipulating crime reports to achieve lower crime stats gets transferred out of his position and to third shift; Captain Campagna’s being moved to Duty Captain’s office and many more are the reminders you must play a game with this new administration and the inner circle if you want to keep the work life you have now or be subject to having your world rocked.

Anonymous said...

If there is even a small thread of truth to Anonymous 8:07's statements I would expect the SBI would be all over this mess.

WTF? Why is everyone but Cedar and a few Anonymous posters outing RoMo?

Anonymous said...

Does any of this come as a surprise to anyone?

This is the way romo operates....but you won't find his imprint on this anywhere.....he prefers to operate in the shadows on scummy stuff and let his underlings take all the falls....his motto, from all I hear,
"A true leader leaves no PAPER TRAIL", or for that matter, no REAL trail at's all done by word of mouth.

The sad thing is, he does not know what he hell he is doing, and the only decisions he makes are ones involving retaliation....and, of course, the self serving ones.

Anonymous said...

It is absolutely true that many, many people are being intimidated
into compromising their values and their integrity because they fear reprisals of the highest level from romo and ray.

And these are not empty threats, they have been carried out over and over and over, for the most minor, insignificant matters, for perceived personal slights.

And from what people tell me, it's true, the closer people are to retirement, the harder it is for them to speak out.

It's a totally hostile workplace, and totally unacceptable.

But the question remains, who is going to stop these two from their
personal, hostile takover of CMPD?