Saturday, January 16, 2010

Fuel Pizza on Central Avenue and CMPD Officer Serve Up X-Rated Entertainment

Direct from a Cedar Posts reader:

NEWS FLASH: A CMPD officer just "resigned" after reports of him having sex inside the Fuel Pizza men's room on Central Avenue! Several patrons of the restaurant called police after "seeing" the sex act performed!

Witnesses say they saw an on-duty uniformed Charlotte officer engage in a sex act while on duty.

A quick call to Fuel Pizza on Central Avenue confirms the x-rated story is true and WSOC confirms that the officer in question is Hamlett Almendarez of the Eastway Division who was hired in 2007.

Almendarez and unidentified Woman

On Saturday, police officials told WSOC that Almendarez had resigned, but would not say why.

When asked about the incident at Fuel Pizza, CMPD officials would not comment.

The incident comes just weeks after Eastway officer, Marcus Jackson, was accused of numerous sex crimes while on duty.


Anonymous said...

You have got to be kidding me.

Looks like the lack of integrity and ethics starting at the top with CMPD definitely has a trickle down effect.

Damn, all the honest, ethical Officers will suffer because of's really not fair to them at all, but people will judge because of recent events.

Just wait until the next two graduating classes finish at the academy, with the lowering of the "standards" to get in,at rodney's direction, what do you think is going to happen???

Anonymous said...

Looks like it's true, Cedar, another "officer" from the Eastway Division.

I think it's time for Rodney to resign, don't you?

He has created this "culture" at CMPD, the culture of one for all and all for one. A culture of a singular lack of integrity and's time for him to GO!!

CMPD is becoming another LA, DC or Detroit.

Cedar Posts, Life Floating By and Meckburbia said...

Props to Tha Queen City who posted the story at 6:03 allowing Cedar Posts claim "First"

Honors also to Fuel Pizza for saying "yep that's us, do you want to place an order?"

Anonymous said...

Pizza and $20.00 Hookers what a concept. But hey its Central Avenue!

ThaQueenCity said...

Well, well, well, another fine Officer strut'in his stuff, but this time in the public eye (literally) ...LOL. Folks this is NOT new behavior for CMPD to be honest. This stuff has been going on for years! It was just never publicized because IA took care of it before it got out of hand! Of course that was when IA was truly out to keep the department ethically & morally clean! They were great officers, BUT RoMo "reorganized" and now HIS cronies ARE in their place....

Anonymous said...

Who's in charge of the Eastway Division? One of RoMo's cronies?

Cedar Posts, Life Floating By and Meckburbia said...

Captain Demetria "Dee" Faulkner-Welch is Division Commander.

She is pretty much above board, not part of RoMo's inner circle.

But she may get a CATS Express Bus but only to save RoMo.

She's old school Charlotte, much like that great aunt who would give you a "look" and you would straighten up and fast.

She's a good cop. But that won't keep RoMo from making her a goat.

Anonymous said...

I believe if romo so much as even tries to sacrifice Dee, that the troops will rally around her and support her wholeheartedly.

She IS a good cop.

This mess is romo's mess, he has set the tone at CMPD.

The buck stops with romo and his lack of leadership, integrity and ethics.

Anonymous said...

How can you blame the chief when a lot of these losers were hired before he got here? Ever since those two officers were shot and killed, CMPD has been given a free pass to do WTF they want to do.

Anonymous said...

Lets just say that Dee Faulker is really at wits end with all this. This is the second 3rd shift Eastway officer to make the news in a negative light in under a month. Even both of the 3rd shift Eastway sergeants and reeling over this. All of them are sitting back wondering what happened, how did it happen, and what to do next? I really feel bad for them. They all are some of the best supervisors Eastway has had in quite awhile and they are being make to look afool. Both of these pieces of crap did what they did on their on accord and as part of their own agenda, and it had nothing to do with the quality and value of leadership in Eastway. I only hope that Romo and top echelon don't bring the hammer down hard on any of them because they truly could not have prevented any of this...only better recruiting standards could.

ThaQueenCity said...

January 17, 2010 12:06 AM: You are so right! I know an officer there and she is GREAT! She has everything that WE the citizens want, leadership, devotion, morals, ethics and accountability! This is NOT the Divison Chief's fault and RoMo better understand fast that some of us WILL stand behind these officers. He better think long and hard before he tries to shake this Division up! Maybe those who are being caught are following HIS example!

Anonymous said...

Queen City,
How right you are, people are going to go to the mat for Dee, and rightly so.

Curt Walton, City Council, and the citizens of Charlotte that have been so enamored of the BOGUS NUMBERS and BOGUS STATISTICS share in the responsibility for these things. Listen, IT IS ALL ABOUT JUST NUMBERS WITH THESE TWO. THEY COULD CARE LESS ABOUT LEADERSHIP AND HOW IT AFFECTS PEOPLE. I don't think they ever give a thought to that.

It started, and I can't say this enough, It started with romo's lack of a legitimate degree...that set the stage for the type of regime he was going to have and the lack of emphasis on telling the truth, ethics and integrity.
And it has been proven over and over on his watch.


You cannot lead by example when your example is one of cutting corners, doing it "your" way without any thought as to how it will impact the organization as a whole.

Romo and ray/ray have never had any LEADERSHIP training I would be willing to bet. Their whole thing is "we did it this way before, and we will continue to do it this way", whether it WORKED or not, because THAT IS THE ONLY WAY THEY KNOW HOW TO DO IT.

And I don't care if these two were hired before romo got here, he has created an environment SINCE HE GOT HERE OF SHADY DEALINGS THAT HAS MADE IT "OK" TO CUT CORNERS.

He has embarrassed this department and humiliated and ridiculed people of integrity and ethics since he got here and bullied them into silence. And the ones he hasn't silenced have hopped on the romo bandwagon to further their careers.

Anonymous said...

Is that girl in the photo the one?

Anonymous said...

In response to Anonymous posting at 11:31 on January 16, 2010

"How can you blame the chief when a lot of these losers were hired before he got here? Ever since those two officers were shot and killed, CMPD has been given a free pass to do WTF they want to do"

Those officers have names: Sean Clark and Jeffrey Shelton.

RoMo could never measure up to either of them, so dont ever classify them as being the same.

Edited By Cedar Posts

ThaQueenCity said...

You got THAT right!

Anonymous said...

An important thing to remember is that with any organization with more than 10 employees, you will always have a chance that someone will do something like this. Its a matter of how good the screening process is and how swiftly issues are dealth with

Note - I don't agree with the Central Ave comment...I eat at fuel with my young kids all the time and will still plan to do so. I have never seen anything like this in 9 years of living here.

Anonymous said...

That guy is from Miami!
He's a piece of trash if you ask me!!
Can't believe I recommended him for the job!