Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Wednesday's Check This Out!

Election 2010 - Cedar Posts failed to grasp the size of Mecklenburg County's democratic base. Andrew Murray won the DA job, but it was much closer than I expected. Jennifer Roberts won another term of the Mecklenburg BOCC and that was also unexpected. This also means another two years of Harry Jones and his financial follies. Finally Elaine Marshall carried Mecklenburg County with 52% of the vote.

Major Kudos - to Andrew Murray. I've known Andrew for many years, and enjoyed his company while in Charleston a number of times. The guys at USCG Sector Charleston also give up a big cheer for Andy. Chief Woods in particular. Bravo Zulu Commander Murray.

Another Homicide - Around 9 PM Tuesday 911 dispatchers received a call regrading someone laying in the street at 619 Village Court, near Remount Road and I-77. Charlotte-Mecklenburg police spokeswoman Officer Rosalyn Harrington said paramedics pronounced the man dead when they arrived. CMPD also said the victim has been hit by a car and shot in the chest, though not necessarily in that order. Police have no suspects at this time.

Alvin Greene - Y'all laugh but goofy Alvin Greene received 356,924 votes in yesterday's election, without the support of the state's Democratic party. Honestly I think a lot of people should be ashamed how this was handled and how they mocked the man. Kudos to Alvin Greene for turning South Carolina's Democratic party of its ear. Cedar Posts expects not only a book deal but a new reality show. Greene Acres?

CMPD Turmoil - Nothing surprises Cedar Posts when it comes to Rodney Monroe, now news is spreading that the entire CMPD Chaplains unit has resigned over a dispute with Chief Monroe and his "inner circle". Seems they were at odds with the idea of bringing in an openly gay Chaplain. A check of the CMPD directory shows a blank entry for Chaplain but LGBT proponent Rev. Frances Cook's name is listed as being associated with the Gang on One program. Cedar Posts suspects there is more to this than CMPD is letting on to.

Major Props to FOX News Charlotte's Morgan Fogarty for bringing this to our attention.

WBT Radio Towers - The Charlotte icons located off Nations Ford road received an upgrade of sorts recently. I have no idea when, and just noticed the change while on a early pre dawn flight from Monroe to Charlotte. Gone are the flashing red lights, replaced with the blue/grey of "new and improved" LED flashing lights. The towers have long been a reference point to general aviation pilots making the hop from Monroe to Charlotte at night. The easy to spot grouping of three 428-foot Blaw-Knox diamond-shaped towers served as the "keep to the left" marker while making an approach to runway 36. FYI these towers are nearly 80 years old. More about these little noticed links to Charlotte's past is here.

Note: I know I'm a total dork for noticing this and finding the tech stuff interesting.

CIAA - Knowing that the fix was in, (errrr I mean votes), the Central Intercollegiate Athletic Association announced on Tuesdat that they would continue the hold the February men's and women's basketball tournament in Charlotte. Look for the BOCC to spend more of your tax dollars to keep the CIAA happy and expect more free tickets going to county commissioners who support their cause. Sorry commissioner James the ticket Nazi Harry Jones says no free tickets for you!


Anonymous said...

Well another 2 years of Roberts & Cogdell ripping us off....I see as usual the sheep do not care if they are being lead to the slaughterhouse!

But at least the voters got a couple of things right...Andrew Murray and Chipp Baily! YES!

That's ok next year is the City Council, gotta make some changes there too! ESP since they ALL thought Rodney Monroe was "good" for Charlotte??? Just what Charlotte needed more corruption and they knew it when they hired that PofS!

Anonymous said...

I think there is one chaplain left with CMPD. But yeah, you're pretty spot on that one.

Anonymous said...

I agree that the multitude of Charlotte voters are idiots but I also blame the Republican Party for trotting out useless hacks like Dan Ramirez. How many times is it going to take before realization sets in that this pachuco is un-electable. How many more resources must we waste on this idiot?

Anonymous said...

As to the CMPD Chaplains, my tax money shouldn't be spent employing ministers. I don't care whether they're straight, gay, or Martian. Get that religion off my dime.

Anonymous said...

When a horrific incident occurs- the homicide of a child, the notification of a family that is about to find out their loved one is now deceased or a shooting of an officer, CMPD chaplains assist officers, their families and the public any way they can. You are more than welcome to use my tax money for this purpose.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:25 They are volunteers. They are not paid with your tax dollars.

Anonymous said...

Cedar I'm not sure what happened but since early last month we were told that we are without Chaplains in uniform. There are usually some members of some church at CMC and Presby.

This is just another example of RoMo's poor management style.

Anonymous said...

I hear it was a pretty sudden departure, on the other hand 3 years at CMPD and I've never met one for the Chaplains. I know they do good work but there must not be a need.

I doubt it was anything as strange as all the reserve guys who got fired.

Anonymous said...

Re "CMPD Turmoil": CMPD Chaplains have all been volunteers since the mid-'90's. NO tax dollars were used-they didn't get a nickel for the 2,000 plus hours per year they spent meeting the needs of the CMPD family and the public.

Anonymous said...

I think the history of the WBT Radio tower is very cool. But you're still a dork!