Monday, March 22, 2010

Charlotte's Police Athletic League

For years PAL was run by CMPD as is the case in most cities. A combination of police staff and unpaid volunteers much like the YMCA, have provided sports related activities for under privileged youth in Charlotte since 1968. Currently according to the PAL web site the organization serves more than 1000 children.

The Charlotte police athletic league changed names last year with little fanfare or public input, but the name change was just the start and the least of PAL's troubles.

The CMPD web site now states "The new Police Activities League is now under new direction. The new site is now available to support more corporate sponsors, award PAL Grants and Scholarships as well as take donations."

By removing PAL from the CMPD Chief Monroe has taken the charity out from under the control of the department's budget and audit process. So much the better to compensate your cronies and thugs.

Chief Monroe decided to replace the PAL CMPD staff with outsiders, enter Jeff Hood. Mr. Hood came to PAL via Dell Curry's Athletes United for Youth and unfortunately a lot of untidy baggage came along for the ride.

Seems Jeff Hood and Dell Curry are not as good as friends as people have been led to believe. Cedar Posts has learned through sources that Curry was pretty unhappy with the way Jeff Hood handled the finances of the Athletes United for Youth.

Rumors abound that countless audit questions surfaced last year and Jeff Hood has either paid or agreed to pay substantial amount of money back to Dell and AUFY.

Hood and Chief Monroe along with Captain Bruce Bellamy can often be found on the golf course together so it is not surprise that Monroe tapped Hood to run PAL.

Another one of Monroe's circle of friends is PAL Board Chair Aaron Means who did an end run on the rest of the board to install Jeff Hood as executive director. Other board members could not be reached for comment.

Since Hood took over, several paid staff have left PAL due to issues with Hood and his team. Most of the staff Hood brought over supposedly do not meet the background requirements to work with kids and the police.

Jeff Hood's management style may not be to Chief Monroe's liking either. Monroe assigned several of CMPD's school resource officers to work at PAL and Hood said he didn't want them and promptly hired his own people. Even though the SRO's were free and Hood spent thousands hiring his own staff from AUFY.

Also dozens of longtime volunteers have left the PAL organization, in a reported dispute with director Hood.

It has also been reported that the new PAL Van Drivers (all volunteers) are driving city owned vans without the required city permit. The city has a policy of all city vehicle users must take a driving class called the Smith System and then apply for a city permit from the city's Insurance and Risk Management department.

Cedar Posts sources report that the majority of PAL drivers have been replaced by friends of Jeff Hood, it is unknown if any have the proper city permit or have attended the Smith System class.

Seems that Mr. Hood has turned the PAL into his own little fiefdom with little oversight from the appointed board. Expect budget over runs and requests for massive amounts of taxpayer money to bail out PAL as the next budget process gets underway.

Note: Cedar Posts attempted to reach several PAL board members and Charlotte City Council via email and telephone regarding the above allegations. Councilwoman Nancy Carter forwarded our questions to Chief Monroe and is awaiting his response. No other members of council or the PAL Board have responed to our requests for comments or answers.


JAT said...

Good stuff Cedar. It will be interesting to see how PAL under Hood interfaces with various local youth sports leagues who have their own fairly strict rules for fielding teams.

Anonymous said...

This has been under the radar for too long.

Thanks for bringing this to the surface.

It shouldn't surprise anyone, as this is how rodney has "done business" since he arrived on his white charger to save Charlotte.

He has awarded jobs and positions to people based on cronyism and diversity and not on qualifications
and obviously not on background checks.

Rodney has, to say the least, quqestionable ethics and character, so it should really come as no surprise that he would surround himself with the same kind of people.

The surprise is that he continues to operate in this corrupt way and faces no consequences.

Anonymous said...

Cedar why you think everything Chief Monroe does is a conspiracy? He put a bunch of slack officers back on the streets and they don't like it too bad. I know you are one of those who have to work now that Chief Monroe has ruined your day. So why don't you just stop the cry baby sh*t and quit!

Anonymous said...

I agree Anon 11:29. This writing smacks of inuendo, rumors and the gossip mill. I try to base my opinion on facts.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:29,
What, can't you READ?

Cedar Posts is NOT a police officer, in Charlotte or anywhere.

And that's a good one, rodney has put "slack" officers back on the street....that's a really good one.

Schilling for rodney has made your brain soft! :)

Anonymous said...

I dom't know guys, what I hear is pretty much as Cedar called it.

Hood has a bunch of creeps running things a couple with records two who have PO's they ran off Big "L" and Alissa Whaley. Drivers are all friends of Hood's and the parents are being asked to hand over money for fees and such the place is spending money like crazy and Hood has a new SUV.

