Sunday, March 28, 2010

Bridge Run

Charleston's Bridge Run 2010, the weather was great, wind at our backs and with a crowd of 38,000 plus it was a great day for the annual 10k run.

Major props to all the volunteers, who put on the race and clean up the mess each year.

Ever wonder what happens to all those jackets and sweats people leave along the roadside hoping to retrieve after the race?
The race committee takes all the discarded items to the start line where an hour after the race this guy is picking through the pile of more than 500 items.

But he's not looking for his jacket, sweatshirt or hoodie, he's stealing. This jerk and a couple of his buddies are shamelessly digging through the pile of lost and found items pulling out logo ware and whatever else they like. In the end he explained he would sell most the stuff on ebay.

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