Monday, February 22, 2010

Doggie Day Care

I digress from real issues, but I'm random and I like it that way.

I have two labs, Madison and Callie six years and six months respectively. So with interest I read Tha Queen City's post I Love Doggie Day Care. (Go Read Come Back).

QC tells of how her Bella, (I suspect QC is a twilight fan) a young boxer loves to go to doggie day care and how the young canine comes home completely worn out. Well let me tell you Callie finds her own entertainment out in the yard, and I am amazed at what she manages to dig up on a daily basis. But all that is funny and entertaining came to an end on Friday when I found a ten foot mangled section of a down spout on the deck. Seems she dug up the black drain pipe which gave her just enough leverage to pull and pull until the screws holding the downspout to the gutter failed.

I walked out onto the deck with the usual "Who DID THIS!" and Madison gives her best "Do I really need to tell you" look and lays down. Callie on the other hand is a complete give away, the half tucked tail wag says it all.

So it looks like doggie day care for Callie and as you might expect Madison is all in favor of the idea, one thing is for sure Madison is not cut out for baby sitting.


ThaQueenCity said...

OK, now you KNOW I was going to respond...all I can say (while I am ROFLMAO) is I TOTALLY UNDERSTAND! I said the SAME THING, DOgie Daycare...WHAT tha HE** is THAT and WHY would I pay for Bella to go there! She has a yard, which I am now in the process of replacing bushes, grass, dirt and rock! As well as replacing chair legs, vases, tables, etc! Rather it MOVES or NOT if SHE likes it IS hers! I got tired of hearing "BELLLLLLLAAAAA" LOL

She has been going now for 3 weeks, I just paid for a whole MONTH! I dropped her off this morning.

Kelly n David (the owners) LOVE HER! And I love them too!

As I said in my blog:

Anonymous said...

anyone know of a place that does agility training?

Anonymous said...

Bought a young Black Lab once, mainly to rescue it from a small cage in a pet store. What an energetic dog! Would regularly grab the cable from the side of the house & pull it out of the ground half way across the yard. Chewed through the low-voltage control cables to the A/C (in August). My very pregnant wife was NOT amused. Finally had to find a home in the country to take the dog. Sweet puppy, though.

ThaQueenCity said...

PS: I have no clue what "twilight" might be, I am old and outta the "hip" loop these days...LOL. We got the name Bella from Beauty & The Beast ... i.e. "Bell and the Beast"...we turned into Bella tha Beast! tee hee hee