Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Tuesday Odds and Ends Valentine's Day Edition

Kate Upton - Is the SI 2012 Swimsuit Issue cover model. Need I say anything else about the 19 year old model? Nah didn't think so....

As a public service Cedar Posts is providing the correct link to the real SI Swimsuit photos of Kate Upton and all of the other 2012 swimsuit models which is here.

St. Valentine's Day - Love it or hate it is the big day here. The good news is whether you're Single, Married, In a relationship or Recovering you are not alone.

About Roses - if you can't make time to send at least one to her office this morning, don't I repeat don't take the low road and buy one from the Circle K on the way home. As a true sign the economy may be recovering FTD and 1800Flowers reported that they are unable to fill many orders already placed for delivery today. So your only hope is to jump in the car and make a mad dash to a real florist (the number should be on your cell already) and shop for the real deal.

Hint number two - if it comes with an attached cord it is not a suitable Valentines Day gift. Hint number three - if you're caught off guard by this post noting that today is Valentine's Day, don't offer that you thought today was really "Groundhog Day" again. Finally Cedar Posts is convinced that most women like to hold hands in public, as it plays to their romantic notions of how life should be. If you're that manly man type and this goes against your principals, today is the day to suck it up.

Sue Myrick's Valentine's Day Gift - No telling what is up with Myrick's last minute decision not to seek another term in Congress, an election that she should have won easily.

But Myrick's stepping down is a gift to local news media who will hopefully shift their myopic focus on something besides the 2012 DNC.

Republican Andy Dulin, a Charlotte City Council member, plans to announce for the 9th District seat today according to this morning's Charlotte Observer. Former City Council member Edwin Peacock, and former state Sen. Robert Pittenger are expected to join in the fray.

Mecklenburg commissioner Jim Pendergraph and newcomers Michael Steinberg and Michael Shaffer have already announced for her seat and then there is the confusion over
Republican Dan Barry, the mayor pro tem of Weddington who filed for the 9th District Monday after campaigning for months in the 8th District.

They will likely face Democrat Jennifer Roberts, the former chairwoman of the Mecklenburg Board of County Commissioners, who will reportedly join the race Friday.

Whitney Houston - There is nothing quite like an unexpected celebrity death to bring out the strange in media coverage. How else do you explain the around the clock coverage of her death on CNN's Headline News. What was once the go to source for news around the world has de-volved into a crime, gossip and entertainment waste of time.

While Houston's death may be tragic it was no more unexpected than the passing of Micheal Jackson, Anna Nicole Smith, Amy Winehouse and so many others. The human body can only take so much. Then its game over!


Anonymous said...

Well ANYONE with common sense knows better than to choose "give me more of your money" Roberts! SHE IS AN IDIOT FIRST CLASS and about as useless as Vilma!

Anonymous said...

Cedar with Kate Upton even as hot as she it having Jenifer Roberts in the same post = total buzz kill!

Anonymous said...

Dulin is a bit of a flake, PeaCOCK would be a reasonable choice, Pendergraph is a glad-handing turn-coat flip-flopping sack of scum that will take any position to make a dime, and he's a shifty eyed goddamn liar to boot. As for Jennifer Roberts I'll leave it to her husband to pump that rugged trail.

Anonymous said...

Dulin a bit of a flake? This is the guy that wants to give monroe "whatever he needs" and with no oversight. Guess we know why now, he is going to want that African American vote.

And Peacock has nothing going on between his ears....nothing. Just an empty suit.

Roberts is all talk and has actually accomplished very little.

Anonymous said...

don't forget, after Dulin voted away all rights to Walton and approved the secret approvals of $50 million but didn't know he did it, he said he wanted to know "for intellectual purposes" what the items were...
what a moron.

Peacock is worse.

The only one on that list I have any hope for is Pittenger, but only because I haven't researched him yet.

A clean house and clean, fed children will usually lead to a really good night, any night of the year... most woman like to relax in a not-mess they didn't have to get that way.

Anonymous said...

Pittenger slept through three terms in the State Senate and then he ran the single most horseshit campaign for Lt. Governor since reconstruction. Yeah, he sounds like a real winner.

Anonymous said...

Steinberg is a religious maniac. Killian might be the way to go - problem is he's a Roman Catholic and makes no apolpgies for it. That alone scares off the Jesus Freak wing of the party and it's a shame too. Put me down as being in Killian's camp.

Anonymous said...


Your mother already told you no more hottie of the week. I am pretty sure she meant valentines day hotties also. Kudos to your mom.

Now, go get your wife and have her pick the male valentines day hottie and post it!... just to be fair of course.

Anonymous said...

Hummmmm I am kinda into Miss Upton. The being 19 part would be a turn off but I think I could get past that pretty quick. I think what I like most is she is real, if you know what I mean.

Anonymous said...

Whitney Houston was for some reason troubled, hard to figure with all that talent and success, fame and wealth.

It just does people wrong. So sad.

Anonymous said...

That is not much of a swimsuit.

Anonymous said...

Ha Cedar someone is calling you out on your Hottie of the Week.

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking once a year it is ok to stop and stare, on the other hand I'm thinking the 2 inches of fabric and the placement of the bottom half of the swimsuit is a little too much. Thank goodness they used a new razor.