Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Rodney Monroe's Deputy Chief Next In Line? Not So Fast Says FOP Survey

There's a movement underway to lock Rodney Monroe's cronies out of the Chief's Office. So says a report by WSOC's Mark Becker:

Charlotte's city manager has not made his choice yet for Charlotte's next police chief, but some within the department say he should take his search beyond the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department.

City Manager Ron Carlee asked the Fraternal Order of Police to weigh in on the choice for the new chief, and in a survey last week more than half of those responding said Carlee should conduct a nationwide search.

No real surprise here, Monroe has littered the command staff with his favorites, mainly "yes men" and leg humpers who followed the chief's orders to the letter regardless of how unethical or bizarre they were.

The thinking is anyone from the outside would be better suited to right the ship and restore morale than the current number 2's who are basically "Mini Romos".

While Kerr Putney seems to be a front runner for the job, many feel he lacks the backbone to do the right thing, having failed numerous times to speak up against the chief.

The entire WSOC story by "D-Bag" Becker as meaningless as it is, is right here.


Anonymous said...

Here's the thing, Carlee already axed the 3 white DCs if they can support Putney. Not sure why they didn't axe Vickie? Maybe because he thought she would because she's black. Regardless of it being Putney or from the outside, the days of the white chief are gone in Charlotte. Just like when Charlotte has a real election, they will be back to black mayors. Michael Barnes is already the anointed one by the Observer and other news channels. The riots will be coming in August/September and they want a black chief standing out front decrying the racist officers that CMPD is full of and how they will fix it all. Especially with Willie "I'm a Bigot" Ratchford pushing for the new anti-discrimination bill for the city. CMPD is done, kapoot, shot, through, adios...

Anonymous said...

9:18: I'm afraid your comments are spot on.

Anonymous said...

If you have less than ten years service, find something else to do. The job is not worth it, no one will back you like they use to. Your health and well being should not be sacrificed for what is running this department and city. So glad I got old and was able to retire. Y'all take care of each other cause no one above sergeant is going to.

Anonymous said...

It's sad I can't disagree with anything that was said above.

Anonymous said...

"We don't have time for a nationwide search" ? Because Claire Fallon has a baby coming to her family, she doesn't want to be bothered and wants to pick someone "we know."

So, the staff and council are too incompetent to search for anyone that won't be a "yes man or yes woman" for ROMO and his corrupt, lying, unethical ways, so just install more of the same???

What a bunch of losers that people keep electing into office. Spineless, unethical, corrupt morons. They are in office to get what they can for themselves and friends. They are NOT supporting the City of Charlotte residents as they are elected to do.

If even that sorry ass Mark Becker did ANY story to speak up and say the CMPD members don't want an internal hire, LISTEN.

If you're too incompetent to find and evaluate someone, HIRE SOMEONE BESIDES THE COMPANY THAT LET ROMO IN!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

My concern is this...

They seem to talk alot about a "don't have time" scenario. Why is it that so many other departments are able to put in an "Interim Police Chief" while they search for a candidate they want to, and yet the City of Charlotte wants to use time as a reason to rush to make an internal hire? Is it really prudent to make a decision like this in haste? I say no. I say they want to hire a "Yes Man" and they are using the issue of "time" to cover for this when confronted with any suggestion that the officers who make up the department, and maybe even a silent majority of Charlotte citizens would rather they take the effort like they have done in so many other Chief decisions in the past to look for the right candidate that will not only be accountable to, and have a good working relationship with, the community; but also inspire higher morale within the officers of the department.

Just my two cents.

Anonymous said...

Many may feel D/C Putney lacks the backbone but their opinion won't matter. He will more than likely be the next Chief.

Anonymous said...

D/C Putney has lost his way as well. Ever since he had a particular female's city record scrubbed so she could be rehired (she resigned under fire and had an order in her city file stating she was not to be rehired, he lost my respect and of those around me. Apparently, they have been awful cozy together as well. she was a coward and worthless when she was here the first time, i cannot imagine she will be any better the second time. status quo at cmpd it seems.

Anonymous said...

Yep. There is one set of rules for the executive staff and another for the rest of us. It speaks volumes for the character of a person (or lack thereof). Putney has become like the rest and if chief, will set up his own little fiefdom like Monroe. CMPD will not recover. While I had my differences with Chief Stephens, I always thought he was ethical .

Anonymous said...

I am wondering if it is ethical for "Chief" Monroe to be endorsing Information Builders. http://www.informationbuilders.com/iknow/charlotte-pd?utm_source=google&utm_medium=banner&utm_content=cmpd-masthead&utm_campaign=iknow&gclid=COCm6LDEj8YCFYWQHwod86kAsA

It is obvious from his two stars instead of four that he has been involved with or has endorsed Information Builders for sometime now.

If he is a paid spokesman for Information Builders did he file the proper form with secondary employment or does policy not apply to him?
How has he been compensated for this advertising?
How has the city or the department been compensated?
How much have the tax payers spent on Information Builders?
How many of the CMPD employees even know what Information Builders is?
How many CMPD employees use Information Builder software on a day to day basis? Does this mean that all CMPD employees can go out and endorse private companies?

The ad further makes it seem that "Chief" Monroe is quoting "I Know… Our police officers are better equipped to predict and prevent crime."

Well Chief here is a parting news flash. You do not need software to tell you where crime is going to be. You report honest crime numbers. Areas where there is poverty you will have crime, areas where you have drugs you will have crime, areas where you have impaired people and drivers you will have crime, areas where you have high population density you will have crime, areas where there are few people you will have crime. Remember the crime triangle. Take one of the three components away and a crime is not possible. (Sorry I got off topic)

Could "Chief" Monroe be entering the private sector and going to work for Information Builders full time? I leave this bit of information in your capable hands Cedar Posts.