Thursday, February 16, 2012

In Case You Missed It - Sex and Violence Edition

First Up The Violence - Anaheim Ducks vs Minnesota Wild game from Tuesday night. Cam Fowler's (Ducks) slap shot drills the NHL ref. But much to the guy's credit he gets back up and stays with the game.

Cedar's Take: I suspect it was deliberate.

Brittany Kerr - The Charlotte American Idol contestant's run was over before it started.

But that didn't keep the male segment of those forced to watch the mind numbing show from ploping her name into google in search of more BK and her whoppers. A little more or less of Miss Kerr here.

Man Dies 14 Years After Shooting - And now Mecklenburg County DA Andrew Murray is considering murder charges. Fourteen years ago, a Charlotte man name Maurice Phifer shot John Southerland in the neck. Southerland was paralyzed from the neck down. Phifer served at least eight years in prison. But now that Southerland has died from complications from his injuries, Phifer could be headed back to prison.

WFAE's Lisa Miller has the story here.

Cedar's Take: Few people understand the toll that being paralyzed takes on the human body. Those who have been injured so severely that they are paralyzed or have had limps amputated understand the bleak fact while they are alive today, the injury is still pretty much a death sentence. Which makes me wonder if serving 8 years in prison was justice enough? I doubt murder charges will be brought.

Front Row Seat to Charlotte's Traffic Mayhem - I have to admit I don't like driving in Charlotte since it forces me to use my "A" game and get aggressive behind the wheel. I like a clear road in front of me, and I'll work through traffic until I get it and I'll bust a light to kept my back side clear as well.

Since I have lived in Charlotte all my life I use short cuts to ease the traffic stress. Which put me at Colville Road and Randolph, in the front row for a 2:30 smash up that had me backing up to avoid the on coming wreckage.

These two guys took each other out when the silver west bound car tried to turn onto Laurel. The result was airbags, a couple of black eyes, a broken wrist, two totaled cars and a couple of pretty shook up drivers.

What really grinds my gears is the women behind me who was upset that I was backing up to avoid the on coming carnage. When I put my flashers on and got out of my car to check on the drivers. She blows her horn and roars around me, driving over the shrapnel and broken glass before flying down Randolph Road. Damn Yankees!

One of the drivers "Jerry" was so shaken by the crash that he couldn't dial his cell phone. I called his wife for him after checking on John, who admitted "I made a mistake". John got the short end of the deal for his driving error, a broken wrist and a black eye. Odd how airbags will make you hit yourself so hard you break your own wrist and give yourself a black eye.

Major props to the women who stopped on Randolph and called 911 so I could check on both drivers and to the guys who braved the cars to direct traffic around the wreckage.

CMPD response time was under a minute and the guys were all well seasoned professionals who let me do my thing until Charlotte Fire made the short trip down the street and I handed the care of John and Jerry off to the guys with the latex gloves.

Mrs. Cedar who I was to meet for a late lunch, sends a text, "Accident Randolph at Laurel". I text back, "On scene helping the drivers". Her reply "Figured".

Cedar Posts' FoLo: I don't have a hard info but I think the Laurel and Randolph intersection needs a fix. Inbound Randolph traffic turning left on to Laurel when encountering outbound Randolph traffic turning left can't see a damn thing due in part to the grade. In this case the silver car saw a truck turning left and since there is not a left turn lane the green car "came out of nowhere" or in fact out of the shadow of the truck that turned left. Boom!


Anonymous said...

"Damn Yankees"???
Really? Being from Buffalo, drivers here in Charlotte are the most inconsiderate people I have ever seen.........

Anonymous said...

Lol, damn Yankees. Here he is talking about hus "A" game and going through red lights to "keep his backside clear". Sounds like self adoring bullshit to me. The impatient lady was more likely a native Charlotte resident who feels the same way about the increase in traffic as you and just using her "A" game driving skills to get around you. You are so self obsorbed at times and it's sickening.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, self absorbed! I was trying to use my "A" game driving skills and type.

Anonymous said...

1055 You are so right the drivers here are just rude, Charlotte is over run with Damn Yankees.

Anonymous said...

The hockey player was just trying to dump the puck into the corner to be able to change lines. The ref was just starting to move back to the boards to be clear and got hit. That happens many times. Usually the better players will look up first to see where the reffs are. Most ice hockey refferees are as tough as the players or tougher.
Jim K

Cedar Posts said...

Jim thanks for the insight. I know zip about hockey but really enjoy the games if have been to recently.