Sunday, August 12, 2012

CMPD's Shot Spotter Goes Live in Uptown

Have you spotted them yet? Cedar Posts is on the look out for the tell tale square sensors placed around the northern edge of Charlotte's I-277 loop.

The install may look something like the ones below in Boston and San Francisco.

The email below details the new "crime stopping" tool being used by CMPD which will go live Monday Morning at 0900:

We will begin using a new gunshot detection and reporting technology in Communications as of 0900, Monday, Aug 13th. It is the ShotSpotter (SST) application. It uses a network of acoustic sensors that records and identifies:

Where shots are occurring

When the shots occurred

What type shots were fired

What direction the shots were traveling

SST identifies information through the use of multiple sensors placed on buildings within the 277 loop. Information is collected by at least 3 to 4 sensors and uses GPS triangulation to send that information into SST headquarters. An SST reviewer at their headquarters will review the alerts and relay the information to CMPD Communications, if it is determined to be an actual gunshot, via a web-based application. Now through DNC, we will also receive a 911 call from a company reviewer, in addition to the web-based alert.

SST has an 80% guaranteed accuracy rate of identifying actual shots and their location within 10 to 15 feet. Alerts will also include a web-based map of the location allowing call-takers to identify where the shots are coming from in a specific area of the property. All addresses are estimated addresses using latitude and longitude and equating that position to an address on the map. Alerts are sent to Communications from SST within in 60 seconds. The system will identify single or multiple gun shots. Eight (8) seconds of delay between gunshots will initiate a new alert.

In Communications, every call-taking and dispatch position will have SST running , as of 0900, Monday. The call-taker receiving the call from SST will enter a WP – SHOTS FIRED call, using the new sub-event type SHOTSPOT. It will be a priority-2 call for service. There will be limited information on the web, other than the map showing the calculated address, based on an estimated location calculated by the ShotSpotter technology. Call-takers will enter that statement in all SHOTSPOT calls. Dispatchers will announce the same advisory over the radio.

The initial deployment affects only Central Division dispatchers.

While more precise than most of our 911 calls, officers should keep in mind that the ShotSpotter only provides an estimated location. As with all shots-fired calls, officers should use extreme caution when approaching the address of the location. However, once a scene is secured, dispatchers may be able to help pin-point the origin of the shots in order for officers to secure evidence such as shell casings or projectiles.

Thanks and be safe


Captain Mike Campagna

Communications Division
Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department

More about Shot Spotter from the company's web site is here, and Cedar Posts prior post on Shot Spotter is here.


Anonymous said...

Quite possibly the biggest waste of money, ever.
And if the offender is caught, then what??? An ankle bracelet? A fine he won't pay? Community service?

Anonymous said...

Nothing more than a gimmick and a Monumental waste of money and time.

Simply another one of Rodney's personal wasteful purchases, wonder what he is getting from this company, what connections he has?

It would cost a million dollars or more to make this even minimally effective, if even that.

Total gimmick.....

Also, how about the PR Blitz with the Sikh Temple visit?
Whoever thought that one up should be fired.

Rodney does not give a rats ass about the Sikhs,,,total fluff PR piece.....with his "volunteers" alongside him.

Next he will be visiting a Muslim Mosque and Jewish Synagogue....not.

Ask him about the EEOC opinion that ruled against him and CMPD.

Anonymous said...

Dense moronic idiots with to much money to waste.
Case closed, next case.

Anonymous said...

Hey Cedar looks like WBTV picked up on your story

Didn't see where Steve Chump gave you even as much as a hat tip.

Anonymous said...

In their "coverage" where they "obtained' the memo, 36 hours after you posted it here, note they also quote Medlock:

"It's another way for us to make sure that neighborhoods are protected," Medlock said.

'While the technology has been used in other communities to track gun shots, the neighborhood that CMPD is interested in is Center City , and in their internal memo they mention the DNC.'

'A department spokesperson declined our request for an interview.'

Wow, the CMPD and City Council only care about spending money on pretend safety for Center City and won't comment on record. This is shocking.

Sorry WBTV didn't do the right thing and give credit for the probable source of the story. If you know they got it from you (you did print 36 hours ahead of them), call them on it--if you were in touch. I know they follow you on line.

It's crap.

Anonymous said...

The word on the street is they are all running scared because they are ill prepared and harold and rodney literally do not have a clue.

One of the biggest mistakes rodney has made, and he has made some whoppers, is putting harold over the DNC.

As many have said, he does not have the temperment or the leadership skills to lead anyone...a pretty dim bulb. That is why he losses it so much, he knows he can't handle it and resorts to screaming and yelling and demeaning everyone else to cover his flop sweat fear.And no one has the balls to call him on it.

A bunch of scared inept D.C.'s running around trying to cover their own asses....

If the public knew what these people were really like, if they knew the immaturity, the level of self centered ass kssing and covering up and covering their asses, the vindictiveness, the total disregard for policy and directives, the absolute stupidity, they would be appalled and would not sleep well.

Anonymous said...

Cedar check out Sharon Smith's story on WBTV where she says that the system won't be operational until after DNC 2012.

So why the cover up? Looks like WBTV is in bed with CMPD. Dah!

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