Thursday, December 3, 2009

CMPD Crime Numbers Mirror The Nation

But CMPD's Chief Rodney Monroe wants to take full credit for Charlotte's impressive decline in criminal activity.

WFAE's Lisa Miller reports the following:

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police say so far this year crime is down 19 percent compared to this time last year. WFAE's Lisa Miller has more:

The police department holds a press conference every month to update the year's crime statistics. Over the last year, the message has been pretty much the same: crime is down significantly. Deputy Chief Harold Medlock delivered this month's variation.

"Our property crime overall decreased by more than 18 percent and our violent crimes decreased by 21 percent," said Medlock. "We've had year-to-date 51 homicides compared to 74 in the same period of 2008. That is a reduction of 31 percent."

Such big drops in crime have prompted some neighborhood groups to question if the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department is classifying crime differently. Police Chief Rodney Monroe has said that's not the case and the department follows FBI guidelines. Medlock repeated the department's explanation for such dramatic drops in crime.

"As we have shared over the past 15 months we attribute that to the re-organization that occurred here 15 months ago," said Medlock. "We put more police officers on the street. We have assigned response area commanders to 39 geographic areas. They have direct responsibility and accountability for that geography across the county."

Rape is the only type of crime that increased so far this year. Reported rapes are up nearly 18 percent. The department has a theory for that increase. Medlock says, perhaps, better education in schools is helping to boost the number of rapes actually reported.

The numbers give RoMo and his posse' bragging rights, but does RoMo deserve the credit? Most people think not, theories range from outright fraud, and cooking the books, to under reporting, and even a broader national trend.

The United States Justice Department says that its a national trend.

RoMo credits the 31 percent decline in Charlotte's homicide rates to aggressive policing, but on RoMo's former beat DC Metro, unarguably one of the nation's toughest hood's murder is down 22 percent.

The decline is Washington's crime rate has also benefited the suburbs like Prince Georges County.

The (25%) decline in homicides (in Prince Georges County), as well as crime overall, is part of a national trend, said Gary LaFree, a professor of criminology at the University of Maryland, College Park.

"As a country, we're where we were in the early 1960s," said LaFree, who said the fading of the crack cocaine epidemic of the 1980s and early 1990s is a partial cause of the crime drop.

Crime nationwide also runs against conventional wisdom that illegal activities go up in bad economic times, he noted.

"What's strange is that we're in a bad economy, but we haven't seen it go up," he said. "The last time I remember this happening was the Great Depression."

In Charlotte with a comparable 12% unemployment rate people are asking do we believe the man behind the thin blue curtain or the US Justice Department?

Meanwhile several sources tell Cedar Posts that somethings up in the way of a sex scandal that has something to do with RoMo and the Bob Cat's Cable Box Arena.

More Soon Stay Tuned!


Anonymous said...

There is no doubt that romo and ray have changed they way crimes are reported, from what I am told, there is NO DOUBT. They have manipulated the hell out of the "system" to get the results they wanted, and continue to do so to this day so romo can "appear" to be the conquering just ain't so.

Even with the national trend, the numbers in Charlotte are not "true".

And neighborhoods and people have every right to question the stats and demand honest answers.

Not just blah, blah, we abide by FBI standards...

A simple YES or NO, chief rodney, have you/did you change the way crimes are logged in or "reported" since you took over in Charlotte?
A YES or a NO, no tap dancing or side stepping, just a simple freaking answer. Which he NEVER seems capable of delivering.

Anonymous said...

Oh the numbers have been reclassified when you have several B&E's on 1 set of Complaint numbers theres a problem....rumor has it that in their weekly meetings they have been directed by command to do this ....who does CMPD have to thank ...Thanks Chief...when are you leaving???

Anonymous said...

There is something in the wind at CMPD that I hear will bring on the lawsuits in full force.

Just wait for it, it's coming, and
you will not believe the absolutely delusional decision....the total audacity.

If this doesn't prove that romo doesn't have a clue, I give up!

What a total, complete trainwreck he has turned CMPD into.

Anonymous said...

Listen, if someone will lie, misrepresent or manipulate ONE thing, it sets a precedent.

Rodney started out by lying, misrepresenting himself to the city and the people of Charlotte about his college degree.

He has never adequately addressed this, and has said he is "taking classes". Yeah, right, and just what would those classes be?

Anyhow, the point being, if someone lies about one thing, they will lie about other things.

The best predictor of future/present behavior is past behavior. ESPECIALLY if you don't take responsibility for that behavior and you don't admit you were wrong, or even THINK you were wrong. And he is not EVEN close to thinking he has done anything wrong.

So,I don't think anyone is buying CMPD's crime stats.

Anonymous said...

It seems morale at CMPD could not get any lower.

And the Gala? As someone predicted, the only ones "having a good time", were the ones that had imbibed a little too much, and the big ole butt smoochers.But that is whateveryone expected/predicted.

When his house of cards comes crashing down, and IT WILL, it's just a matter of time, the absolute SCANDALS that will emerge will make Tiger Woods look tame in comparison.

From everything I am told, his whole "reign" is predicated on lies, manipulation, self promotion and really, really unprofessional behavior, and add to that, zero managing skills.

It's amazing, EVERYONE knows what is going on, yet people are so full of self preservation NO ONE speaks up, but that is changing, from what I am told, and especially with some people retiring soon, watch out. Even those DC's, and they know who they are, as everyone does, that have been oh SO ACCOMODATING, as in having their heads so far up his butt, will be asked to explain why did they not speak out.
Seems to me, if you know what is going on and do not speak out, you shoulder the consequences for what is going on as well as the perpetrator.