Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Charlotte North Carolina 5th On The National List of Black Tar Trouble Spots

An unidentified male was unresponsive when Cedar Posts found him
behind a South Charlotte Harris Teeter. MEDIC Confirmed he had overdosed
on heroin. Photo Credit: Cedar Posts

During Monday's Charlotte City Council meeting CMPD Major Glen Neimeyer detailed the surge in overdoses of and arrests for the possession of Black Tar heroin and explained why Charlotte is in the top five US cities for black tar heroin use.

Major Neimeyer told city council that black tar heroin has become so popular because it's the most potent but least expensive drug available.

According to Fox News Charlotte, He also said our "major interstates make it easier to transport the drug into the Queen City".

What Fox doesn't report is that Charlotte's high concentration of Mexican immigrants both legal and illegal has fueled the explosion of overdoses, deaths and drug related crimes all connected to Black Tar Heroin.

Cedar Posts prior story "Charlotte, North Carolina is now The Main Distribution Center for Mexican Heroin" covered the spread of "Black Tar Heroin" throughout the Queen City.

Cedar Posts expose' "The Dark House at the End of The Street" explores the death of a local police chief's daughter, the murder of a Mexican drug dealer and the two teens charged with stabbing him to death during a drug deal gone bad. The link between the four individuals "Black Tar Heroin".

Want more detailed information on the spread of "Black Tar Heroin" in Charlotte read Crossing the Mississippi: How Mexican Black Tar Heroin moved into the Eastern United States which is here.


Cedar Posts said...
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Anonymous said...

What the hell Cedar? Why did you put up a photo of some dead dude, that the EMT's have given up on?

That is just a little much! And that's the backside of Wolfman Pizza at Providence Commons. Why wasn't this on the news? In the middle of the day it looks like. Holy Crap!

Anonymous said...

To: Anon 2:26PM SOMEBODY has to report what our MSM refuses to report. I am glad Cedar is here to report the truth and facts.

I am also glad he added why we have such an issues with black tar ....Mexicans.

Like it or believe it or not that is a fact. I am a recovering addict and I can tell you now, I never bought dope from anyone other than a Mexican. Usually setup in a bogus home rented by a legal citizen so they had somewhere to sell their dope. And guess who gets busted? Not the illegal that's for sure.

Anonymous said...

Why aren't you reporting on the fact that the black tar heroin problem is prevalent among affluent teenagers in South Charlotte? This has been a well known fact for a couple of years. Since I have worked near the Arboretum the past 3 years, I have seen more crime first hand than the past 28 years in East Charlotte.

CrimeInCharlotte.com said...

Great work Cedar! Sometimes a shocking photo is all the world needs to see to wake up and see what is happening in this world!

MeckDeck said...

Hey, almost 30 years ago the biggest drug addicts I knew were South CLT kids, USUALLY from private schools.

Nothing has changed, except that maybe parents now are even in deeper denial because they SHOULD know better.

Much enabling goes on -- from the paid-for apartments/homes, to the acceptance of dead-end, service sector jobs as perfectly normal for someone who had $250K dropped on their education (before they flunked out of college).

CMPD means well, but does not have the nuance required to reach these families locked in a slow death spiral.

Anonymous said...

Foxx and the Council will still keep grinning and swearing that our crime stats are correct and dropping radically since RoMo came to town... meanwhile, congratulations to our fair city on reaching at least #5 under his reign. Maybe no one covered this during his Phoenix on-line classes for the degree he was given?

Anonymous said...

06/28 at 02:26

So what he posted that photo? Who cares, some scummy piece of human filth dead from an over-dose of an ILLEGAL drug.

But don't worry, yours and my tax dollars will pay to store the body until his relatives are found. Our tax dollars will pay the legal fees to defend the EMT's against this filth's family's assertion that "they let him die because he was a spic", our tax dollars will go to paying a settlement out of court, etc., etc., etc. If that makes you feel any better............

Anonymous said...

Did you see rodney at the press conference? OMG

What is wrong with him? WHY woud he say there will be a couple hundred Officers working 4th of July? And then say he doesn't want to give an "exact" number? WHAT? Is the number of cops a Top Secret? And a couple of hundred?
That's NOTHING!!
He is so lame!

And Maureen O'Boyle said crime is down 1/2?Bullshit!

And rodney says he gets "giddy"? What an idiot?

The whole thing was such a dog and pony show.....a shell game rodney is running on Charlotte and his officers!

The one and ONLY thing rodney is good at is SELF PROMOTION!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Well Done CP, sometimes we need to keep hearing the story over a time or 3 for it to take hold.

Anonymous said...

It was not on the news because most heroine incidents occur in the richer areas. They do not want their areas to be known as drug areas. I see it all the time they have the out of sight out of mind theory going on here.

MeckDeck said...

Maybe a few more ODs and someone with govt letterhead will note the nexus between the Mexican movers and their upper-class clients: bars and restaurants.

The kitchen help isn't always just kitchen help.

A few immigration raids and...whoops! that's right, DNC. Nevermind.