Friday, January 21, 2011

Medical Examiner: Valerie Hamilton Died From Cocaine and Heroin Overdose

Friday afternoon the Mecklenburg County Medical Examiner released Valerie Hamilton’s full autopsy report.

As Cedar Posts reported months ago, the young daughter of Concord’s police chief died from an overdose of drugs. Now the official report confirms that the drugs were indeed heroin and cocaine. The report also notes no other signs of trauma and no signs of sexual assault. The report does have one interesting note, Hamilton's body had a single needle mark on her right arm. Since she was right handed it would have been difficult but not impossible to inject herself in the right arm. However, users routinely inject each other. So there is nothing conclusive to suggest that Harvey gave Hamilton the lethal dose.

No explanation for the lengthy delay in releasing the findings was given.

While the report answers many questions, it doesn't answer the final question; was she forced to inject the heroin? The answer may come from painful testimony, hints of which have emerged during interviews with her father who has repeatedly refused to discuss his daughter's drug use.

In the end the only person who knows the truth is Micheal Harvey, and his answers will be self serving lies no matter what the truth.

Cedar's Take: While as distasteful as one could imagine, the only chance to lock up pile of human waste Micheal Harvey will come via a plea deal and a judge who decides to hand down the maximum sentence. Even in a plea deal, there is a chance that Harvey will walk out of the court room with his only punishment being time served.

Pursuing a murder conviction and going to trial, would be a mistake as a trial would clearly end with an acquittal.

One can only hope that Harvey slips on his soap with in the confines of the MCCC.

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ThaQueenCity said...

Well, once again I got booted from the CO for repeating what they reported last year!

First off, I hate Valerie had to die, but we in NA & AA having a saying, "But for the Grace of God go I". Some have to die in order for others to live.

Chief Hamilton is doing a great service to Valerie's memory and for our kids by telling her story. Hopefully it is part of the healing process for him as well. (Thanks Chief, we need more parents out there telling their kids story).

The one thing people need to remember is addiction does not discriminate, it can affect anyone, regardless of race, class, sex, etc.

The unfortunate part in all of this is as reported by the CO last year, is that per their article Valerie met Harvey while in rehab. (This comment is what got me banned from our local PC rag, apparently someone named "Fried Chicken" did not like this fact)

That is probably why she felt she could "trust" him. Here is the important information: Anyone you might meet in rehab and is still using is not deserving of your trust, unless you too have fallen off the wagon. Like it or not THAT is addict behavior and thinking.

Last I will say from my understanding Valerie was NOT a needle person, she snorted. Also she was right handed, now most addicts are not ambidextrous, therefore someone else had to have given her that injection. That is where some sort of murder, death or accomplice charge will come into play IF they can prove who gave her that injection.

But I have to agree with Cedar, hopefully this PofS will plead out and do the Hamilton's a favor so they do not have to go through a lengthy heart breaking trial that could end in hung jury.