And the part about Dell Curry well is well known they didn't part friends!

SJudd said...

I would be interested in knowing in what manner this information was obtained? This article itself states that it is publishing rumors and states multiple times that "supposedly" things are happening...Has anyone thought about getting and publishing the truth? Why would you be scared to actually find out the truth. Since it is a nonprofit, shouldnt the records be available? Has anyone bothered to make an attempt to contact the Chief or the organization?

By reading not only the article but the comments that follow, I doubt it. Why would you write anything but the truth? Are you yourselves disgruntled employees or staff that may have been laid off or not given a position?

Has anyone even looked at the numbers of children that the organization is helping? My child is a participant and I will say as a parent that I am more than proud to admit that my child is with PAL. That people such as these that are writing have probably never stepped foot in the building or held a conversation with those that are involved so my question to you many of the Charlotte youth are you hurting by trying to publish crap such as this? That is what you really need to think about...

Please, get your facts straight and then repost...then and only then will you be able to hold an intelligent conversation on this matter...and only then should your voice be heard...when it is filled with an opinion based on fact and not what you have made up in your head to get a stir out of the public and cause trouble for a good program that is starting to reach the children that it is ment to help.

Anonymous said...

I don't know Cedar other than he is not former CMPD or PAL employee. I also know everything that has been posted here is spot on.

What I do know is that there has been a huge staff turnover in the last 12 months. Some of the staff left because of Jeff Hood other just because they found other jobs.

But what I hear is 100% turnover in the paid staff and that the volunteers quit as well.

SJudd said...

Actually...I volunteer with PAL and know that the turnover with volunteers is due to accountability and the call for not only reference checks but background checks as well. As a parent, I am happy that it has occurred- at least I know that no pedifile is coaching my daughter. I would think that this would be a positive change!

As for the staff- it is seen in any major leadership change in any major company that there will be a change in staff. Did you ever think that Hood has demanded not only accountability with volunteers but staff as well? Maybe those that left just could not deal with having to do their jobs...I dont think that is negative either...

you state that there is 100% turnover in paid staff but I know at least 3-4 that were there prior to again I ask...where is your facts coming from?

Really...I thought we agreed that there would be no response unless it was fact...please research your beliefs and repost with facts!

Anonymous said...

I know there has been a lot of turnover and that some of the people my kids know are gone without any explaination. I don't allow my kids to go on the vans. I think the new drivers any better than the old drivers but like I siad I don't have any experience to base my thoughts.

I doubt there are any pedofiles working there now or ever in the past but but there sure are a lot of new faces.

SJudd said...

The actual "drivers" that pick up from school are the same drivers that were there for the past Im not seeing what you are speaking to....I know this because I spend time there and invest in the programs.

And as I stated...of course there will be turnover...that fact can be found in your basic Economics 101 book...especially when there is new leadership in non-profit...

Im not saying that there were pedofiles volunteering before...but what I do know that with the procedures in place there now...that they will not be there in the future...and that makes me feel a whole lot better....

If you are a parent with a concern, I do know that on the website they have placed a link to put your comments...maybe you should send something via their website so that your concerns can be heard and addressed rather than just putting them here and posting unfounded information. If you are truly concerned for your child, why would you not inquire to get the facts...unless you enjoy and have nothing better to do with your life than talking random shit about a program that you seem to know nothing about....

oh...and if you are so concerned...why are you still posting anonymously? Just a question to think about.....

Anonymous said...

I doubt if RoMo would answer any question about PAL, if he did would you accept it as the truth?

I didn't think so.

Does anyone know for a fact the Allissa is gone? She is still on the web site.

Who appoints the board? I don't think it is City Council.

SJudd said...

I know a Chief that who you think you are being funny by referring to him as RoMo...and why go to him? You issue seems to be with Hood and PAL....

I wonder if you even know what you are questioning at this point...if your issue is with about his topics...dont bash a good program like PAL...if your issues is with PAL...then go to Hood...that is how you research your facts...

It seems like everything you are questioning is PAL....stop trying to figure it out and get the balls and actually ask the questions that you want answers to...

CMPD Blue said...

Hey looks like you openned another can of worms!

I think RoMo washed he hands of PAL to save CMPD money so I guess that is good. But I'm sure the city still is paying the bill.

I don't know enough about PAL to comment and I don't have a dog in the hunt either.

But like me ask SJudd the following:

Is there any part of PAL we as taxpayers should be concerned about?

Looking at the PAL web site it seems oversight is still pretty much via RoMo as much of the staff and board members even advisory board members are all CMPD or City Council or Sheriff or somehow on the city payroll.

