Saturday, October 16, 2010

Our Photo of Ken Burger Contest Winner(s)

Friday I went on a search for Katie of Jack's Cafe'.

You see I owed Katie 100 bucks for her winning entry in the "Photo of Ken Burger Dining Out" contest. And much to my surprise I found out that the cash was to be split 3 ways.

Sitting on a bar stool during the late morning lunch rush, Katie and friends fill me in on the details of their winning entry. Between hustling tables, working the cash register and taking to go orders I catch enough to understand that I've been had.

Seems that Ken Burger saw my offer of 100 bucks for a photo of the Post and Courier columnist dining out, and let the girls in on my challenge, effectively turning the tables on me.

So I guess you could say I was set up, but all is fair and good and still the best 100 bucks I've ever spent.

When asked what they thought about the entire "Food and Beverage" story uproar, the girls suggested that it was a little blown out of proportion, but also offered that Mr. Burger seemed a little surprised by the city wide heated reaction.

Clearly they enjoy Ken Burger as a regular as do the patrons of Jack's. A College of Charleston student name Tyler pointed out that he never knew who Ken Burger was until the Food and Beverage story was posted. Tyler's final comment, "seems like a really cool dude".

Not only did our little experiment, the blogging photo contest, produce the hoped for results, it showed that Ken Burger is a pretty good sport. Willing to take the heat as well as dish it out.

Jack's by the way is just as Ken describes it in his short piece posted earlier this week "Burger Joints are Vanishing". And Jack, well he kept his back to me the entire time I was there, as the place was hopping and it wasn't even 11.

Jack's Cafe' is truly an island of culinary perfection in the a sea of Charleston's Tapas trendy food hipness.

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