Monday, March 8, 2010

FBI Has Been Looking Into Mecklenburg DSS

No wonder the folks over at DSS have been a little jumpy these last few months with the feds poking around the office who could blame them.

According to The Charlotte Observer a federal grand jury in August of 2009 requested more than three years of financial documents from a now-defunct Giving Tree charity program run by the Mecklenburg Department of Social Services.

The August request came as authorities were conducting a criminal investigation into a "suspected felony," the subpoena states.

In December of 2009 the Charlotte Observer requested to see any subpoenas to county employees or elected officials related to the county's ongoing DSS probes, but the county said there were none to inspect.

But after a subsequent request that was worded more broadly, the county produced the document.

Asked why the August subpoena wasn't disclosed earlier, Deputy County Attorney Tyrone Wade said Friday that the Observer's first request asked for subpoenas of individuals. But he said the subpoena was for "county produced records" and not addressed to an employee or elected official. How do you spell weasel Mr. Wade?

The shady dealings of Mecklenburg County and the Department of Social Services doesn't surprise Cedar Posts but apparently as the details began to unfold Mayor Foxx encouraged his wife leave the DSS just after the first of the year.

The murky waters of Mecklenburg County Gov/Co run by Harry Jones and his cast of merry thieves also known as the BOCC have turned municipal government into a dirty word.

At some point the taxpayers need to wake up and take notice, but the fact that BOCC Bill James is unopposed in November's election doesn't give much hope of throwing the bums out.

Hopefully what elections can't correct a full blown criminal investigation will.


ThaQueenCity said...

Glad to see you back from all that fun Cedar :-)

But in keeping with my new found attitude I can only say I hope they find SOMETHING, ANYTHING to get Jones OUT of office and do the job BOCC refuses to do! But I am not holding out much faith in that...Corruption seems to be the way of politicians & government officials! It appears it is no longer illegal...just politically correct!

Anonymous said...

Queen City couldn't have said it better...Harry Jones and pal Woodyard are probably "kicking back" drinks on how they'll collectively steal from DSS and CHA at the same time...Harry Jones getting father of the year a few years ago for ADA, what a joke! And even worse that our new mayor's wife was working amidst all the scandal...God help us not become New Orleans...enuff said.

The General said...

What ever happened to romos's daughter? Didnt she get a job with DSS also? Is she still there?

Wonder what its going to take to get the FBI to investigate romo himself for all his shady doings at CMPD?