I would think at least the advisory board should be made up of taxpayers and not CMPD employees.

Why was PAL spun off from the CMPD where it has been forever?

Who is funding it now?

SJudd said...

If you are concerned with why Hood left...ask him! Dont stab in the dark with rumors and suspicions. I am merely stating that this should be delt with by facts...

As far as finances...I believe that they have someone addressing that...but again...if you ask then you will find fact...the same with donations...I know when I made a donation, I was given a receipt, a letter of thanks (which I had never received before)and saw that it was written in a book where other donations were recorded...It looks to me like there is a system of checks, balances and accountibility.

I stated what I had to say with fact behind it however....please re-read and feel free to comment intelligently.

also, please explain to me how you know that Jeff has a new SUV....because I know truth in the fact that he has the same one he had at AUFY...again...fact only please.

you stated that where there is smoke there is fire....but being that you have a child/children...Im sure you have read the story of the boy who cried wolf....sometimes where there is smoke there also is just someone crying for the fire department!

Im not doubting that PAL reached children with past directors...however, again...check the facts....there are more programs and new kids coming in all the time...its not just reaching a few that you are able to is reaching many in a positive way to make an impact for all of Charlotte....with "Love and Heart"

CMPD Blue:

I can respect that you are trying to find truth. I do not know all the facts of PAL...nor do I pretend to...I state what I know...and yes...I am very upset that this crap has been posted without the authors trying to do the same.

As a taxpayer...I am not concerned with PAL...I am way more concerned with other issues in Mecklenburg County...however, this is not a forum for my personal issues.

The board of CMPD is not all city/county....I do not know stats but I know of at least 1 that is not. I know that as with most mecklenburg non-profits, it is important to have city and county officials to help the cause....

and as far as would have to ask Hood....I am not in the inter-workings at PAL....I just help out when I can to help not only my children but others as well.

Anonymous said...

"Written in a book"....if this is their system of accounting for donations, maybe they need to come into this century....if that is indeed all there is to it, it's a very DANGEROUS way of bookkeeping that can easily be manipulated, remember DSS and the Giving Tree?

Also, where are your FACTS? I would like to know the number of programs that are available now that were not available before....and how many kids are taking advantage of these programs?

And what are the exact participation numbers of kids NOW versus before Hood. Where are the FACTS, numbers on these things?

And are you really so very naive to actually believe that if the responsible questions are asked of romo OR Hood that they will be answered honestly?

There are simply no credible checks and with most MC agencies.

And whose new SUV has he been driving, that people have SEEN him driving?

And, really, that is what Blogs and Forums are for, stating your PERSONAL opinions.

Friend of PAL said...

SJudd - I'm the 2:11 poster the others are someone else.

I stand by my comment as fact the turn over I've heard is in excess of 100% in the last 12 months. It doesn't mean that everyone has left just that some jobs have been replace more than once. Since that is a big turnover.

I'm not a concerned about Jeff Hood as some people. What I don't see is a lot of kids being shut out which is good.

But I don't know if with all the budget cuts that will last.

I do note that 6 of 15 board members are CMPD or City/County employees.

And that 7 of 11 on the advisor board are CMPD or City/County employees.

I also know that Jeff brought his own staff and replaced the prior staff with his friends.

PAL has done great work over the years and I think with the City and County cutting expenses we don't need people padding their own pockets at the expense of our kids.

I'll sign from now on.

But like many who are CMPD or City/County I'm not able to give my read name.

SJudd said...

I had posted prior and apparently it did not post so I apologize for the delay....

if you have questions regarding Hood and AUFY...ask him....

As far as finances....I believe that someone was hired to take care of that...but you would need to talk to PAL to find out for sure.

I do know that as far as donations, when I donated I was given a receipt, a letter of Thanks (which was not done before) and I saw it was written in a book where other donations were documented...which shows that there is accountability and checks and balances in place.

When I stated what I did...that you are questioning....I stated that between facts....I did not make a blind comment with no fact to back it up.

As far as Hood driving a new do you know this? I know for a fact that he has the same vehicle that he had at again...please come with fact.

You stated that where there is smoke there is also stated that you have children/a child so I know you have read the book about the boy who cried wolf....sometimes...where there is smoke there may also be some just calling the fire department for a conversation.

I do know that there have been a number of new programs and members who are with PAL that were not there one is saying that the previous directors were not doing their jobs, just that now PAL is reaching more children with the same "Love and Heart".

CMPD Blue:

I applaud you for at least trying to get the facts....I do not know, nor do I claim to know all the inner-workings of would really need to ask Hood those questions.

What I do know is that PAL does not concern me as a taxpayer...there are many more things in Mecklenburg county that concern me...although this is not the time or place for those concerns.

As far as the board...not all are County and City....I know of at least 1 that is not. But it is a well known fact that most Mecklenburg County Non-profits have city and county officials on their boards to help the cause.

As far as the other would have to go to the source....and not the imaginations of the forum writers that apparently frequent this site.

SJudd said...

ok...this is what I dont get....I dont need to go get the facts...that lies with accusors....I stated the fact that I know...

I never said that accountability is only on pen and paper....what I did state is that I dont know....

The overall statement that I have stuck with is...if you have a question...go to the source....Dont spread Lies....

If you are talking about the silver/white SUV in the front...THAT IS NOT JEFF's...dont assume that just because it is parked in front doesnt mean it has to be his! and get a damn life! why are you so worried about what the man is driving!

I know and believe in PAL and Hood! If you will receive...ask the truth and you will get it...hide behind lies and accusations and you will never know the truth.

and yes...a blog is for Personal opinions...but you are not the nosy old woman that lives next door..find out the facts and have an opinion based on fact or look like a fool based on opinion.

Anonymous said...

You don't have any more FACTS than anyone else posting on here, so get down off of your high horse.

You are simply stating what you have been TOLD or have guessed at. It doesn't sound like to me that you have any FACTS at all...just misplaced faith in an organization and a man that may not deserve it.

That is what this Blog is all about, sifting through rumor and fact to eventually come up with some answers.

"Get a Damn Life"??? Oh Boy, that's an old standard blowback when you don't have a credible answer.

Seems you have found your "life" in defending something you really know little about at the end of the day.

Anonymous said...

SJudd: why don't you take this blog and the comments to Mr. Hood, get his response and report back to us.

RJoseph said...

I have sat down and read everything that has been written and posted about PAL. I am not from the Charlotte area, but I have been around this organization. I have only seen how important this program is to the children it is helping. The individuals that work with these children, work from their hearts. They love helping these children to realize that there is so many opportunities out there. It truly makes me sad to see that some people are not happy unless they say things when they DO NOT know what they are talking about. Mr. Hood is a very good man, with a beautiful heart and should not be treated this way. Any relationship he may or may not have with anyone is between him and that person. Each and every employee deserves a pat on the back and a BIG Thank you for all that they are trying to do. It is not an easy job, however THEY are doing it.

Let me ask you this Anonymous, What are you doing to help the community? In my opinion, you seem like you have a personal problem with something or someone. Instead of spreading hate, get out there and make a difference.

Anonymous said...

Who are the new board members? Where did they come from?
Who appointed them?

From what I understand the board is stocked with Hood's best buddies.

Cedar I think PAL is great what is sad is a bunch of crooks and crackheads running the show.

Anonymous said...

What is Hood's salary?

Anonymous said...

I don't think anyone is questioning the good intentions of PAL.

Just how it is managed and why it was changed.....

And what is Hood's salary?

Anonymous said...

Back to why is CMPD involved in any decison making in this? Having officers working with the program is one thing, putting the Chief in charge and again hiring friends to run a non profit orginaization that is also supported with tax payers dollars is obsured. Again who is paying these salaries and why wasnt this listed in the classified add's to make this (these)positions competitive for everyone? Why must Monroe have any say in this?

Anonymous said...

Blah Blah Blah

Anonymous said...

"Cedar I think PAL is great what is sad is a bunch of crooks and crackheads running the show.
March 22, 2010 9:38 PM"

What is sad is that you can't express your opinion without resorting to juvenile name calling.

Anonymous said...

I know for a fact that at least one of Hood's hires is a convicted felon! And another Carol Gaither aka Miss Ghana got a slap on the wrist for selling crack out of her house in 2004.

I don't need some F-ing Mecklenburg County Employee like SJudd telling me my kids don't matter and that I don't know what I'm talking about.

So call it Blah Blah Blah if you want but I'm pulling my kids out of PAL today.

Anonymous said...

Cedar thanks for pointing out the facts. Keep digging there is much much more.

Anonymous said...

Cedar PAL is part of Rutt Mutt's CMPD what do you expect.

BOCC takes free tickets, ABC takes free liquor, DSS steals from orphans, CMPD stops women to trade tickets for sex, City Council Members dropping their pants to get attention, and so PAL hiring crack heads and drug dealers? WHO CARES!

Get over it Cedar its Charlotte!

ThaQueenCity said...

Wow, I think you touched a nerve with this topic Cedar!

Hmmmm, wonder why?

Anonymous said...

The SUV noted above is part of the theft that Hood pulled while at the helm of Dell Curry's AUFY.

The guy is a crook!